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After Success of First 3D-Printed Home in US, 50 More Homes Are Being Built for Poor Families

Anyone with basic construction experience can build the 3D-printed homes in less than 48 hours.

App Lets Families Easily Send Printed Photos to Their Loved Ones in Jail With a Swipe of a Button

An app that is being called “Instagram for Prisons” allows families to stay in connect with inmates simply by taking a cell phone picture.

After He Suffered From String of Bad Luck, Watch Families Open Their Hearts to Crossing Guard

When their beloved crossing guard experienced a string of bad luck, these teachers, students, and staffers all pitched in to show him some love.

Here’s How Families and Groups Are Pitching in to Maintain National Parks During Government Shutdown

These volunteer-led initiatives show that Americans are more than willing to take care of their parks and communities when trouble arises.

Joy, Grief, and a Handwritten Letter Bring Two Families Together After Woman Hears Hospital Music

People can find comfort in unlikely places – and for Jamie Fontenot, she found comfort in a song that played after her father's death.

Man Donated Hundreds of Thousands of Miles to Strangers, Reuniting Families for the Holidays

And his donation inspired dozens of other frequent fliers to donate their airline miles as well.

Bruno Mars Celebrates His Musical Success by Donating 24,000 Thanksgiving Meals to Needy Families

The musical superstar wants to celebrate the end of his tour by sharing some holiday cheer with families in need.

Amazon’s Bezos Makes Small Amends, Gives $2 Billion to Help Homeless Families and Create Free Preschools

With recent cuts to government preschool program Head Start, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has devoted $2 billion to benefit homeless families and education.

Instead of Families Having to Drive 2 Hours, This Mosque Inside a Church Brings People Together

These families no longer have to worry about making the 2-hour car ride to their nearest mosque because their local church welcomed them in instead.

Instead of Paying for Advertising, Church Abolishes $10M in Medical Debt For Local Families

Covenant Church wanted to spend their money on something more meaningful than radio advertisements – which is why they forgave $10 million in medical debt instead.

Strangers Get New Hearts on the Same Day, Fall in Love After Families Met in Waiting Room

These two lovebirds will be getting married soon – and it's all thanks to the fact that they both ended up in the same hospital with faulty hearts.

National Park Service is Posting Cute Photos of Animal Families For Thanksgiving

These cute animal families are the best inspiration for how to spend Thanksgiving with your human relatives.

Shelter Dogs to Get Temporary Homes So They Can Celebrate Thanksgiving With Families

Thanksgiving may be a holiday for humans, but that doesn't mean that these pups don't want to get in on the fun too. This Home...

A Dozen Homeless People Have Been Reunited with Their Families Thanks to This Start-Up

15 people living on the streets have been positively reunited with their families, thanks to social media and the efforts of this one volunteer...

25 Deserving Families Will Have New Homes, Thanks to This Veteran

A late Army sergeant and Purple Heart recipient has left behind an awe-inspiring legacy of philanthropy. When Sergeant First Class Stephen Florentz passed away in...

Michigan Families Making Under $65K Can Now Qualify for 4 Years of Free Tuition

Thousands of Michigan families will now have the opportunity to send their children to university free of charge. The University of Michigan has just announced...

Photo of “Pathway to Heaven” Offers Peace to Grieving Families

The families and friends of these three car crash victims have been in a state of grieving since the incident in April – however,...

Free Paint-It-Forward Service Changes Lives of Families Across US

It's amazing what one coat of paint would do. Eleven years ago, Los Angeles based painting company ALLBRiGHT Painting was invited to participate on ABC’s Extreme...

College Kids Spend Spring Break Installing Solar Panels For Low-Income Families

These college students may be stretching out in the sun over spring break, but it's not because they're on a beach – they're actually...

Man Toils to Deliver Sketches to Families of Soldiers His Father Served With in WWII

Do you recognize any of the American heroes in this video? Because Ira Dube is on a mission to return the drawings to their...