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Brad Paisley Breaks Ground on His Free Grocery Store for the Hungry in Nashville

The country singer and his wife say that they're launching the store as a means of reducing food insecurity in Nashville, Tennessee.

Church Installs 6 Colorful Micro Homes in First Nashville Village for Homeless

Six brightly painted “micro houses” now populate the first Micro-home Village in Nashville, thanks to a church community’s relentless leader. The shelters are only 60...
The 99% - Occupy DC Protester by Chris Wieland

Judge Tells Tennessee to Stop Arresting Occupy Nashville Protesters

A judge told Tennessee officials on Monday to stop enforcing new rules that have been used to arrest dozens of Occupy protesters in Nashville. The...

Volunteer Army Aids Nashville Flood Victims

Thousands of volunteers have been working in Nashville since floods devastated the city three weeks ago. College and high school students especially have given...

Vince Gill and Friends Raise $1.7 Million for Nashville Flood Relief

Vince Gill headlined a three-and-a-half hour flood-relief telethon on Nashville's local NBC affiliate, WSMV, with he and some of his celebrity friends, like...

On 95th Birthday, Jimmy Carter is Still Proving Age is No Obstacle as He Builds Homes for Humanity

Not only is the 39th US president now the oldest in history, he is also celebrating his 95th birthday by building houses for those in need.

Good News in History, September 1

Happy Birthday to the comedian and actress Lily Tomlin, who turns 80 years young today. She began as a standup comedian in her hometown...

Good News in History, August 28

Happy Birthday to the actor, comedian, and musician Jack Black who turns 50 years ago today. In Almost 20 years ago, Black had his...

Stranger’s Kindness Towards Anxious Senior on Airplane Leaves Witnesses Wiping Away ‘Happy Tears’

When this 96-year-old woman expressed her anxiety over flying, the young man sitting next to her stepped up to be her “flight angel”.

Since Women Overcoming Addiction Repaid Town in Kindness, It’s One of the ‘Nicest Places’ in US

When this Kansas community welcomed the residents of a new women's recovery center, the residents were sure to repay the kindness tenfold.

Despite Being Homeless, High School Valedictorian Graduates With Over $3 Million in College Scholarships

This 17-year-old high school student managed to graduate with over $3 million in college scholarships – and he did it all while dealing with homelessness.

Unable to Find Housing After His Historic Prison Release, Kim Kardashian Offers to Pay 5 Years of His Rent

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but her recent offer of assistance to a former inmate is just one more step in her campaign for justice reform.

Dog Goes From Digging Through Trash to Being Featured in a Hollywood Movie—and Happy Ever After

No one imagined a malnourished mutt would go from sifting through trash to being adored on the silver screen with millions of new fans.

Good News in History, January 29

90 years ago today, Dorothy Harrison Eustis established The Seeing Eye in the US, the first school organized to train dogs for assisting the...

Good News in History, November 28

Happy 75th Birthday to singer-songwriter and composer Randy Newman. Best known for his distinctive voice and film scores for 8 Pixar films—as well as...

Veterans Are Finding Peace From PTSD Through ‘Float Therapy’

Veterans across the U.S. are finding an extraordinary source of relief from their pain and PTSD thanks to floatation therapy, an alternative treatment for...

Heated Argument With Starbucks Manager Takes Unexpected Turn Towards Friendship and Kindness

The argument's positive outcome starkly contrasted what happened at a Philadelphia Satrbucks outlet back in May when an argument arose.

Single Mom Working 3 Jobs Uses Surprise $1,000 Tip to Serve Kids Everywhere With New Skate Park

Instead of using the money to serve her own kids, this single mother used a massive tip to serve hundreds of children for years to come.

Mother of Waffle House Survivor is Working to Repay Waitress Who Saved Her Son

A waitress's simple actions may have saved a man's life – so the man's mother because determined to bless her in return.

When Woman Unexpectedly Goes into Labor at Foreign Hotel, She Uses the Internet to Give Birth on Her Own

While the internet is also used for cute cat videos and keeping in touch with distant relatives, Tia Freeman sped down the information highway...