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This Woman and Her Pet Otters Have Spent the Last 40 Years Protecting the Species From Extinction in England

Daphne Neville and her otters have worked alongside the likes of Sir David Attenborough to protect these critters from river pollution—and it has worked.

This Ancient Oak Has Just Been Voted England’s Favorite Tree for Its 1,000-Year Legacy of Luck

The people of the UK have been voting on their favorite trees as a means of celebrating their favorite greenery—and this oak is the winner of 2019.

Plastic Bag Sales Have Fallen by 90% in England Since They Introduced 5-Pence Charge in 2015

Sales of plastic bags at the seven biggest retail chains in England have fallen by 90% since the nation's 5-pence charge was introduced in...

UK is Now Safeguarding Ocean Territory Twice the Size of England Thanks to Massive New Protections

The UK has just approved the largest expansion of their protected ocean habitat, bringing the grand total to over 220,000 square kilometers.

City in England Has Finally Achieved its Goal of Becoming the World’s First ‘Sustainable Palm Oil City’

Over the course of the last few years, dozens of organizations have ensured that all of their products and goods come from sustainable palm oil sources.

Electric Shock Collars for Pets to Be Banned in England

The ban is based on evidence that shock collars can drastically worsen behavioral problems in cats and dogs.

England is Banning Puppy and Kitten Mills

The English government has just announced that it will be banning unethical kitten and puppy farms. With details of the new legislation to be discussed...

5,500 Churches in England Embrace Renewable Energy, Setting Example for All

5,500 UK churches of all denominations have embraced the shift to renewable energy. According to UK charity Christian Aid, thousands of Catholic, Baptist, Quaker, and...

Serious Violence in England and Wales Plummets in Recent Years

The Number of people injured in serious violence dropped by 10% in 2016 compared to 2015, according to a national report studying England and Wales published by...

This Village is Set to Become England’s First Carbon-Neutral Community

Even though Ashton Hayes only has a population of 1,000 people, it's had a big impact on communities around the world.

80% of New England Forests, Once Cleared for Farmland, Have Come Back

Trees have made a stunning comeback across New England, branching out to take over millions of acres of former farmland, and leading to a...

Live in This Hobbit-hole in England on Your Next Family Vacation (LOOK)

If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings, and want to stay at Bag End on your next holiday, you’ll want to rent this...

Children’s Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in England Has Dropped by 80%

A new study published June 11 by the scientific journal Addiction finds that in England, children’s exposure to second-hand smoke has plummeted by nearly...

England’s Crime Rate Has Fallen So Low They Need 15K Fewer Police

A record 14% fall in the last 12 months has taken crime levels in England and Wales to their lowest level for 33 years,...

More People Living Longer in England, Wales

The number of people over the age of 90 has tripled since 1981 in England and Wales. The population living more than 100 years...
flowers in Stratford

England’s Forests to be Saved, Not Sold

Having dropped a policy allowing state-owned English woodland to be sold to the private sector, the government is now committing instead to preserving it...
photo of London broom army, by Andrew Bayles

Photo of Broom Army Inspires the Web After England Riots

Following the riots in London, crowds of people turned out Wednesday to help clean up the glass and ashes left on the streets of...
otters photo by Dmitry Azovtsev CC license

Otters Back from the Brink of Extinction in England

Otters almost disappeared from England in the 1970s after the prevalence of pesticides in their environment brought their numbers to near extinction levels. Now,...
photo by McKinley

Crime Falls to Lowest Since 1981 in England, Wales

The level of crime in England and Wales has fallen to its lowest since records began in 1981, figures showed on Thursday. The annual...