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Loggerhead Sea Turtles Set Another Nesting Record in Georgia

What a difference a decade of conservation can make. In 2004, the number of loggerhead sea turtle nests on Georgia’s barrier island beaches, a prime...
Act In Kindness project Tillamook Or

Georgia’s Official Pay it Forward Day Engages Students in Random Acts of Kindness

Wednesday was Georgia’s Random Acts of Kindness Day declared by Gov. Nathan Deal. And a middle school teacher wanted to instill in her students...
Olive oil in bottle -GNU license

Georgia Farmers Set Out to Bring Back Homegrown Olive Oil to the US

Georgia may be best known for peaches and peanuts. But olives were once a homegrown commodity along the state’s 100-mile coast. They were introduced...

Yoga with Beluga Whales at Georgia Aquarium (Video)

The goal of yoga is to achieve inner peace and one yoga class is lifted to higher levels because beluga whales preside over the...

Russian Troops Start Dismantling Their Posts in Georgia

Russian troops began dismantling positions Sunday in the so-called security zones inside Georgia they have occupied since August's brief but intense war, a Georgian...

Georgia Superintendent Proves She is Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Donates $1M Prize to Schools

Georgia Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox  proved she is smarter than a 5th grader by winning $1 million for her school system on the...

US Supreme Court Stays Execution of Georgia Death Row Inmate

Vigils around the state of Georgia were cancelled and replaced by celebrations as the US Supreme Court granted a last-minute stay of execution to...

UN Agencies Continue to Rush Aid to Georgia

The United Nations is continuing to send much-needed assistance to the Georgian city of Gori, most of whose population has fled since the start...

Dealing With Drought, Georgians Get Creative

Amidst the worst drought in one hundred years, Georgians are learning the importance of conservation and finding innovative ways to reuse water. (CS Monitor)...

Walmart Employee Gets On the Floor to Support Woman After She Passes Out

The worker, who has been identified only as Jason, did not hesitate to help the stranger after she was recovering in a Walmart last month.

Good News in History, September 9

On this day 25 years ago, the Palestine Liberation Organization agreed to recognize Israel's right to exist, and Israel returns mutual recognition for the...

Good News in History, August 26

Congratulations to African-American mathematician Katherine Johnson who is celebrating her 100th birthday today. Her calculations of orbital mechanics at NASA were critical to the...

Back to School Tips for Gals on the Go: How to Take Care of Yourself and Stay Productive

These tips and tricks are handy for any young lady who is headed to college this month.

Florist Sends Bouquets of Flowers to Every Single Staffer at Local School to Welcome Them Back

The florist had been tirelessly working for days in order to get the arrangements ready for the start of the school year.

When Woman Can’t Afford Her Grocery Bill, She is Stunned When Her Favorite Rapper Picks Up the Tab

It has been a tough couple of years for this Atlanta widow – but when her troubles came to a tee, a humble musician stepped up to help her out.

Good News in History, August 7

On this day 70 years ago, Alice Coachman became the first black woman to win an Olympic gold medal. The American track and field...

Fewer People Are Returning to Prison, as Rate Drops by 23% in U.S. – Here’s Why

An exciting new body of research shows that while America is becoming safer, with historically low crime rates—it is also becoming more progressive in...

You Can Use Art to Help Heal and Energize Homeless Teens

Art is much more than a means of making music and creating paintings – it is also an incredible source of help, hope, and healing for the homeless.

Amusing Tale of Grandma Defeating Rabid Bobcat With Her Bare Hands is ‘the Kind of Story We Need Right Now’

This larger-than-life tale of a warrior grandmother defending herself against a rabid bobcat is not just an inspirational goldmine – it's also hilarious. 46-year-old DeDe...

Cyclist Carries Injured Stray Dog to Safety On His Back, Then Bumps into a Stranger Who Instantly Adopts it

The bicyclist who rescued Columbo the dog – and found him a forever home in the process – attributes the incredible incident to fate.