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Texas Inmates Pool Funds to Donate $53,000 For Hurricane Harvey Relief

Some people might just write off these 6,600 inmates as criminals – but they are still trying to help their hurting home state of...

5 Amazing Ways People are Aiding Hurricane Harvey Evacuees

Hurricane Harvey might be considered quite a natural disaster – but America has definitely risen to the occasion in more ways than one.

Man Bought School Bus to Rescue Shelter Pets During Hurricanes –He Just Saved 64 During Florence

This heroic trucker is piloting a makeshift Noah's Ark across North and South Carolina so he can save all of the “leftover” pets from Hurricane Florence.

Scientists Believe They Found a Way to Stop Future Hurricanes in Their Tracks

These Norwegian scientists believe they may have found a way to prevent hurricanes from forming using technology that has already been proved efficient.

Smithsonian Experts Help Harvey Survivors Restore Family Treasures

While many Houston homes were damaged by Hurricane Harvey, there are some things that can not be so easily replaced, such as family heirlooms...

Shoes Make the Man: Guy Hand-Delivers 1,000 Pairs to Hurricane Victims

This Ohio army recruiter wasn't about to stand by while families in Texas suffered from the aftermath of the hurricane. Army Sgt. Sutton, members of...

5000 Abandoned Bikes From ‘Burning Man’ to Be Given New Life in Hurricane-Ravaged Towns

These dusty abandoned bikes in the Nevada desert will soon be put to good use in Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas, thanks to some determined volunteers.

Quarterback Gives First NFL Game Check to Cafeteria Workers Affected by Hurricane

In the midst of NFL controversy, a football player is trying to do some good for the fans who have been affected off of...

These Hot Dudes Reading Books Need Help With Hurricane Relief – and We’re Happy to Oblige

These stud muffins are not just handsome and literate – they are also using their good looks to help children affected by Hurricane Irma and Harvey.

Watch Nic Cage Choke Back Emotion, Meeting Coast Guard Heroes to Thank Them for Hurricane Work

Nicolas Cage was in Alabama filming his new film and stopped by to thank first responders – he emotional, calling them heroes with giant hearts.

Watch Reporter Leap to the Rescue of Dolphins Beached From Hurricane Irma

While the Caribbean is still reeling in the wake of Hurricane Irma, thousands of good Samaritans are coming to the rescue of their neighbors...

Star Power Steps Up on Tuesday’s Telethon for Hurricane Relief

Just like after the 9/11 terrorist attacks (in the photo above), the A-list performers in Hollywood and New York are bringing their star power...

Airlines Did the Right Thing in Florida Ahead of Hurricane

After reports of price gouging in the lead up to Hurricane Irma, JetBlue reduced its fares, American Airlines, with a major hub in Miami,...

All 5 Living Former U.S. Presidents Join Together for Hurricane Relief Effort

In a show of inspiring American diplomacy, all five former living presidents are teaming up to provide relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey and...

Student Drives into Hurricane Path to Rescue Animals at Risk

These two pups were stranded in the path of Hurricane Harvey with very few rescue prospects – until Connor showed up. This was no ordinary...

Watch Woman Gift Drenched Reporter a 6-pack of Beer as Thank You For Hurricane Coverage

This unidentified woman is redefining the meaning of the phrase “southern hospitality”. Fox News reporter Casey Stegall was in Galveston, Texas last week reporting on...

Volunteers Give Away 1,500 Christmas Trees, Set Up Dozens More For Homeless

PJ Simiens and his friends wanted to make sure that families and homeless individuals who were affected by Hurricane Harvey can still have some Yuletide cheer in their lives.

Neighbor Reads Girl’s Heart-Wrenching Letter to Santa About Broken Roof and Rallies Help

The little girl didn't want toys — she just wanted to help her family.

Army of Veterinarians Treating Dogs and Cats for Free Until December

The team has already saved Texan families the financial burden of veterinary care by treating over 1,500 animals since October.

Dog Chews Boy’s Hearing Aid, and Brings Priceless Gift to Others

Braden Baker may just be 10-years-old, but he is already making a huge difference for other children, after his dog started a chain reaction.