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When Grandma Confesses She Has Never Seen the Ocean, Grandson Takes Her On Epic Cross-Country Trip

This doting grandson could not bear the thought of his grandmother having any regrets—which is why they have now traveled to 29 different state parks.

633 Buzos Acaban de Romper el Record Mundial en Limpieza del Océano Después de Recolectar 1.600 Libras de Basura

Durante dos horas, el grupo de buzos recolectó toda la basura y las redes de pesca del fondo del océano frente a la costa de la playa de Florida.

633 Divers Just Set the World Record for Largest Ocean Cleanup After Collecting 1,600 Pounds of Trash

It took the group of divers only two hours to collect all of the trash and fishing line from the ocean floor of the Florida beach shoreline.

UK is Now Safeguarding Ocean Territory Twice the Size of England Thanks to Massive New Protections

The UK has just approved the largest expansion of their protected ocean habitat, bringing the grand total to over 220,000 square kilometers.

Jóvenes Nadadores a la Deriva en el Océano Rezaron por Ayuda- Y Súbitamente son Rescatados por un Barco Llamado ‘Amen’

Un par de jóvenes nadadores desesperados fueron rescatados del mar justo a tiempo gracias a un bote bien llamado. Tyler Smith y Heather Brown estaban...

After Five-Year Campaign, Woman Successfully Rallies a Nation to Protect 763,000 Square Miles of Ocean

Over 763,000 square miles of ocean are now protected from pollution, seabed mining, and overfishing thanks to one 48-year-old marine conservationist. Jacqueline Evans is the...

Teen Swimmers Drifting in the Ocean Prayed for Help – And Suddenly are Rescued by Boat Named ‘Amen’

A pair of desperate young swimmers were rescued from the sea just in the nick of time thanks to an aptly-named boat. Tyler Smith and...

La Venta Piloto de Adidas de Sus Zapatos Hechos de Plástico Proveniente del Océano Fue Tan Exitosa, Que Ahora están Yendo Más Allá

Adidas se ha pasado los últimos cuatro años frenando la contaminación del océano al reciclar el plástico de las playas y convertirlo en zapatos....

Adidas Test to Sell Shoes Made of Ocean Plastic Was So Successful, They’re Going Even Further

Adidas has spent the last four years curbing ocean pollution by recycling plastic beach waste into shoes – and because their customers have been so...

Estos Basureros Flotantes Han Sido Desplegados Alrededor del Mundo Para que Puedan Absorber Toneladas de Basura del Océano

Después de una exitosa campaña de recolección de fondos en 2016, una aspiradora flotante para succionar la contaminación del océano está absorbiendo cientos de...

These Floating Trashcans Are Being Deployed Around the World So They Can Suck Up Tons of Ocean Trash

These floating rubbish bins are already sucking up ocean pollution in dozens of marinas and ocean ports around the world.

Belugas to Become Residents of the World’s First Retirement Home for Ocean Animals in Show Business

These two beluga whales have spent years performing for humans – but soon, they will be the residents of the world's first open sea sanctuary.

In ‘Freakish Miracle’, Man’s Change of Fishing Spot Results in Rescuing 18-Month-old From the Ocean

If this fisherman had not spontaneously decided to set up his lines at a different spot on the beach, this story may have had a very different ending.

European Parliament Approves Sweeping Ban on Single-Use Plastics, a ‘Victory for Our Oceans’

The directive, which was passed with widespread approval, helps to put the EU at the forefront of the world's fight against plastic pollution.

Watch What Happens When Foster Teens See the Ocean for the First Time

Some people will never forget their first time seeing the ocean – and these disadvantaged youngsters are no exception.

UN Makes ‘Historic Commitment’ to Prevent Fishing Net Abandonment – 46% of Ocean Plastic

The United Nations will reportedly be taking a new and “historic” stance against fishing nets being dumped into the ocean. Animal rights group World Animal...

Minutes After Saying ‘I Do’, Hero Groom Jumps Into the Ocean to Save Drowning Teen

If Cindy Edwards had any doubts about the character of her husband, they must have been cleared up immediately when he rescued the boy from the ocean.

Couple Takes It Upon Themselves to Turn Ocean Trash into Prosthetic Limbs for Kids That Cost Only $45

Laura and Chris Moriarity have had no expertise in ocean pollution or making prosthetic limbs—but they passionately believed they could tackle both issues with...

Huge Victory for Ocean Ecosystems as Fishing Companies Agree to Stop Catching This Essential Critter

In a mega-progressive step toward protecting the ocean (and climate), a massive majority of krill fishing companies have agreed to actually stop fishing aroun...

Instead of Tossing it Back, 5,000 Indian Fishermen Now Collect Ocean Plastic to Build Roads and Prosperity

While the world becomes more and more aware of plastic pollution, a group of 5,000 fishermen who rely on the “Mother Sea” to survive...