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Bob Ross’s Legacy is Helping Inmates Plant ‘Happy Little Trees’ Throughout State Parks

More than 500 volunteers signed up to help plant inmate-grown saplings through the state's newly-named “Happy Little Trees” program.

Female Inmates Are Helping to Save Endangered Butterfly Species From Behind Prison Walls

More than 1,200 of the endangered Taylor's checkerspot butterfly have been raised and released through the prison's conservation program.

Inmates Will Be Comforting Anxious Shelter Dogs Throughout Fourth of July Fireworks

Spending time with pets can be particularly therapeutic for inmates. That's why a team of convicts are now comforting shelter pups during firework shows.

When Parents Accidentally Lock Keys in Their Car With Infant Daughter, Group of Inmates Offer Their Skills

These non-violent offenders were not breaking into an SUV to steal anything; they were simply trying to help a distressed couple unlock their car door.

Matches Made in Heaven (and Jail): Look at the Troubled Dogs Saved From Euthanasia by Doting Inmates

This program saves rescue dogs from euthanizaton by pairing them with inmates who find rehabilitation in working with the troubled pups.

Instead of Running, These Inmates Rush to Aid Their Supervisor Who Collapsed From Stroke Along a Roadside

These three inmates could have taken advantage of their security supervisor's medical emergency earlier this week – but instead, they stayed by his side...

Inmates Write Heartfelt Letter to Police Department Offering Condolences for Slain Officer

The police station has received an overwhelming amount of support since the officer's death, but they were especially touched by this emotional letter.

Beauty Therapy Course Gives Prison Inmates Skills to Make Up a Beautiful Life

The therapy course doesn't just offer hope for better prospects on the outside – it also offers self-esteem and motivation for better behavior.

Texas Inmates Pool Funds to Donate $53,000 For Hurricane Harvey Relief

Some people might just write off these 6,600 inmates as criminals – but they are still trying to help their hurting home state of...

Jail Inmates Rush to Save Fallen Officer, Rather Than Escaping

Six inmates are being hailed as heroes after they saved the life of a correctional officer who passed out during a work detail on...

Why This Prison Created Father-Daughter Dances for Inmates

These dads are becoming more and more inspired to turn their lives around after the prison hosted a fancy father-daughter dance.

Organizations Learn Cheap Tattoo Removal to Help Inmates Get Jobs

This nonprofit is teaching organizations how to provide cheap tattoo removal for ex-convicts in need of a fresh start.

Inmates Reduce Sentence by Growing Thriving Gardens for Charity

With all their produce going to charities helping the poor, these Brazilian inmates have created a great green garden of life to benefit their community.

Inmates Break Out Of Jail To Save Life Of Officer Guarding Them (WATCH)

When their armed guard suffered a heart attack, a group of prisoners broke the lock on their holding cell to rescue him — putting...

New Second Chance Pell Grant Program Gives Inmates Federal Aid to Take College Classes

67 colleges and universities will participate in the new Second Chance Pell pilot program that expands access to financial aid for incarcerated individuals, the...

L.A. Sheriffs Offer Tattoo Removal to Inmates Who Want to Change Their Lives

Once considered permanent, tattoos are now removable through laser treatments, which is good news for those who no longer want to be associated with...

This Yoga Class Leads Inmates to Find Freedom From Within

There’s nothing like a little time on the yoga mat to take you away from it all—especially behind prison walls, where that goal is...

Behind Bars Barista Training a Boost for Women’s Prison Inmates

Female inmates in Fairfax, New Zealand have been learning how to make the perfect coffee behind bars during barista training, which coffee company Peoples...

Inmates Grow Along With the Gardens They Tend Behind Bars

When a correction officer set out a small garden at the prison where he worked, he may have planted the seeds of a brighter...

Left in Dumpster, Puppies Raised by Inmates Now Find Forever Homes   In the frigid month of January in Sioux Falls, six puppies left in a dumpster were rescued and handed over to inmates to be...