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Blankets of Hope Partners With Students to Deliver 20,000 Blankets to the Homeless, With Heartwarming Notes Attached

Blankets of Hope partners with students who create handwritten notes for the homeless, delivering a heartwarming connection along with a free blanket.

Oakland Residents Transform Abandoned Lot into Sanctuary for Camping Homeless Women

One resident of Oakland, California has transformed a dirty, abandoned lot of land into a cozy, self-sustained community for homeless women.

First-of-its-Kind Village for Homeless Native Americans Now Houses Dozens in Seattle

Eagle Village is a trailblazing new settlement in Seattle that has been designed by Native Americans for Native Americans—and it already helping dozens.

Café Owner’s Heartfelt Yelp Response to 1-Star Review Rallies Support for Him and His Homeless Patron

Rather than spite the customer who criticized him for welcoming a homeless man around his donut shop, this restauranteur responded with compassion.

Pope’s Dream Comes True As 24/7 Church for Rome’s Homeless Opens Just Blocks Away From St. Peters

Pope Francis's long-awaited dream of opening a 24-hour homeless shelter and church in Rome has finally come true in time for the holidays.

‘World’s First Self-Cleaning’ Hoodie is On Sale—And for Each One Bought, One is Donated to the Homeless

In addition to preventing stains during boozy Christmas parties, these revolutionary hoodies will also help to keep London's homeless warm and clean.

Formerly Homeless Man Now Spends Coldest Nights Searching for People on the Street He Can Guide to Shelter

Since B.B. McGowan managed to get sober and get off the streets, he now spends the coldest nights in the city helping homeless people find shelter.

Canada Now Has Its First Ever Tiny House Village for Homeless Veterans

This weekend, the tiny house village will be ready to house 15 Canadian veterans who have been sleeping on the streets in Calgary.

More Than 200 Homeless Seniors Will Have Tiny Houses of Their Own After Donations Pour In

Hundreds of chronically homeless Texans over the age of 50 will soon have a roof over their heads thanks to the Housing First Community Coalition.

Wells Fargo to Donate $1 Billion to Affordable Housing and Homelessness Across America

Wells Fargo’s new philanthropic strategy includes a $1 billion commitment to help solve affordable housing and homelessness issues across America.

After Homeless Man is Featured on the Front Page, His High School Friends From 1971 Rally to Get Him Off the Street

It has been over 50 years since Coy Featherson met up with his Texas friends from high school—but they’re now helping to turn his entire life around.

A Flood of Generosity and Singing Offers Flow in for Homeless Opera Sensation From Subway

Emily Zamourka’s homeless life is turning around, thanks to a viral video of singing opera on the subway posted by a cop, and donations through GoFundMe.

Police Officer Captures Breathtaking Video of Homeless Woman Singing Opera in the Los Angeles Subway

This 52-year-old Russian woman now hopes that her newfound internet fame will help her to get off of the streets and into permanent housing.

Police Officer Helps to Shave Homeless Man’s Face in the Rain After Seeing Him Struggle Without a Mirror

When this compassionate Detroit police officer saw a homeless man struggling to shave his face in the rain, he did not hesitate to offer a helping hand.

‘I’m in heaven’: Homeless Man Reunited With Family After 24 Years of Separation, Thanks to Transit Police

After almost a quarter-century of separation, this 61-year-old homeless man has finally been reunited with his daughters in New Jersey.

Homeless Man Offered a Job After Expressing His Gratitude Toward Jogger Who Gave Him Shoes Off His Feet

This homeless man has finally been given the chance to turn his life around—and it is all thanks to a jogger who felt inspired to give him his shoes.

After Friend Flaked on Red Sox Game, Guys Give the Ticket to Homeless Man Who Could Use the Smile

Rather than selling their fourth Red Sox ticket, these young men decided to give it to a homeless man who was happy for a chance to relax and enjoy a game.

Jaden Smith Celebrates 21st Birthday By Deploying Vegan Food Truck to Hand Out Free Meals to Homeless

The talented young actor and musician says that the pop-up giveaway will be the first of many on Skid Row and across Los Angeles.

Town Became Unified by Anointing a Homeless Poet as Their ‘Adopted Grandfather’

This town has been nominated as one of the nicest places in America – and its compassionate spirit is best exemplified by their local “grandfather”.

Homeless Dad Receives Flood of Support After Woman Tried to Facebook Shame Him for Sleeping in McDonalds

A woman's frustrated Facebook post turned out to be a blessing in disguise for a homeless dad who has been struggling to make ends meet.