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Muslim Cleric Who Hid 262 Christians During Attacks is Honored by the U.S.

The US State Department honored Imam Abubakar Abdullahi, an 83-year-old Muslim cleric who selflessly risked his life to save 262 Christians from certain death.

Check Out the Joyous Photos of 100,000 Muslims Celebrating End of Fasting at Europe’s Largest Eid Gathering

Since today marks the end of Ramadan's dawn-to-dusk fasting, thousands of Muslim families are gathering together to celebrate.

Having Muslim Soccer Champion on English Team Has Led to Dramatic Drop in Hate Crime, Islamophobia

Since Mohamed Salah was brought onto the Liverpool FC soccer team in 2017, the club has experienced a dramatic decrease in hate crimes and Islamophobia.

Muslim Cab Driver Broke Strict Police Curfew to Drive Hindu Woman in Childbirth to the Hospital

An Indian cab driver is being praised for his compassionate example of “Hindu-Muslim unity” during a strict police curfew earlier this week.

When 18-Year-old Muslim Student Had Nowhere to Pray, Community Opened Their Doors

After this 18-year-old Muslim moved to California, she found that she didn't have many places to pray – so local businesses opened their doors instead.

When Fire Leaves 500 Muslims Without Place of Worship, Synagogue Opens Their Doors

A New York City synagogue's act of compassion towards their Islamic neighbors has been inspiring thousands of people across social media.

Muslim Doctors Use Ohio Mosque to Open First Free Clinic in the Region – and It’s Open to Everyone

This free clinic may be run by Muslim doctors, but they are opening their doors to uninsured patients from all religions and walks of life.

See How Generations of Muslims Have Taken Care of a Jewish Synagogue in India

These Muslim families have spent decades caring for this ornate synagogue in Kolkata out of love and respect for their Jewish counterparts.

US Woman Who ‘Hated Muslims’ Now Wants to Share the Love and Understanding She Found in an Afghan Refugee

This Christian woman from the US never thought that she would be in a relationship with a Muslim after September 11th – but things are different now.

Young Muslims Wake Up Early to Clean Up the Streets After New Years Celebrations

While some people were recovering from last night's festivities, these youngsters took to the streets to clean up the aftermath.

Muslims and Jews Come Together So They Can Serve 1,000 Bowls of Soup to the Homeless

The organizers even used halal chicken in a Jewish recipe to merge elements from both religions, too.

Muslims Raise $250,000 for Pittsburgh Synagogue: ‘Whatever you need … let us know, we’ll be there’

Following the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh last week, these Muslim groups are rushing to help their Jewish neighbors.

Muslims in Town Adopt a Sacred Hindu Tenet So They Won’t Hurt the Feelings of Their Religious Neighbors

The Muslim residents of this district are not forced to abstain from their practice, rather they choose to do it out of respect for their Hindu neighbors.

Muslims Take Out Full-Page Newspaper Ad to Denounce Anti-Semitism Against “Our Jewish Sisters and Brothers”

In a stirring gesture of unity and compassion, several British Muslim groups took out a full-page ad in the newspaper to voice their opposition...

3,000 Jews and Muslims Sign Up to Learn a Song Together–the Result is Perfect Harmony

Nothing inspires hope for the future more than 3,000 strangers from different religions singing a song together as one.

Muslim Father Forgives Man Involved With Son’s Murder, Hugs Him in Court

It can be hard to forgive someone who has wronged you, especially when they may have had a hand in the loss of a son. But that's exactly what Jitmoud did.

This Group is Encouraging Muslims and Christians to Find Peace

In recent years, these Christian and Muslim communities have endured sparking tensions – but one group is helping them to understand each other instead.

Arizona Senator Defends His Muslim Opponent From Online Attacks

In a show of diplomatic cordiality and kindness, this U.S. senator has spoken out against the discrimination lauded on the very woman trying to...

Muslim Groups Raise $500K for Victims of the Portland Attacks

Thanks to the online efforts of Islamic groups, over 10,000 people have stepped up to assist in the aftermath of the Portland, Oregon attacks...

Christian Church Destroyed by ISIS Rebuilt by Muslim Residents

These young Muslim volunteers wanted to make sure that their Christian neighbors felt loved, welcomed, and appreciated.