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For Years, This IKEA Has Been Quietly Welcoming Stray Dogs Off the Streets So They Can Sleep Inside

If these stray dogs ever want to get out of the rain or heat, they are always given a place to sleep inside of a local IKEA.

IKEA is Testing Buyback Program to Keep Customers’ Furniture From Ending Up in Landfills

The take-back program isn't just a great way to save good furniture from ending up in landfills – it's also an ingenious business strategy.

IKEA is Ditching All of Their Single-Use Plastics Throughout Stores

The company's 363 stores are ditching every kind of single-use plastic, from garbage bags to straws and drink stirrers.

IKEA Donates Doll Beds to Shelter Cats Waiting to be Adopted

These shelter pets now have a cozy place for cat naps thanks to the Swedish-based furniture company IKEA.

IKEA Releases Free Design For Garden Sphere That Feeds a Neighborhood

This easily-constructed new IKEA product could feed dozens of people in your very own neighborhood – and the blueprints are available for download free...

IKEA to Start Selling Homemade Textiles by Refugees

The beloved Swedish furniture company plans to start selling textiles made by refugees, providing over 200 jobs for displaced individuals by 2019. The workers will...

Supercars That Assemble Like IKEA Furniture Will Deliver Aid All Over Africa

The Ox only requires a bit more assembly than the bookcase in your home – except it can also carry tons of weight and cross treacherous African terrain.

IKEA UK To Start Selling Solar Panels in New ‘Solar Shops’

By the end of the summer, IKEA branded solar panels will be available for purchase online and in UK stores. The announcement yesterday coincides with...

IKEA Lights Up Kids’ Faces in Refugee Camps Installing Solar Lights

Thousands of refugees fleeing Syria have been welcomed in Jordanian camps, but they’ve left behind more than their homes and businesses – they have...

IKEA Lovingly Turns Kids’ Drawings Into Actual Plush Toys Sold for Charity

These soft, plush toys are going to raise a lot of hard cash to help children in need around the world – and it’s...

IKEA Pledges Over a Billion Dollars to Help Slow Climate Change

IKEA will spend more than a billion dollars over the next five years to boost its use of wind and solar energy and helping...

IKEA to Upgrade 10,000 Refugee Family’s Tents to Modular Solar Shelters

For years, millions of families seeking shelter from war and other turmoil have had to live in refugee tents made of little more than...
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Ikea Raises Hourly Pay for U.S. Retail Workers

"Ikea’s U.S. division is raising the minimum wage for thousands of its retail workers, pegging it to the cost of living around each store,...
furniture assembly from IKEA-julessilver-Flickr-CC

Autistic Man’s Gift for IKEA Assembly Turns into Business

Canadians in Edmonton who are baffled by assembly instructions for IKEA furniture can hire Brad Fremmerlid, a 24-year-old man with severe autism who can...
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IKEA Donates $81 Million to Children in India and UNICEF

Five million infants and five million mothers in India will receive better access to health, nutrition, water and sanitation service thanks to an $80...
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IKEA Pledges to Switch to 100% Renewable Energy by 2020, Protect Forests

Ikea is setting itself up as a role model for sustainable business by announcing it will invest €1.5 billion in solar and wind power...

More Girls Educated in Niger, Thanks to IKEA Toy Drive for UNICEF (Video)

UNICEF is helping to build child-friendly schools in Niger, where school attendance rates are among the lowest in the world and just 31% of...

Buy One Ikea Solar Lamp, One Free to a Child Refugee

Starting this month, every sale of a solar powered bedside lamp at IKEA will generate an additional lamp as a donation to a child...

IKEA Donates Plush Toy Proceeds to Kids’ Education in Poor Countries

Thanks to IKEA and its customers, scores of projects aimed at improving the education of school children around the world will benefit from a...

IKEA Takes a Stand Against Plastic Bags

The number of plastic bags used in the United States that end up in landfills is staggering — some 100 billion bags, which represents...