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Parkinson’s Researchers Now Have $24 Million To Keep Going Thanks to Funding From Michael J. Fox

Scientists now have over $24 million in funding for Parkinson's research thanks to the beloved Hollywood philanthropist.

Michael J. Fox Nails Soulful Guitar Solo, Playing With Dave Matthews For Parkinson’s Research

If you thought “Johnny Be Good” was good, check out this sweet version of “All Along The Watchtower” by Dave Matthews and Michael J. Fox.

Michael J. Fox Climbs North Dakota Mountain to Fund Parkinson’s Research

Hikers climbing North Dakota’s tallest mountain met an unexpected visitor on the trail Sunday. Actor Michael J. Fox was headed to the top of the...

How to Stay Optimistic Through the Recession, Bad Weather and Swine Flu (Video w/ Michael J. Fox)

Some people manage to maintain a rosy outlook no matter what's thrown at them. Tune in on Thursday May 7th, 2009 to see Michael J....

Michael J. Fox Returns to TV with Special on Optimism

Michael J. Fox will return to TV as host of a one-hour special featuring his worldwide travels in search of optimism. "Michael J....

Good News in History, October 22

140 years ago today, after frustrating months testing the usual choice, platinum wire, to light an electric bulb, Thomas Edison, decided to try carbonized...

Good News in History Sept 22

50 years ago today, The Band released their self-titled album, with songs like Up on Cripple Creek and The Night They Drove Old Dixie...

JK Rowling Funds MS Research With Whopping $18 Million Donation to Honor Her Mother

This isn’t the first time author J.K. Rowling has donated a chunk of her fortune to charity, but researchers are still jumping for joy over the donation.

Good News in History, July 3

200 years ago today, the Bank for Savings in the City of New York opened its doors as the first savings bank in the...

Years After She Smells Parkinson’s Disease on Her Husband, Woman is Now Paving the Way for Early Detection Test

This retired nurse is using her keen sense of smell to help researchers develop one of the first early detection tests for Parkinson's disease.

Unable to Find Housing After His Historic Prison Release, Kim Kardashian Offers to Pay 5 Years of His Rent

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but her recent offer of assistance to a former inmate is just one more step in her campaign for justice reform.

7 Great Quotes By Rock ‘N’ Roll Legend Chuck Berry Who Died Saturday at 90

Despite brushes with the law, Chuck Berry's words and songs (Roll Over Beethoven and Johnny B. Goode) have left behind a powerful legacy. (1926–2017)

These Stars Give Others the Red Carpet Treatment: Best Celebrity Stories of 2015

From donating millions to taking a full time job, from giving away houses to singing for stranded passengers, here are ten times that celebrities shone...

Watch Marty McFly and Doc Brown Emerge From Delorean on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The “future” isn’t what it used to be for this famous pair of time travelers who landed in 2015, one more time. On their...

Robin Williams’ Compassion Lives On Through Son’s Service in Prisons

A year after Robin Williams’ death, his son Zak is carrying on the comedian’s legacy of humanitarian service. The actor’s oldest child is using his...

From Chemo Chair Man Raises $74K Tweeting for Stem Cell Charity

John Underwood knew he might someday need a bone-marrow transplant. Diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma, Underwood said that his best shot at an...
Matt Damon in Haiti-IndustrialRevolutionII-small

Ten Most Generous Celebrities Selected by ‘Why I Give’

Giving is not about riches. Many people, who are wealthy with millions, if not billions, of dollars in bank accounts, use their money for...

“Be Inspired” Week on Good Morning America

We all know people who inspire us with their brains, creativity, compassion and drive -- people who make a difference by changing lives and...

Good News in History, July 31

Happy 75th Birthday to Sherry Lansing, who was named the president of 20th Century Fox in 1980 and became the first woman to head...