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Pret a Manger is Opening Homeless Hostel That Will Provide Jobs and Housing to City’s Rough Sleepers

The international café chain is investing thousands of dollars in maintaining a new hostel that will specifically benefit the city's homeless.

Appalachian Coal Miners Who Lost Their Jobs Are Being Retrained as Beekeepers – for Free

As a means of lifting former coal miners out of poverty, this West Virginia nonprofit is retraining them to be beekeepers.

Simple Solution Provides the Homeless With Housing and Jobs in One Fell Swoop

Tackling homelessness may seem like an uphill battle, but this man has come up with a stunningly simple solution for giving jobs and homes...

Single Mom Working 3 Jobs Uses Surprise $1,000 Tip to Serve Kids Everywhere With New Skate Park

Instead of using the money to serve her own kids, this single mother used a massive tip to serve hundreds of children for years to come.

Homeless Are Getting Six-Figure Jobs in Poor Neighborhood Overrun by Tech Companies

San Francisco is the land of trolleys, tech companies, niche coffee shops, and increasingly, the land of social mobility for the homeless. Because the city...

What 300 Dirty Jobs Taught Mike Rowe About True Success and Happiness

Over the course of Mike Rowe's illustrious career, he has seen and done more than most people have done in their whole lives – and it has given him a lot of wisdom about work, happiness, and success.

The Homeless in San Diego Are Getting Jobs Thanks to a 16-Year-old Boy

Thanks to 16-year-old Kevin Barber, an innovative program is paying homeless people to perform jobs for the city so they can get back on their feet.

After Denver Hired Homeless People to Perform Day Labor For the City, More Than 100 Landed Regular Jobs

The Denver Day Works program pays homeless people to work for the city, no strings attached. One year later, the initiative has already paid off greatly.

Check Out the Crappy First Jobs for Elon Musk, Taylor Swift and Madonna

Did you know that before Elon Musk was worth $21 billion, he was a jumpsuit-wearing janitor? Or that Taylor Swift's former job was keeping Christmas trees free of insects?

People in High Stress Jobs Should Be Given Video Gaming Breaks, Says Research

More than half of Americans regularly experience cognitive fatigue related to stress, frustration, and anxiety while at work. Those in safety-critical fields, such as...

Detroit Just Hired 8,000 Youths for Summer Jobs

Over 8,000 Detroit youths will be receiving paychecks this summer for their work with the city. Mayor Mike Duggan, who announced the achievement earlier this...

Apple to Invest $1B in American Manufacturing Jobs

On Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the tech company will be starting a $1 billion fund for creating advanced manufacturing jobs on American...

Organizations Learn Cheap Tattoo Removal to Help Inmates Get Jobs

This nonprofit is teaching organizations how to provide cheap tattoo removal for ex-convicts in need of a fresh start.

Denver to Hire Homeless Residents for Day Jobs – No Strings Attached

Hundreds of homeless Denver residents will now be able to get paid for simple day-long labor shifts with starting pay at $12.59.

U.S. Adds 161,000 Jobs In October, As Economy Surges

The upward trend in job growth since 2014 marked its 73rd consecutive month of improvement, bringing unemployment down to 4.9%, as the US economy surged in Q3.

News Anchor Secretly Took $1 Million Pay Cut to Save Dozens of Jobs

Katie Couric, former news anchor for “CBS Evening News” took a $1 million pay cut in 2009 in order to save other employees from...

Four Teens Ask For Summer Jobs On Farm To Avoid Joining Gang

Instead of spending their summers hanging around hooligans, these four middle schoolers decided to get a head start on their careers and apply for...

Homeless Teen Seizes Job Opportunity, Does So Well He Creates Jobs for Others

Nick Bayer, who owns 30 Philadelphia-area restaurants agreed to give a job to someone living at the local shelter for homeless youth. “I told Covenant...

Chase Gives $4Mil to Prepare Low Income Detroit Youth for Good Jobs

JPMorgan Chase unveiled a $4 million grant last week to expand young people’s access to economic opportunity in Detroit. Building on the firm’s $100...

Teen Invents Rain, Fire-proof Sleeping Bag for Homeless, and Offers Jobs

An Irish girl has invented a life-saving sleeping bag for the homeless–with the added benefit of creating jobs for some former street dwellers. OUR NEW APP WARMS...