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India Gets Its First Ever Hospital for Abused Elephants – and They’ve Already Treated Dozens

Since opening their doors four months ago, this elephant hospital has rescued and treated 26 pachyderms from abusive conditions.

When I Was Alone at the Hospital at 4AM, a Lyft Driver Restored My Faith in Humanity (GNN Podcast)

After a 24-year-old woman was discharged from the hospital at 4:00 in the morning, the Lyft driver who picked her up restored something she...

Icónico Hospital en Montreal es Transformado Refugio para las Personas Mendigas y Sus Mascotas, para que Nadie Duerma en el Frío

El hospital más histórico de Montreal- Canadá, cerrado desde el 2015, ha sido transformado en un refugio temporal para mendigos para asegurarse de que...

Hospital ‘Bouncer’ Nurses Are Saving Lives By Dramatically Cutting Down on Hospital Waiting Times

These nurses specialize in assessing patients before they even get to the receptionist — and it has already had a dramatic impact on wait times.

When I Was Alone at the Hospital at 4AM, a Lyft Driver Restored My Faith in Humanity

I had not slept in days, and when I was released from the hospital at 4AM, I was anticipating an awkward drive home – but I was pleasantly surprised.

Montreal Turns Iconic Hospital into Shelter for Homeless People and Their Pets So No One Sleeps in the Cold

Montreal's most historic hospital, closed since 2015, has been transformed into a temporary homeless shelter to ensure that no man (nor beast) will be...

When Mom is Whisked to Hospital After Kitchen Accident, Firefighters Stay Behind to Take Care of Things

These firefighters went above and beyond for a young mother who suddenly found herself in dire straits while she was home with her son last month.

Joy, Grief, and a Handwritten Letter Bring Two Families Together After Woman Hears Hospital Music

People can find comfort in unlikely places – and for Jamie Fontenot, she found comfort in a song that played after her father's death.

New Dad is Given Special Surprise After He Drove Burning Car Out of Hospital Garage

Though it is not advisable to drive a burning car, rescuers were impressed by this man's efforts to save a hospital and the surrounding vehicles.

Nigerian ‘Angel’ Has Secretly Been Paying for the Hospital Bills of Poor and Uninsured Patients

By paying off the medical bills of total strangers, this businessman has secured the release of hundreds of Nigerian hospital patients.

Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins Pay $2 Million to Bring Hundreds of Therapy Dogs into Children’s Hospitals

Though most people say that “laughter is the best medicine”, young hospital patients often find more joy in a wagging tail. So as a means...

Santa is FaceTiming Kids in the Hospital So He Can Surprise Them From the ‘North Pole’

These kids have been given the gift of Christmas cheer thanks to these FaceTime calls from the head elf himself calling in from the North Pole.

Instead of Taking Their Share of Hospital Lotto Pool Winnings, Nurses Give It All to Two Struggling Co-Workers

Instead of using their lottery winnings to benefit all of them, these nurses wanted to use the cash to help two of their co-workers going through hardship.

87-Year-old Walking to Buy Mega Millions Ticket Breaks His Hip, Then Wins Hospital Lottery Pool

Earl Livingston is the perfect example of how you never know when – or how – you might catch a lucky break with the lottery.

Mira a los Empleados de Un Hospital–Desde los Conserjes hasta los Cirujanos–Formar un Pasillo Para Honrar a un Donante de Órganos en un “Camino de Respeto”.

En un gesto emotivo de respeto y apoyo, los empleados de este hospital tienen una forma especial de honrar a los pacientes donantes de órganos. Un video que fue publicado hace unos días por el Centro Médico St. Luke's...

Watch Hospital Staff – From Janitors to Surgeons – Line Hallway to Honor Organ Donor in ‘Walk of Respect’

In an emotional gesture of support and respect, these hospital employees have a special way of honoring patients who choose to be organ donors. A...

When Hospitals Can’t Afford Equipment, Doctor Uses Discarded Shampoo Bottles to Cut Mortality by 75 Percent

This man's ingenious device only costs about $1.25 to make out of discarded shampoo bottles, but it has already saved hundreds of lives.

Hospitals Slam the Industry by Creating Their Own Nonprofit Drug Company, Hitting the Market in 2019

The company will be starting with 14 generic medications that could be hitting the market as soon as January 2019.

Flood of Boston Hospitality Stuns Polite Tourist Looking for Hotspots

When a man from Liverpool posted a polite, appreciative, humorous appeal for hotspots off the typical tourist track, the locals responded in kind.

Hospital Finds Effective Way to Soothe Highly Sensitive Patients Who Fear Needles

Not many people are fond of needles, but for some patients, there is no technique or distraction that can ease their anxiety for those...