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For the First Time in History, America’s Renewable Energy Capacity is Now Greater Than Coal

A recent report on American energy capacity for the month of April shows that new renewable energy capacity has finally surpassed that of coal.

Planting Trees in Your Yard Can Save Hundreds of Dollars in Energy – Here’s How to Do It Right

Trees aren't just good for our mental health and environment – they're also good for saving hundreds of dollars in heating and air conditioning.

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Powers Up — and It’s On Track to Generate Twice the Energy of Any Other

This trailblazing new wind farm has just switched on 50 of its 174 turbines to power 287,000 homes – and it's already on track to do much more than that.

With Fridges and Air Conditioners Using 20% of World’s Energy, Cheap Plastic Crystals Could Be the Answer

When placed under pressure, these organic plastic crystals could be a cheap, eco-friendly replacement for the harmful gases inside of air conditioners.

Renewable Energy Now Accounts for One-Third of Global Power Capacity, Says New Report

This exciting new international report says that the world is shifting faster and faster towards sustainability.

Australia is Creating Renewable Energy Faster Than Other Countries and They’re Planting 1 Billion Trees to Boot

With every passing year, Australia is reportedly adding more renewable energy per person than any other country in the world.

Scientists Invent Ingenious Emission-Free System to Bottle Solar Energy in the Summer to Save for Winter

Researchers have developed a system that uses a specal kind of liquid to bottle up and store reusable solar energy without any emissions.

Florida Set to Become a World Leader in Renewable Energy With 30 Million New Solar Panels

The initiative is expected to become “the largest installation of solar panels by a regulated utility in the world.”

For First Time Ever, Renewables Overtake Coal As #1 Energy Source in ‘Europe’s Biggest Economy’

After a notable increase in production from 2017, renewable energy produced 40% of the nation's power in 2018.

Special Bacteria is Found to be a ‘Battery’ That Turns Sewage Waste into Clean Hydrogen Energy

Scientists have found that purple bacteria could be a groundbreaking new resource for producing clean hydrogen energy out of human waste.

The Hoover Dam Could Soon Be Turned into a ‘Giant Battery’ for Renewable Energy

If approved, the dam could save California from having to send their excess energy to surrounding states.

5,500 Churches in England Embrace Renewable Energy, Setting Example for All

5,500 UK churches of all denominations have embraced the shift to renewable energy. According to UK charity Christian Aid, thousands of Catholic, Baptist, Quaker, and...

Sweden to Reach Its 2030 Renewable Energy Goal This Year!

An exciting new report shows that Sweden has installed so much wind power, the country is now 12 years ahead of schedule for its...

The City of London Will Be Powered By 100% Renewable Energy Starting in October

According to a statement from the city, London will be transforming the way that their infrastructure consumes and sources their energy.

Generator That Creates Electricity From Gravity Could Revolutionize Renewable Energy

The generator is capable of reaching up to 93% energy efficiency – which is a “game-changing” number in comparison to wind and solar energy.

The Greenest Town in Oil Country: ‘The future of clean energy is not just a Republican or Democratic thing’

“I’ve learned a lot in the last three years. I think I can do my part and try to be helpful. That’s the legacy I’d like to leave,” says Mayor Ross.

Portugal Generated Enough Renewable Energy to Power the Country for an Entire Month

The record-breaking month equates to about 1.8 million tons of CO2 that were prevented from entering the atmosphere.

How Volcanoes Could Be Used to Build Energy Efficient Cities of the Future

These MIT researchers found that using volcanic resources to build cities isn't just cheaper – it is better for the environment as well.

In Bid to Combat Obesity, a Simple Patch Turns Energy-storing Fats into Energy-burning Fats

A new approach to reducing bulging tummy fats has shown promise in laboratory trials. The solution aims to “use a person's own body fats...

There Was So Much Wind in Germany Last Week, Consumers Were Given Free Energy

The storms in Europe last weekend did not just bring chilly weather – they also brought free energy to Germany. When energy output goes into...