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Muslim Doctors Use Ohio Mosque to Open First Free Clinic in the Region – and It’s Open to Everyone

This free clinic may be run by Muslim doctors, but they are opening their doors to uninsured patients from all religions and walks of life.

In Country Plagued By Religious Violence, Mosque Was Built Next Door to a Church – and They Are Thriving

Despite surrounding communities being plagued by violence, this church and mosque were built next to each other – and they are thriving.

Instead of Families Having to Drive 2 Hours, This Mosque Inside a Church Brings People Together

These families no longer have to worry about making the 2-hour car ride to their nearest mosque because their local church welcomed them in instead.

Mosque Pays Fines For Man Who Vandalized Their Building

In October 2016, Abraham Davis was caught vandalizing a Texas mosque. Then, in a show of forgiveness, they ended up paying the fine for him.

Irish Mosque Opens Doors to the Homeless Amidst First Hurricane in 50 Years

When was Ireland preparing for its first hurricane in 50 years, this mosque was making sure that every citizen was safe – even the...

Mosque Opens Its Doors to Stressed Parents Waiting in the Heat

Dozens of parents waiting on their students amidst examinations were waiting out in the sun without proper shade or hydration earlier this weekend – so...

Texas Mosque Burns Down, Donations Exceed 500K in Just 24 Hours

Regular attendees of this Texas mosque were grieving for only a short period of time before their faith in humanity was restored. //

Local Mosque Serves Up Breakfast for 800 Police Officers (WATCH)

Philadelphia Muslims wanted to energize local law enforcement for their full day ahead—so they filled their stomachs with homemade food.

Michigan Mosque Takes in a Homeless Unitarian Church

When construction delays on their new building threatened Sunday services for a Unitarian Universalist church in Michigan, a local Muslim house of worship came...

Man Who Shot Up Mosque Goes Back For Forgiveness, Finds Hugs Waiting

When a man shot up their mosque, the Connecticut congregation welcomed him with open arms after he felt remorse and returned, armed with an...

Christians Protect Mosques on Fri., Muslims Guard Churches on Sunday

Faced with the threat of terrorist attacks in West Africa, Muslims and Christians have each other’s back. The worshipers are protecting every place of prayer,...

Mosque Welcomes Stray Cats and Kittens for the Winter (LOOK)

It’s a game of cat and mosque as a Turkish house of worship welcomes some unexpected guests for the winter — whole families of...

Boy Who Emptied Piggy Bank For Vandalized Mosque Gets Big Surprise

When an attorney heard a little boy had given his life savings to a vandalized mosque, he arranged for a big surprise.

Muslim Mosque Helps Catholic Church Recover Following Shocking Vandalism

A mosque in Ontario is assisting a nearby Catholic church after a traumatic string of vandalism left the Christians with a $10,000 bill for...
Heart hands graffiti-Flickr-CC-id-iom-700px

Town Rallies Around Vandalized Cold Lake Mosque

When Mahmoud Elkadri arrived at the mosque in Cold Lake, Alberta, early Friday morning for prayers, he found the words "Go home" and "Canada" spray painted...
mosque feeds Dallas hungry-Masjid al Islam mosque

Dallas Mosque Feeds the Hungry on a ‘Day of Dignity’

Through its Beacon of Light community center, a mosque in southeast Dallas serves more than 15,000 free meals per year, mostly to non-Muslims. On...

Synagogue, Mosque and Temple Rise Side by Side Near Church in Suburban Paris

20 miles east of Paris, a local mayor is breaking new ground by placing a synagogue, a mosque and two Buddhist temples side by...
Hartford Seminary photo of Christian and Muslim women

Churches Host Ramadan Dinner For Islamic Society Whose Mosque Was Burned Down

Joplin churches are holding a special ceremony for members of a mosque destroyed in a suspicious fire. The Council on American-Islamic Relations said Joplin...
Mosque -- Morguefile photo by munozgo

Rabbis Replace Burned Korans at Destroyed Mosque in West Bank

In a rare act of conciliation by Israeli settlers Tuesday, a group of rabbis from Jewish settlements near the Palestinian town of Beit Fajar...
Heartsong church sign welcoming mosque

Tennessee Christians Lay Out Welcome Mat for New Mosque

The Heartsong Church in Cordoba, Tennessee, has opened its doors to its new neighbors from the Memphis Islamic center while they are still building...