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Video Game Chief Pays $15M for Protection of 7,000 North Carolina Acres

Tim Sweeney has just given the largest conservation easement made by a private citizen in the history of North Carolina.

Apple to Build its Third Enormous Solar Farm in North Carolina

Apple this week signed a development agreement with the City of Claremont, which will allow it to build its third massive solar farm in...
emerald found in NC mine

Emerald Bonanza Found By Amateur Diggers in North Carolina Mine

Amateur diggers on a trip to the aging North American Emerald Mine in Hiddenite, N.C., struck gold last week -- actually, emeralds. One couple had...

Good News: Instant Run-off Voting to be Used in North Carolina

On Nov. 2, instant run-off voting, in which voters rank candidates in order of preference, and the winner is picked by tallying second and...
NC emerald photographed by gemologist Cap Beesley

Largest Cut Emerald In North America Found on North Carolina Farm

"An emerald so large it's being compared with the crown jewels of Russian empress Catherine the Great was pulled from a pit near corn...

N. Carolina People Are Feeling Better With Free Hugs From Students -Watch

Students took to the streets, handing out free hugs to police officers and strangers at a time when all Americans could use a hug.

Carolina Man To Drive 900 Miles With Truckload of Water for Flint (WATCH)

Following the charity efforts of stars like Pearl Jam, Cher, and The Game, one man in a city far away is joining the ranks...

Stranger Drives 2,300 Miles So He Can Reunite Beloved Dog With Boy Recovering From Surgery

When an 8-year-old boy recovering from brain surgery expressed how much he missed his dog, a stranger volunteered to make the 2,300-mile journey.

Kidnapper Got More Than He Bargained for When He Chased Woman into Karate Dojo

This alleged kidnapper will probably think twice before attempting to challenge a karate sensei's authority in the future.

Instead of Running, These Inmates Rush to Aid Their Supervisor Who Collapsed From Stroke Along a Roadside

These three inmates could have taken advantage of their security supervisor's medical emergency earlier this week – but instead, they stayed by his side...

Man Donated Hundreds of Thousands of Miles to Strangers, Reuniting Families for the Holidays

And his donation inspired dozens of other frequent fliers to donate their airline miles as well.

Veteran and His Wife Donate All of Their Worldly Possessions to California Firefighters

A compassionate combat veteran and his wife are donating almost all of their worldly possessions to firefighters who were combatting the blaze in Paradise,...

Amidst Bomb Threat Evacuation, NBA Player Stops to Carry Neighbor’s Child Down 46 Flights

When asked for comment about the incident, he simply chuckled, saying: “I'm just a good Samaritan, not a hero.”

Good News in History, December 17

115 years ago today, the Wright Brothers made the first controlled, sustained flight of a motorized, heavier-than-air vehicle piloted by Orville in the Wright...

‘Walking Dead’ Star Gives Happy Ending to Emu and Donkey That Refused to Be Separated

Jack the donkey and Diane the emu have been given a loving forever home after famous TV star, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, heard about their special relationship and couldn't bear to see them separated.

Good News in History, November 1

80 years ago today, an undersized horse named Seabiscuit defeated War Admiral in a miracle upset victory, winning The Match of the Century while uplifting the spirits...

Watch Joy on Restaurant Workers’ Faces When Guy Tips Them Thousands of Dollars for Bringing Two Glasses of Water

This YouTube star uses his position of internet fame to give thousands of dollars to unsuspecting strangers – and his newest installment is just...

As Thank You For Being Ray of Sunshine, Hurricane Volunteer Builds Stunning Cardboard Fort for 2-Year-old

This bubble-blowing youngster has been a huge morale boost for the folks in a local hurricane shelter – so volunteers decided to say thank you.

Soldier Whose House Was Looted Gives Away Money Raised for Him: ‘I Wanted to Show Kindness’

Luis Ocampo fell prey to a burglary after he was serving on the frontlines of hurricane relief efforts – and then the donations started pouring in.

Woman Has Just $50 to Spend on Hurricane Victims But Store Manager Tells Her to Fill Up Some Carts Instead

Shelli Tench was ready to spend her last $50 on clothes for hurricane victims – but then the manager of her local Walmart stepped in to help instead.