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Massachusetts Voters Pass Historic Animal Protection Law

Massachusetts just banned contained spaces from being used to house livestock due to the harsh impact it has on the animals' physical and mental wellbeing.

Massachusetts Health Care Honored as Government Success

As the Obama administration and Congress debate the details of a national health care plan, the state that paved the way for universal...

MIT Researchers Believe They‘ve Developed a New Treatment for Easing the Passage of Kidney Stones

There are not that many treatments for kidney stones—but MIT researchers believe they have found a new way to make passing stones faster and less painful.

After Reading Random Facebook Post, Hikers Retrieve Lost Wedding Ring From Snowy Mountain Trail

This lost wedding ring was like a needle in a haystack—but a group of determined hikers miraculously found it within minutes of reaching the mountaintop.

Good News in History, November 28

Happy 90th Birthday to Berry Gordy, Jr., the record producer, songwriter, and founder of Motown Records. His gift for identifying and producing musical talent,...

Good News in History, November 18

60 years ago today, the film Ben-Hur, starring Charlton Heston, premiered. The fictional historical drama set in the time of Jesus centered around a...

The Top 30 Destinations Americans Want to Visit on a Road Trip, And What They Most Want to Bring

Not only are American road trips still popular, but some of the most sought-after destinations are national parks and monuments in the Southwest.

Good News in History, November 8

Happy Birthday to Bonnie Raitt who turns 70 years old today. The much-admired blues singer-songwriter and slide guitarist scored a No.1 album with Nick...

107 Teens Awarded for Launching Their Own Projects to Save Oceans From Plastic Pollution

More than 250 teenagers participated in the program by launching their own unique initiative to combat plastic waste in the oceans. Here are the winners.

Good News in History, October 23

Happy 65th Birthday to Ang Lee, who was a stay-at-home dad before gaining fame for directing the Oscar-winning films Brokeback Mountain and Life of...

Good News in History, October 17

80 years ago today, the film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, directed by Frank Capra and starring Jimmy Stewart, was released. A political drama...

California Becomes First US State to Push Back Public School Start Times

Public school students are rejoicing after California Gov. Gavin Newsom approved a new bill that delays public school start times.

Teen Creates App to Organize All The Family’s Caregivers After Grandmother Gets Alzheimers

After witnessing his mom’s stress caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s, teen creates app to organize all the caregivers for his grandmother.

Good News in History September 14

35 years ago today, retired Air Force Colonel and fighter pilot (who was shot down a decade earlier) Joseph Kittinger set off alone as...

Good News in History September 12

75 years ago today, the R&B, soul, and disco artist Barry White was born. A three-time Grammy Award–winner known for his distinctive bass-baritone voice...

Good News in History, September 5

Happy Birthday to Bob Newhart, who turns 90 years old today. Born in Oak Park, Illinois, the stand-up comedian and actor is noted for...

When Sick 3-Year-old is Quarantined, People Begin Showing Up at His Window to Entertain Him

A little boy whose doctors confined him to his bedroom for three months has learned that ‘All the world IS a stage”—just outside his...

Good News in History, August 12

Happy 70th Birthday to Mark Knopfler, the British singer-songwriter, guitarist, and co-founder of Dire Straits. They had the No.1 single in the U.S. in...

Good News in History, August 9

Happy Birthday to Sam Elliott, who turns 75 today. The actor’s lanky physique, thick handlebar mustache, and deep, resonant West Texas drawl have led...

Firefighters Spend 2 Hours Freeing Hapless Raccoon From Sewer Grate: ‘We rescue citizens both big and small’

When a civilian found a distressed raccoon lodged in a sewage grate, a team of determined firefighters spent two hours trying to free it.