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Son Flies to Ontario and Personally Thanks the Restaurant Worker Who Cheered His Ailing Dad

The son of an ailing senior was so grateful for the kindness showed to his dad by a diner employee, he made sure to personally thank the worker.

Syrian Refugee Saves Ontario Wedding With Master Sewing Skills

It's strange how one tiny zipper tooth can create such big problems – and such amazing resolutions. It was Jo Du's wedding day in Ontario,...

Ontario is First Region in North America to Curb Pesticide Blamed for Killing Bees

Ontario is making life sweeter for honey bees. The Canadian province will become the first jurisdiction in North America to limit bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides...

Ontario: Where Did All the Smog Go?

Southwestern Ontario's hot and sticky weather is back, but a close cousin -- serious, even dangerous smog -- is noticeably missing. The London region hasn't...

Ontario Students Counter Anti-Immigration Flyer with Positive Message

In May 2014, this controversial anti-immigration flyer began circulated around Brampton, Ontario. A member of the Facing History education organization in Ontario, teacher Lanny Cedrone,...
Camp Shomria for Israeli kids and Arabs

Bridging the Gap Between Arabs and Jews, in Ontario Lake Country

As long-awaited peace talks resumed last week in Washington, young Jewish and Arab kids are learning peaceful co-existence in the great Canadian outdoors. For...
angel of lights

21 Year-old Saves 100 From Ontario Fire, Hailed as Hero

James Slatcher is being hailed a hero, credited with saving more than 100 lives, after a devastating fire tore through a 36-unit townhouse development...

2009 a Record Year for Organ Donations in Ontario

Nearly 700 lives were saved last year thanks to a record number of organ donations. Organ donations rose 17 percent in 2009, two...
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Ontario and South Korea Sign New Green Energy Deal

Canadian Premier Dalton McGuinty has signed a landmark agreement with a South Korean consortium to generate 2,500 megawatts of wind and solar power in...

Ontario Shuts 4 Coal-Fired Power Stations

Ontario is shutting down four coal units by 2010 in a move the World Wildlife Fund says will make the province a leader...

Ontario Hailed as First to Subsidize Solar Power

Ontario, Canada announced an historic proposal to buy clean, renewable electricity from homeowners and entrepreneurs who produce solar, wind or other green power over...

Good News in History, June 15

100 years ago today, British pilots John Alcock and Arthur Brown became celebrities worldwide for completing the first nonstop transatlantic flight—a harrowing 16-hour journey...

Canada Bans the Captivity and Breeding of Dolphins and Whales for Entertainment Purposes

The Canadian House of Commons has just approved a ban on the captivity of cetaceans for any purpose other than rescue, rehabilitation, or research.

Éxito en el Tratamiento de Parkinson en Etapa Avanzada va “Más Allá de Nuestros Sueños Más Locos”

Investigadores Canadienses han desarrollado un nuevo tratamiento para la discapacidad motriz causada por la enfermedad de Parkinson y los resultados "sobrepasan sus sueños más...

Success of Advanced-Stage Parkinson’s Treatment is ‘Beyond Researcher’s Wildest Dreams’

Researchers are using spinal implants to improve motor function in Parkinson's patients – and the results are particularly exciting.

After His Family Passed Up Record-Breaking Clam in Aunt’s Estate, He Found Pearl Inside is Worth Millions

A Canadian man has just unveiled what may be one of the North America's rarest and most stunning treasures: a massive 61-pound pearl. The “Giga...

Empathetic Gamers Make Braces for Kitten Who Couldn’t Find Forever Home Because of Wobbly Legs

Carly the kitten may be cute, but people were reluctant to adopt her because her swimmer's syndrome caused her legs to shake – but not anymore.

When Grocery Store Accidentally Leaves Doors Unlocked, Honest Customer Leaves $5 for Tomatoes

These honest customers are being hailed as prime examples of Canadian kindness after a supermarket inadvertently left their doors unlocked.

Instead of Just Donating Pastries, Starbucks Canada Will Soon Be Rescuing 1.5 Million Meals Per Year

Once fully implemented, this new waste reduction strategy will salvage over one million healthy meals from landfills every year.

Good News in History, January 27

75 years ago today, the siege of Leningrad in Russia was ended after 872 days; the stranglehold by the German blockade during World War...