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Video Game Chief Pays $15M for Protection of 7,000 North Carolina Acres

Tim Sweeney has just given the largest conservation easement made by a private citizen in the history of North Carolina.

Apple to Build its Third Enormous Solar Farm in North Carolina

Apple this week signed a development agreement with the City of Claremont, which will allow it to build its third massive solar farm in...
emerald found in NC mine

Emerald Bonanza Found By Amateur Diggers in North Carolina Mine

Amateur diggers on a trip to the aging North American Emerald Mine in Hiddenite, N.C., struck gold last week -- actually, emeralds. One couple had...

Good News: Instant Run-off Voting to be Used in North Carolina

On Nov. 2, instant run-off voting, in which voters rank candidates in order of preference, and the winner is picked by tallying second and...
NC emerald photographed by gemologist Cap Beesley

Largest Cut Emerald In North America Found on North Carolina Farm

"An emerald so large it's being compared with the crown jewels of Russian empress Catherine the Great was pulled from a pit near corn...

N. Carolina People Are Feeling Better With Free Hugs From Students -Watch

Students took to the streets, handing out free hugs to police officers and strangers at a time when all Americans could use a hug.

Carolina Man To Drive 900 Miles With Truckload of Water for Flint (WATCH)

Following the charity efforts of stars like Pearl Jam, Cher, and The Game, one man in a city far away is joining the ranks...

Watch 800-Pound Bison Perform Adorable ‘Happy Dance’ in Celebration of the First Day of Spring

As a means of celebrating the first day of spring, staffers at the North Carolina Zoo uploaded a video of their resident bison doing “her happy dance”.

Viral Photo Shows Two Kids Stopped in the Road to Pay Respects to Fire Department Flag Being Raised

Two kids from North Carolina are being praised for their heartwarming display of reverence earlier this week.

First-of-its-Kind National Theater Festival for Veterans Who Are Using Drama to Find Emotional Resilience

A nonprofit theater organization that pairs the works of Shakespeare with military veterans struggling to find relief, is proud to announce the first-ever National...

When Bird Rescuers Ask for Help During Nesting Season, Thousands of People Donate Hand-Knitted Nests

When bird rescuers were scrambling to take care of all their feathered patients, thousands of people came together to help.

Hundreds of High School Graduates May Soon Be Wearing Caps and Gowns Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles

A new conservational campaign in the city of Atlanta could result in hundreds of high school graduates walking across the stage in recycled caps and gowns.

Good News in History, April 15

Happy 60th Birthday to the beloved British actress, writer, and comedian Emma Thompson. She won two Academy Awards (the only person ever to win both)—one...

Good News in History, April 12

150 years ago today, the North Carolina legislature passed an anti-Ku Klux Klan Law, which prohibited night riding and wearing masks, to combat the...

Dad Turns Board Games into Bed Sheets So Sick Kids Lying in Hospitals Won’t Get Bored

As a means of fighting the tedium of plain white hospital rooms, this entrepreneur was inspired to create interactive bed sheets for young patients.

Routine Eye Test Can Detect Earliest Stages of Alzheimer’s in Seconds, According to New Research

A routine eye test can detect the earliest stages of Alzheimer's disease in seconds, according to new research. The non-invasive scan looks for changes in...

Good News in History, March 12

50 years ago today, Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman, forming a union that would last 29 years until her death at age 56 from...

Científicos Han Desarrollado Un Nuevo Material que es Flexible y Elástico pero Fuerte como el Acero

Una nueva fibra de alta tecnología combina la elasticidad del caucho con la fuerza del metal. Ha sido desarrollada por científicos en Estados Unidos. El...

Man Reunites Senior With His Pup After Standing On a Street Corner With ‘Lost Dog’ Sign for 3 Hours

A 40-year-old man is being hailed as a hero – and a stud – after he stood out on a street corner with a “Lost Dog” sign in hand for three hours.

Homeless Man’s Life Completely Changes After He Pays Back Animal Shelter That Kindly Cared for His Dog

Pete has never stopped repaying an animal shelter who kindly took in Buster during their bout with homeless—and strangers rewarded his integrity, big time.