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Senior With Dementia is Climbing UK Music Charts After a Caregiver Recorded Her Sinatra Cover

Not only is the single raising awareness for the neurodegenerative disease, it is also raising money for Alzheimer's charities.

After Musician Launches National Plea, He is Finally Reunited With His Beloved 310-Year-old Violin

Since the antique instrument is worth roughly $310,000, Stephen Morris assumed he would never see his precious violin ever again.

These Musicians Play Classical Songs At Crime Scenes to Help Neighbors Heal After Tragedy

These musicians soothe their neighbors by setting up their instruments after all the police and law enforcement teams have left local crime scenes.

Not Only Does Music Make Exercise Mentally Easier; It Also Makes It Easier for the Body, Says New Study

This intriguing new study says that upbeat music helps our bodies to physicallly benefit from high-intensity exercise as well as mentally.

Rather Than Pay $150K in Ransom, Radiohead Publishes Stolen Music and Donates Sales to Environmental Group

Instead of forking over $150,000 to a hacker who stole their unreleased content, Radiohead is selling the album on Bandcamp and donating the proceeds.

Scientists Found Flute Music That Helps to Build the Brains of Premature Babies

An exciting new piece of research from Switzerland found that specially-orchestrated music helps to boost the brain function of prematurely born babies.

‘Best Leaf Musician’ in China Wants More People to Play the Leaves – Here’s His Lesson on How to Do it Yourself

This Chinese musician has been playing the “cheapest instrument in the world” for over 30 years – and he wants to teach more people how to play it.

Canción Hecha Enteramente de Cánticos de Pájaros Está Escalando las Listas Musicales – Mira el Encantador Video Musical

Al buscar en la lista de canciones más populares del mes en el Reino Unido, puede parecer estar dominada por estrellas de pop y...

Song Made Entirely of Bird Calls is Climbing the Music Charts – Watch the Enchanting Music Video

This 3-minute collection of endangered bird calls is proving to be just as popular as Taylor Swift and Lil Nas.

Inventor Makes ‘Music Memory Box’ So Dementia Patients Can Reconnect With Their Loved Ones

These personalized music boxes are a way for dementia patients to “create new memories with their families by taking a walk down memory lane.”

Joy, Grief, and a Handwritten Letter Bring Two Families Together After Woman Hears Hospital Music

People can find comfort in unlikely places – and for Jamie Fontenot, she found comfort in a song that played after her father's death.

Rapper’s Insistence on Featuring Homeless People in Music Video Results in Family Reunion

An English musician wanted to feature real people in his music video, rather than paid actors – and it led to a mother's reunion with her homeless son.

When ALS Robs Musician of His Voice, His Vocal Teacher Sings His Music For Him in Emotional Performance

Bernie Dalton was a musician with aspirations of having his songwriting heard – and now, despite his medical condition, he finally has. Several years ago,...

Bruno Mars Celebrates His Musical Success by Donating 24,000 Thanksgiving Meals to Needy Families

The musical superstar wants to celebrate the end of his tour by sharing some holiday cheer with families in need.

When Street Musician Offers His Earnings to Homeless Vets, He is Stunned By How They Pay It Forward

Adam Kightlinger was just trying to do something kind for some homeless men – but he was surprised by the waves of compassion that resulted from his offer.

Beautiful Music Video Made by Strangers Across the Globe Shows How Technology Can Be Used For Good In The World

Earlier this year, I was honored to deliver the closing talk at Italy’s largest TEDx event. My goal was to show that when used...

When Concerts Turned Meaningless, Pianist Finds Fulfillment Playing Music for Blind Elephants

After playing Beethoven for the old rescued pachyderms, Paul Barton found they actually really liked listening to music, and he loved playing for them.

If You Play Music, You Can Help People Heal By Being a ‘Musician On Call’

Through this unique service, musicians can do what they love by helping hospital patients to heal – all by harnessing the sound of music.

Musicians Play for Hundreds of IVF Embryos at Fertility Clinics: ‘It was a very emotional experience’

An Irish violinist and a Spanish guitarist had an “emotional” performance earlier this week when they were asked to perform for hundreds of incubating embryos.

After Man Plays His Cello at Bomb Site, He Spurs Citywide Movement to Combat Violence With Music

One day after several car bombs were detonated in his city, a cellist took to the streets to combat violence with music – and according to him, it's working.