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Photo of Man Holding Baby for a Stranger While She Does Paperwork is Melting Hearts Across the Internet

This sweet photo of an elderly man helping a young mother has been shared thousands of times across the internet since it was posted last week.

When Little Girl Mistakes Bride for Cinderella, the Internet Rallies to Send Her to Disney World

This sweet new friendship between Olivia Spark and 5-year-old Layla Lester is definitely something out of a storybook.

Daughter is Overwhelmed by Internet’s Response to Her Request for Grieving Father’s Birthday

When a woman asked for help from the internet, she was shocked by how thousands of social media users rose to the challenge.

Internet Finds Out ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Actress Needs Help, Fans Flock to Support Her

Dawn Wells has fallen on hard times over the course of the last decade – but her fans are determined to lend a hand as a thank you for her televised joy.

Schwarzenegger Cheers Depressed Stranger On the Internet Who Asked Him for Motivation

The Terminator star took it upon himself to personally uplift and motivate a depressed Redditor user who reached out for help.

When Woman Unexpectedly Goes into Labor at Foreign Hotel, She Uses the Internet to Give Birth on Her Own

While the internet is also used for cute cat videos and keeping in touch with distant relatives, Tia Freeman sped down the information highway...

An Air Force Investigator Browsing the Internet Ended Up Saving an Airman’s Life

This Air Force rookie had simply been browsing through posts on the Air Force Reddit page when he noticed a concerning question from another user.

LED Lights Can Now Broadcast Internet That is Faster and More Secure Than WiFi

LiFi doesn't just offer better broadband internet through energy-efficient lighting fixtures – it is also safer and more secure than WiFi.

Internet Falls in Love With Wholesome Dad Who Hides $20 Whenever He Visits Daughter’s Home

This faithful father is a total pro at pulling off cute, goofy dad shenanigans as a means of showing affection to his grown-up daughter.

Dad Gets to Grant Christmas Wish For Son With Autism Thanks to Internet

James Dutton and his ex-wife were determined to give their son with autism the perfect Christmas. Upon asking 19-year-old Thomas to make a wish list...

Woman Deceived On the Internet by Older Man Finds Love With Model Whose Photos Lured Her In

Emma Perrier was already heartbroken from a past relationship when she took a chance with online dating. Her hope for romance was renewed when...

Woman Meets Her Internet Scammer, Helps Him Give Up Crime, and Pays for His College

Even though Maria Grette was scammed out of thousands of dollars due to a man's conniving internet plot, she still became his friend – and his...

Youth Melts Internet Hearts, Escorting Fearful Senior Down the Escalator

This photo of a 23-year-old helping a frightened senior down an escalator is restoring people's faith in humanity. The image was posted by Paula Piccard...

Toddler Wows Internet by Washing Dishes While “Belly-Balancing”

This talented little toddler is proving that you can never be too young to start cleaning up after yourself. Miles Callahan is a New Jersey youngster who...

Beloved Internet “Grumpy Dog” Finally Adopted

This adorably grouchy pup has finally found a home after winning hearts on the internet in his role as “Grumpy Dog”. Sheldon was brought into an...

You Can Now Donate to Charity Simply By Browsing the Internet

Donating to your favorite charity is now as simple as Googling nearby restaurants or checking your Facebook. GiveBack is a web browser extension that you...

Stylishly Naked Guinea Pigs Are Internet’s Next Top Models (WATCH)

This fashion moguls may not have any fur – but they do have some impressive style.

Celebrity Responds to Internet Bully by Offering Modeling Gig to Plus Sized Woman

This beautiful 19-year-old girl was being harassed on Twitter for her weight – which then resulted in her being offered a modeling gig by a...

Grieving Mother Given Christmas Present of a Lifetime Thanks to Internet Strangers

This mother posted a clip of her late son singing with the hope of finding a company that could clean up the audio – but then she was given much more.

Internet Strangers Use Piano Fragments to Piece Together Song for Dad With Dementia

This Reddit user's father could only play one song on the piano, but due to dementia, he'd forgotten the tune – until the internet community stepped in.