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boreal forest in British Columbia

Kleenex Maker Joins Greenpeace to Reduce Use of Old-Growth Timber

Paper products giant Kimberly-Clark joined forces with Greenpeace on Wednesday, pledging to conserve forests by getting wood fiber from environmentally responsible sources and...

Greenpeace Applauds Apple for New Arsenic and Mercury-Free Laptop

Greenpeace applauded Apple for the release of its new greener MacBook Air laptop, particularly its mercury and arsenic-free design, reports the iPod news blog....

Greenpeace Victory Over Pirate Fishing in Baltic Sea

Greenpeace scored a meaningful victory in its efforts to halt pirates overfishing in the North Atlantic. At least a third of the cod caught...

The Largest Trash Collectors in the U.S. Have Stopped Shipping Waste to Poor Countries

Waste Management, Inc, the largest trash hauler in America has joined with several other companies to stop exporting plastic overseas to poor countries.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi Are Both Ditching Pro-Plastic Lobbying Group

The two industry giants are now paving the way for other corporations to follow suit and withdraw from the Plastics Industry Association.

Good News in History, June 20

Happy 70th Birthday to singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer Lionel Richie. After deciding on a music career instead of the priesthood, Richie sang...

World’s Largest National Wealth is Now Being Withdrawn From Oil and Gas Stocks

Norway manages the world's largest sovereign wealth fund in the world – and they just announced the beginning of their phase-out of fossil fuel investment.

Empresa Gigante que Vende tus Galletas y Crackers Favoritas Corta los Lazos con las Empresas de Aceite de Palma que Destruyen los Bosques

Si alguna vez has comprado galletas Oreo, Sour Patch Kids o Ritz crackers, entonces desafortunadamente has apoyado a una empresa que tiene conexión directa...

Massive Company That Sells Your Favorite Cookies and Crackers Cuts Ties With Palm Oil Firms That Destroy Forests

If you have ever purchased Oreo cookies, Sour Patch Kids, or Ritz crackers, then unfortunately, you have supported a company that has direct and...

Huge Victory for Ocean Ecosystems as Fishing Companies Agree to Stop Catching This Essential Critter

In a mega-progressive step toward protecting the ocean (and climate), a massive majority of krill fishing companies have agreed to actually stop fishing aroun...

New Zealand Launches Dramatic Ban on All Future Off-Shore Oil Exploration

The New Zealand government has also been quick to reassure concerned parties that the transition is being made so that no jobs will be lost in the transition to a cleaner fuel economy.

China is Building Another Enormous Floating Solar Farm on Top of Abandoned Coal Mine

The floating solar farm that previously held the “world's-largest” title resides in the very same city as the new one in China.

India Unveils Ambitious Plan to Make Every Single Car Electric by 2030

In a bid against the hazardous air pollution plaguing the country, the energy minister of India has just announced earlier this week that they will...

You Can Now Donate to Charity Simply By Browsing the Internet

Donating to your favorite charity is now as simple as Googling nearby restaurants or checking your Facebook. GiveBack is a web browser extension that you...

3,000 Life Vests Arranged On Mountain Sends 2016 Message of Hope -WATCH

Over 100 volunteers from Greenpeace, MSF, and other organizations just kicked off 2016 with more compassion and grace than ever. Designed to be a message...

China Makes Jaw-Dropping Cuts to Carbon Emissions in 2015 Equal to UK’s Total Output

China is on course to set a world record this year for the largest voluntary reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of any country in...

3M Vows Not to Source From Deforested Areas, Ignore Human Rights

3M announced this week a new sourcing policy that ensures all the virgin wood fiber going into its paper-based products and packaging comes from...
Google Apple Facebook-Greenest tech cos-GreenpeaceGraphic

3 of Internet’s Biggest Companies are the Greenest: Apple, Google, Facebook

Apple, Google, and Facebook are the powerhouse internet companies all sourcing their energy with renewable power, according to the new Greenpeace annual report on...
Matt Damon in Haiti-IndustrialRevolutionII-small

Ten Most Generous Celebrities Selected by ‘Why I Give’

Giving is not about riches. Many people, who are wealthy with millions, if not billions, of dollars in bank accounts, use their money for...
trees cut for Paper-TFTphoto

Leading Paper Producer to Halt Deforestation in Indonesian

The world's third largest paper company, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), announced earlier this month an immediate end to all natural forest clearing in...