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World’s First Hydrogen-Electric Passenger Plane Will Soon Take to the Skies With Zero Pollution

This groundbreaking new design for an emissions-free plane could change the game for the aviation industry.

This New Hyperloop Pod is Set to Whisk Passengers Between Cities at 760mph

We are now one step closer to being able to take ground transportation from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than thirty minutes.

Congress May Soon Put a Stop to Airlines Giving Passengers Less and Less Legroom

Lawmakers are preparing to put their foot down over the ever-shrinking amount of legroom allocated to airplane passengers these days.

Uber Driver Amazed When Passengers Insist on Fixing Her Car, Creating a New Perception of English Sailors

Normally, Uber customers leave the review, but this driver took time to praise three compassionate passengers who insisted on helping her out.

Students Develop One-Passenger Vehicle That Runs On Air

A team of Egyptian college students has designed a vehicle that is powered solely on oxygen. The current prototype can transport 1-person at speeds of...

Bus Driver Stops Route So He Can Help Blind Passenger Maneuver Road Work

A Milwaukee bus driver is being praised for his kindness towards a passenger who was daunted by the obstacle course of orange cones at his bus stop.

Train Passenger Uses a Twitter Post to Help Rescue 26 Girls From Traffickers

An Indian man is being hailed as a hero after his quick-thinking ended up saving two dozen young girls from a nefarious scheme.

15-Year-old Melts the Hearts of Airline Passengers When She Befriends Blind and Deaf Passenger

An airline passenger's Facebook post went viral after Lynette Scribner published a moving photo and story about the kindness of strangers on her most recent flight: She...

Uber Driver Wins Biggest Tip Ever – and it Only Cost the Passenger Five Bucks

The Colorado Uber driver plans on using his fortune to take care of his parents and fix up his car.

NASA Engineer Saves Passenger Jet From Disaster When He Spots Malfunction From Window Seat

This commercial flight could have gone much worse if it had not been for an attentive NASA engineer who loves window seats on planes.

When Flight Attendant Discovers Passenger Has Parkinson’s, He Escorts Her By the Hand to First Class

When asked if he needed help taking care of the passenger, the flight attendant simply said: “I got this.”

Dutch Railway’s Unique Social Media Gives Passengers Second Chances With Their Missed Connections

If you can't stop wondering whether you could have been friends with that stranger you saw on last week's train ride, have no fear – this railway company can help.

Delayed on Runway, Flight Attendant and 2 Passengers Grab Instruments and Start Caroling

The flight was only delayed half an hour, but this musical trio wanted to make sure that passengers were properly entertained anyway.

Watch Airline Passenger Hilariously Bust a Move When Gate Agent Tells Him to Sing

While airports are often sources of frustration with delays, gate changes, and other inconveniences, this guy earned a good medal for altering the mood...

When Passenger Asks to be Left at a Bridge, Uber Driver Intervenes Instead

If it had not been for the quick thinking of this Uber driver, a simple Monday night drive could have ended in tragedy. 41-year-old Chris...

Airplane Passenger Helps Arrest Child Predators After Glancing at Their Text Messages

An anonymous airline passenger is being hailed as a hero after she stopped a potential sexual assault by glancing at a fellow passenger's text...

Plane Passengers Are Left “In Awe” of Woman’s Kindness Towards Agitated Boy With Autism

Many of us have experienced the strain of being on an airplane when a young child starts getting upset – and while most passengers...

Canada Bans Removal of Passengers on Overbooked Planes Unless Diplomacy is Used

Canada has just released a new airline passenger bill of rights that makes it illegal for passengers to be forcibly removed from overbooked domestic...

Delivery Man Brings Pizza to Passenger Aboard Stalled Train

This pizza delivery man must have received a hefty tip after he actually delivered a pie to a stranded train passenger. Logan McHugh was on...

Airline Delights Thousands of Stranded Passengers with Free Pizza

When these Delta passengers couldn’t make their flight, the airline instead decided to treat everyone to a bite. Thunderstorms and tornado warnings caused almost 3,000 flights...