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Nike Designs New Sneakers Specifically for Nurses and Doctors Who Have to Stay On Their Feet All Day

Not only do the shoes have spill-proof surfaces and extra traction, they also have been designed with additional comfort and support in mind.

Watch Runner’s Emotional Reaction to Becoming First Ever Pro Athlete With Cerebral Palsy Signed by Nike

Justin Gallegos has just become a prime example of how hard work pays off – no matter what your disability is.

Nike Partners With Disabled Teen to Create Easy-Entry Shoe

When a teenager with cerebral palsy wrote to Nike requesting a shoe he could put on himself, the company decided to ‘Just Do It’. When...
NIKE shoes customized

Nike Delivers Custom Shoes to Teen with Cerebral Palsy

It started with an impassioned letter from a Parkland, Fla., teenager to Nike Chief Executive Mark Parker. It ended with a dream come true. Matthew...
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How Nike’s Green Design Recycled 82 Million Plastic Bottles

Nike has big goals on reducing overall material use, on reducing toxics in their products, design products for recyclability, and eventually creating a closed-loop...

Students Pressure Nike to Help Honduran Workers

Facing pressure from universities and student groups, the apparel maker Nike announced on Monday that it would pay $1.54 million to help 1,800 workers...

Nike Teams to Wear Recycled Plastic Bottle-based Jerseys in World Cup

We've just concluded what might have been the most environmentally friendly Olympics to date. During the next global sporting event, the FIFA...

Nike Donates $100,00 to Help Rebuild Football Field and Track for New Orleans

NIKE will make a $100,000 contribution to George Washington Carver High School in the 9th Ward of New Orleans for installing a football field...

Nike Unveils Eco-Friendly Sustainable Products

Nike unveiled a line of more eco-friendly products on Tuesday which aim to use more sustainable, recyclable materials that should also translate into better...
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Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe Program Turns Old Footwear into Basketball Courts

Every year, millions of pairs of athletic shoes are thrown away, clogging landfills and wasting a lot of good material. Now, you can...
NIKE shoes customized

Nike Designs Shoe for Native Americans, Donates Profit

Nike yesterday unveiled the Nike Air Native N7, a unique athletic performance shoe designed specifically for Native Americans. The N7 is the result of...
Green Nike shoes

NIKE Donates Shoes to Every Teen in New Orleans

The Nike Summer Shoes program kicked off in New Orleans, La., yesterday with a free pair of shoes for every middle and high school...

Sony Joins Nike Cutting 10M Tons of Global Warming Gases

As nations gathered to discuss climate change in Paris, twelve major corporations recommitted their pledge, and reported they are on course to eliminate at...

9-Year-old Double Amputee to Make History on ‘New York Fashion Week’ Catwalk

This 9-year-old Daisy-May is about to make history as the first ever double amputee child to walk the prestigious New York Fashion Week.

Instead of Wasting Trillions of Gallons of Water Every Year, ‘World’s First’ System Dyes Fabrics With CO2

These ingenious machines could recycle tons of CO2 while simultaneously saving trillions of gallons of water used by the fashion industry every year.

Millions of Dollars Set to Benefit California Wildfire Relief After 1,500 Brewers Serve Up Special Beer

After wildfires tore through northern California in November, this brewing company was determined to help – but they never expected the flood of fellow-brewers...

When Helicopter Upsets Tennis Player With PTSD, His Teammate Abandons Game to Comfort Him Using a Song

This tennis team not only earned approval from the crowd for their winning serve—but also for their emotional sportsmanship when things got rough. At the...

5 Reasons Why Good People Fail — and How to Turn it Around

There are five reasons as to why good, kind, hardworking people might find themselves failing more than others. Luckily, there are still ways to overcome.

Russell Brand Explains: In the Absence of Self-Love ‘We’re All Addicted to Something’

Russell Brand is an expert on addiction and recovery – and he is very intent on sharing his wisdom with the world.

The Traits That Make You Weird Are the Gifts That Make You Special

People are often pressured into conforming to the way that society wants them to be – but the world definitely doesn't need any more conformists.