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Amused Parents Are in Luck After Toddler Puts $1,000 Through Paper Shredder; Government is Piecing It Back Together

After having a good-natured laugh over their toddler's mistake, Ben and Jackee Belnap are set to be reimbursed by a free government service.

How to Get Back to a Normal Sleep Schedule for Back-to-School Parents and Kids

Contrary to what you might think, technology may be extremely helpful for getting your kid's sleep schedule back on track.

Parents Have Perfect Solution to Daughter Sneakily Ordering $350 Worth of Barbies From Amazon

This mischievous 6-year-old learned a valuable lesson from her online heist earlier this month.

When Terminally Ill Boy Writes His Own Obit Asking People to Have Fun, His Parents Deliver

His cheeky obituary ended with as much humor as The Great Garrett Underpants had during his life.

Mom Develops New App That Alerts Deaf Parents to When and Why Their Babies Are Crying

Deaf parents who have tested the app say that it has already become an invaluable tool for taking care of their infant children.

Toddler Wakes Up Right When Parents Agree to Remove Life Support: Good News Podcast

In this short Good News Guru podcast, hear about a boy who who made one of the "top ten recoveries of all time," according to doctors who used the word miracle to describe it.

Toddler Wakes Up Right When Parents Agree to Remove Life Support, Doctors Call it Easter Miracle

Dylan's parents were about to unplug their toddler from life support – but then they all witnessed what doctors called an Easter miracle.

Police Officers Stand In For Children’s Parents Who Couldn’t Make it to School Dance

While school dances may be fun ways for children to bond with their parents, some moms and dads just can't join in because of...

‘Cuddle Crew’ Cops Comfort Premature Baby, Giving Relief to Parents

Even though Axel Winch hasn't been in the world for very long, the newborn has already been through the ringer and back. Because Axel was...

Parents Now Spend Twice as Much Time With Their Children as 50 Years Ago

  There are countless studies that link positive parental relationships to healthily adjusted children. Thankfully, more and more parents are spending time with their children. A...

Parents Turn 8-Year-Old Son’s Wheelchair Into Amazing ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Costume

With Halloween just around the corner, Anthony Alfano's parents decided to give their son a sweet new set of wheels for his costume –...

When Birthday Boy Makes Wish For Parents to Wed, Watch Reaction When Dad Pops Question on the Spot

7-year-old Dominic could not contain his excitement when his birthday wish finally came true: for his parents to finally get married. Dominic's father, Eamon Hall,...

Guardian Angel Plumber Gives Scholarships to Kids With Parents in Jail

It can already be tough growing up without a parent – let alone trying to finance your own way through college without parental help....

10 Questions You Will Want to Ask Your Grandparents on September 10th

Most Americans are more than aware of Father's Day and Mother's Day – but what about National Grandparents Day? The holiday, which falls on September...

Grandparents Get Jet Ski Rescue After Calling Chick-Fil-A For Help

Chick-Fil-A does not just prepare toasty chicken sandwiches – they can also reportedly serve up their meals by rescue boat when conditions get dicey. An...

Sacking Homework, County Schools Tell Parents to Read With Their Kids Instead

In this Florida county, kids will no longer be burdened with hours of harrowing homework – instead, they will be encouraged to read with...

Thousands Send Rainbow Pictures to 9-Year-Old Who Lost Both His Parents

This little boy believes that though his parents are gone, they are not far away – in fact, he believes that they are just...

92 Yorkies Found in Hoarder’s House All Adopted by New Loving Parents

These 92 pups were found living in filth, but they’ve been given forever homes as a result of their previous owners' arrest.

Mosque Opens Its Doors to Stressed Parents Waiting in the Heat

Dozens of parents waiting on their students amidst examinations were waiting out in the sun without proper shade or hydration earlier this weekend – so...

Yum! Brands Now Gives New Parents Generous Extended Family Leave

Yum! Brands yesterday announced a new expanded parental time-off policy as part of the company’s bid to stay competitive in the corporate market, and...