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New Hampshire Passes Bipartisan “Commonsense Reform” Decriminalizing Marijuana

New Hampshire has just joined the ranks of U.S. states that are implementing “commonsense marijuana reform”. That's because the state recently passed House bill 640-FN,...

Election Day in New Hampshire Unites Foes From All Sides (WATCH)

Media coverage of politics and political campaigns tends to focus solely on conflicts and magnify the many differences people have. But the truth is,...

Good News in History, September 5

Happy Birthday to Bob Newhart, who turns 90 years old today. Born in Oak Park, Illinois, the stand-up comedian and actor is noted for...

Good News in History, June 21

Happy 75th Birthday to The Kinks co-founder and frontman Ray Davies. Regarded as one of the most influential British songwriters, Davies wrote the 1964...

Good News in History, June 3

Starting on this day 55 years ago, Jimmy Nicol got to be a Beatle for 13 days during the height of Beatlemania. When Ringo...

Good News in History, March 7

170 years ago today, the renown American botanist and horticultural pioneer, Luther Burbank, who developed more than 800 strains and varieties of plants, was born. He...

Good News in History, March 4

90 years ago today, Charles Curtis became first Native-American Vice President of the United States. A Kansas attorney and the Republican leader of the U.S....
hospital surgery pictured in the documentary, US Health Care: The Good News

U.S. Health Care: The Good News – A New PBS Documentary

You don't often find the words "health care" and "good news" in the same sentence, but in a new Public Television documentary, we learn...
Winnicut River dam - NH government photo

Good News for Many Fish Species: Stimulus Funds Dam Removal

Native brook trout have been rediscovered in a tributary located in the New Hampshire Seacoast region -- a sign that the ecosystem altered by...
chocolate by Lindt

What Could Be Better than Renewable Energy from Chocolate?

Who knew the same delicious brown bean that creates chocolate can also generate clean green power? Cocoa bean shells left over after the...

New 2007 Laws Protect Consumers from ID Theft and Citizens’ Rights

State Lawmakers have been busy and their new laws for 2007 are mostly good news for consumers, common citizens and people struggling to make...

Governor Intervened So Mom Could Keep Her Hilarious License Plate

Wendy Auger has had the same license plate for the last 15 years—and now thanks to New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, she can keep it for even longer.

Community Donates Hundreds of Bags of Pet Food After Shelter Theft –Watch

After hundreds of dollars worth of pet food was stolen from their Bedford office, the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire reports the donations that came flooding in have replaced the food ten-fold.

This Turkey’s Got Authority! Holds Up Traffic So His Fellow Fowl Can Cross the Road (WATCH)

Never before has a crossing guard shown such brazen defiance for its feathered friends in the face of bewildered human motorists.

Watch Nonverbal Boy’s Delight When Firefighter Stops to Chat With Him in Sign Language

Tegan McCall could not contain his excitement when a firefighter stopped by his family's apartment doorway in order to introduce himself in sign language.

Near-Death Experience Inspires Inventor to Create Wetsuit That Allows the Disabled to Swim Once More

A California surfer was trapped beneath the ocean waves when he first got the idea for a wetsuit that would help dozens of people swim once more.

When Cash Registers Fail, Supermarket Happily Lets Shoppers Walk Out With Free Groceries

Instead of making their customers wait for the registers to come back online, this supermarket simply bagged up their groceries and sent them on their way.

Elementary Schoolers Are Sending Hundreds of Christmas Trees to US Troops Stationed Around the World

Between studying for tests and finishing some last-minute projects, these fifth-grade students are sending 600 donated Christmas trees to service members who will be...

People Come From Around the World to See This Dad’s Ice Castles (WATCH)

This cool dad took it upon himself to make something fun for the whole family – so he started growing his own backyard ice...

94-Year-old Graduates College Online with Bachelor’s and 4.0 GPA

Amy Craton didn't see herself “just sitting around watching Netflix all day” in her old age, so she went back to school — and met...