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Icónico Hospital en Montreal es Transformado Refugio para las Personas Mendigas y Sus Mascotas, para que Nadie Duerma en el Frío

El hospital más histórico de Montreal- Canadá, cerrado desde el 2015, ha sido transformado en un refugio temporal para mendigos para asegurarse de que...

Montreal Turns Iconic Hospital into Shelter for Homeless People and Their Pets So No One Sleeps in the Cold

Montreal's most historic hospital, closed since 2015, has been transformed into a temporary homeless shelter to ensure that no man (nor beast) will be...

Montreal Restaurant Offers Free Food to Anyone Who Needs It

The Marché Ferdous gives free meals year round to anyone without money – no questions asked.

Montreal Couple Spearheads Community Project to Bring Fresh Produce to Homeless

What started as a backyard initiative for the Argentos to help feed the homeless has quickly grown into a project that involves neighbors, businesses...
Man gets to see at 63-CBC

Mostly Blind Montreal Man, 68, Sees For the First Time

Pierre Paul Thomas, 68, spent most of his life seeing only vague shadows, until an accident left him needing surgery on his face. His injuries...
Ozone hole 2008-NASA

Ozone Hole Shrinks: 25 Years of Montreal Protocol is Model of International Cooperation

The international agreement unveiled 25 years ago on September 16 to phase out chemicals harmful to the Earth’s ozone shield continues to reap results...
parking meter in montreal

Repurposed Parking Meters Help Homeless in Montreal

The city of Montreal has turned its retired mechanical parking meters into piggy banks or “ParcoDons”. They are designed to collect loose change in...

Montreal Inaugurates Largest Bike-Sharing Program in North America

Montreal inaugurated North America's first large-scale bicycle-sharing system this week. 30 times larger than the program in Washington, DC., tourists, shoppers and commuters can...

Good News in History, December 4

Happy Birthday to actor Jeff Bridges, who turns 70 years old today. His portrayal of ‘The Dude’ in the 1998 cult classic The Big...

Scientists Develop Sensor to Save Kids and Pets Left in Vehicles—And It’s So Cheap, It Could Be in Cars by 2020

The inexpensive radar system developed by the Waterloo researchers uses AI to detect children and pets in cars with 100% accuracy.

Canada Now Has Its First Ever Tiny House Village for Homeless Veterans

This weekend, the tiny house village will be ready to house 15 Canadian veterans who have been sleeping on the streets in Calgary.

Carbon Emissions From 30 of the World’s Largest Cities Are Already Dropping Since Signing Climate Pact

Not only have dozens of the world's most influential cities curbed their CO2 emissions, they have also passed legislation on plastic and free transit.

Good News in History September 16

60 years ago today, the first successful photocopier, the Xerox 914, was introduced in a demonstration on live television from New York City. 20...

In World First, Doctors Have Been Prescribing Museum Visits to Patients—With Vouchers for Free Entry

The art therapy initiative, which is said to be the first of its kind, has already resulted in a Montreal museum happily filling over 185 prescribed visits.

Good News in History, July 18

40 years ago today, Canada began accepting 50,000 Vietnamese ‘boat people’ into the country. 24,000 of the refugees who were seeking asylum were sponsored...

Good News in History, June 26

On this day 60 years ago, the 370-mile St. Lawrence Seaway was officially opened, marking the completion of one of the greatest engineering feats...

In Landmark Case, More Than 200 Wild and Endangered Animals Rescued From Canadian Roadside Zoo

More than 200 exotic animals have been given a second lease on life after they were rescued from an unaccredited roadside zoo in Quebec.

Good News in History, June 1

50 years ago today, John and Yoko recorded Give Peace a Chance, Lennon's first solo single, while in a bed surrounded by celebrities and...

Good News in History, March 2

30 years ago today, in response to a dramatic depletion of the ozone layer of Earth's atmosphere, twelve European nations agreed to ban the...

Man Has Donated Hundreds of Dollars to Charity Simply By Rescuing Coins from the Street During Daily Walks

This 77-year-old Korean man has spent the last 12 years taking walks around his city neighborhoods so he can collect lost coins from the street.