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Indian Region Just Won Top UN Prize for Being World’s First 100% Organic State With 66,000 Farmers

The Indian state policy was deemed so effective, it managed to beat 51 other nominations for the esteemed UN prize.

Three Decades After Nuclear Disaster, Historic New Solar Farm is Launched in Chernobyl

The new solar farm marks the first time that the site has produced power since the notorious nuclear facility was shut down in 2000.

Simon Cowell Donates Over $32,000 to Close Down South Korean Dog Meat Farm

The “X Factor” host's donation also inspired a slew of fans to follow in his footsteps and open their wallets for the rescue mission.

Watch Drought-Stricken Farmer Spontaneously Rejoice in Rainfall Wearing Nothing But a Hat

This video of an ecstatic famer rejoicing in a sudden rainfall is being shared across the internet.

Struggling Farmers Turn Excess Milk Into Cheese and Yogurt for the Hungry

Most people have, at some point in their lives, worked in the restaurant or hospitality field and had to grapple with the ludicrous notion...

These Aerial Drones Are Supporting Farmers When Bees Are in Short Supply

Robots will never be as good at pollination as honeybees, but with farmers worrying about declining pollinators, these drones can offer a real reprieve.

Farmers Stay Silent During Auction So Young Man Can Win the Bid on His Long-Lost Family Farm

“I've had two profoundly humbling days in my life. The first was the day my son was born. The second was that unforgettable day...

Flower Farm Invites Depressed Neighbors Over – and Eventually Helps Them Out of Their Rut

The couple who owns the Vermont flower farm has welcomed thousands of visitors over the years – and it's not necessarily because they were paying customers.

Solar-Powered, Weed-Killing Robots Could Save Farmers Billions of Dollars on Herbicides

Instead of charging farmers money for blindly spraying an entire crop field with herbicide, these autonomous robots are ready to disrupt a multi-billion dollar agrochemical industry.

Planning a Lovely Wedding? Now You Can Save a Family Farm at the Same Time

“We’re really excited about bringing this millennial revenue into rural America and that is a very sustainable action,” says the Dartmouth student.

Hemp Farming Bill Hits US Senate Next Week With Powerful Bipartisan Support

The bill, which will be introduced next week, would move to distinguish the difference between marijuana and hemp so that it could be legally farmed as an agricultural product.

Norway Set to Ban All Fur Farming

The Norwegian government has just passed a total ban on all fur farming. The legislation, which was announced by the Norwegian Animal Rights Organization (NOAH)...

China is Building Another Enormous Floating Solar Farm on Top of Abandoned Coal Mine

The floating solar farm that previously held the “world's-largest” title resides in the very same city as the new one in China.

Tea Company Exchanges Fair Trade Status For Giving Back Directly to their Farmers

This article was submitted to GNN by one of our readers. Tiesta Tea's co-founders and marketing director just got back from installing a water well...

Israeli and Palestinian Farmers Find Peace Through Olive Oil

While there is still harsh conflict in the Middle East, these farmers have found a peaceful middle ground through olive oil.

“Game of Thrones” Helps Rescue Farm With Uncommon Animals in Ireland

While “Game of Thrones” may be about rulers of dragons, this man takes care of much smaller animals – and he is only able...

World’s First Floating Ocean Wind Farm is Set to Start Powering European Coastline

These five windmills – all of which are larger than Big Ben – are set to make up the world's first floating wind farm in Scotland.

Jimmy Carter’s New Solar Farm Will Power Half His City

Though former United States President Jimmy Carter is 92 years-old, he is still paving the way for a brighter future. Mr. Carter, who ascended to...

Company is Offering to Retrain Coal Miners as Wind Farmers For Free

As demand for coal drops further and further in light of expanding renewable energy sources, more and more American workers are faced with unemployment and...

Farmer Rescues Kittens From Flood With Broom Handle and Baby Wipe Box

This 24-year-old farmer might be the new Macgyver after he rescued two kittens from rising flood waters with just a broom handle and baby...