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Philippine Village Simultaneously Cleans Up Its Streets and Feeds the Hungry By Trading Plastic for Free Rice

Not only has the program helped to keep the streets clean, it has also helped to fill the stomachs of financially strapped villagers.

Woman Who Used Metallica Song to Scare Off a Hungry Cougar Gets Unexpected Call From Band’s Frontman

A Canadian woman's story about using a Metallica song to scare away a hungry cougar has earned her a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with her favorite singer.

This Hiker Credits Metallica for Saving Her and Her Dog From Hungry Cougar

When this woman had a close encounter with a cougar in the Canadian wilderness, she says that she was saved by a particularly gnarly Metallica song.

Woman Has Been Feeding Hungry Swans Every Day for the Last 10 Years After Dam Was Installed

Every day rain or shine, this 70-year-old grandma has doled out specialized bird seed to a flock of swans residing at an English pond.

You Can Now Use These Pocket-Sized ‘Bee Savior’ Cards to Rescue Hungry Honeybees on the Sidewalk

These contraptions may look like credit cards, but they're actually pocket-sized lifelines for hungry honeybees in the city.

Rather Than Calling the Cops on Hungry Young Thief, 7-11 Owner Sends Him Home With Even More Food

When this 7-Eleven store owner caught a hungry teenage boy trying to steal snacks, he started bagging up groceries for the youngster to take home.

Brad Paisley Breaks Ground on His Free Grocery Store for the Hungry in Nashville

The country singer and his wife say that they're launching the store as a means of reducing food insecurity in Nashville, Tennessee.

Metallica Feeds the Hungry on Every Stop of Their World Tour

This is just one way that the band has been benefiting thousands of people in need during their current world tour.

After Years of Research, Scientists Finally Develop Army-Ready Pizza That Can Cheer Hungry Soldiers in the Field

Pizza may not seem like the most pressing problem for soldiers in the field, but it makes a huge difference for the ones eating it overseas.

Cops Find Stolen Krispy Kreme Van And Give Away the Cargo’s Goodies to Hungry Homeless

Even though these police officers may have an affinity for donuts, they were careful to share their bounty with those less fortunate.

Police Officer Insists on Breastfeeding Hungry, ‘Dirty’ Baby, Gets Promoted

The compassionate cop immediately took it upon herself to help the neglected child – and now, she is being rewarded for her kindness.

Struggling Farmers Turn Excess Milk Into Cheese and Yogurt for the Hungry

Most people have, at some point in their lives, worked in the restaurant or hospitality field and had to grapple with the ludicrous notion...

Denver Schools Are Ensuring That No Kids Go Hungry By Offering Free Meals Over the Summer

The program isn't just feeding Denver school children, either.

‘Bee Saving Paper’ is an Ingenious Way to Save Hungry Pollinators Around the World

This biodegradable paper is like an “energy drink” for hungry bees – and it could help save the little pollinators if it is adopted by more companies.

Hungry Sea Lion Hilariously Demands Fish While Hitching a Ride on the Back of a Boat

We have never seen a cuter (or more demanding) hitchhiker before in our lives.

Watch Streetwise Cats Play an Adorably Earnest Game of Hungry Hippos

Judging by their intense looks of concentration, these four felines seem to be planning a sequel to the popular children's board game: “Hungry, Hungry House Cats”.

Custodian Learns Teen is Hungry and Homeless So She Shows Him Her ‘Other’ Janitor’s Closet

This kind janitor does not just keep her school clean – she also helps to keep the students safe. Carolyn Collins is the custodian at...

People Can Pay Their Parking Fines With Cans of Food for the Hungry

Expired parking meters are helping feed the hungry in Kentucky. For the second year in a row, people in Lexington can pay their parking fines...

Supermarket Gives Surplus Sugar to Hungry Honeybees

UK supermarket Tesco has already impressed shoppers by giving all their unsold produce to charity, investing in solar, and accommodating disabled shoppers – and now they're adding...

Number Of Hungry US Kids Drops To Lowest Level Since Before Recession

The number of Americans struggling to get enough to eat last year showed a big decline, according to a new report that revealed good...