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Houston Praised for Moving 4,100 Homeless Vets to Permanent Housing

Thousands of homeless vets and their families have permanent roofs over their heads in Houston, Texas thanks to an aggressive effort to eliminate veteran...

Homeless Alcoholics Receive a Permanent Place to Live, and Drink

This is a fascinating story about Seattle's solution for the homeless -- and hopeless -- drunks living on the streets: House them. Care for...

First-of-its-Kind Village for Homeless Native Americans Now Houses Dozens in Seattle

Eagle Village is a trailblazing new settlement in Seattle that has been designed by Native Americans for Native Americans—and it already helping dozens.

Austrian Government to Turn Hitler’s Birth Home into Police Station to Deter Neo-Nazi Pilgrims

Legislators are now holding an architectural redesign competition in order to ensure that the building is transformed into a more appropriate civil space.

More Than 200 Homeless Seniors Will Have Tiny Houses of Their Own After Donations Pour In

Hundreds of chronically homeless Texans over the age of 50 will soon have a roof over their heads thanks to the Housing First Community Coalition.

After Homeless Man is Featured on the Front Page, His High School Friends From 1971 Rally to Get Him Off the Street

It has been over 50 years since Coy Featherson met up with his Texas friends from high school—but they’re now helping to turn his entire life around.

Police Officer Captures Breathtaking Video of Homeless Woman Singing Opera in the Los Angeles Subway

This 52-year-old Russian woman now hopes that her newfound internet fame will help her to get off of the streets and into permanent housing.

‘I’m in heaven’: Homeless Man Reunited With Family After 24 Years of Separation, Thanks to Transit Police

After almost a quarter-century of separation, this 61-year-old homeless man has finally been reunited with his daughters in New Jersey.

Homeless Dad Receives Flood of Support After Woman Tried to Facebook Shame Him for Sleeping in McDonalds

A woman's frustrated Facebook post turned out to be a blessing in disguise for a homeless dad who has been struggling to make ends meet.

Despite Being Homeless, High School Valedictorian Graduates With Over $3 Million in College Scholarships

This 17-year-old high school student managed to graduate with over $3 million in college scholarships – and he did it all while dealing with homelessness.

170 Foxes Are Rescued From Fur Farm and Given New Home at a Buddhist Monastery

When the Buddhist monks heard that the foxes needed a new home, they were more than happy to welcome the homeless critters with open arms.

Montreal Turns Iconic Hospital into Shelter for Homeless People and Their Pets So No One Sleeps in the Cold

Montreal's most historic hospital, closed since 2015, has been transformed into a temporary homeless shelter to ensure that no man (nor beast) will be...

Disabled Workers Can Fulfill Their Love of Catering by Controlling Restaurant Robots From Home

This robot café could offer a creative new avenue of income and social interaction to disabled people who can no longer work in a restaurant setting.

Watch Bus Driver Offer Comfort and Resources to Homeless Passenger Escaping the Cold

This is not the first time that Natalie Barnes has helped her passengers – but her kindness recently helped a homeless man into housing.

Community of Tiny Homes Breaks Cycle of Addiction and Homelessness for Single Moms

Homeless single moms are breaking the cycle of addiction and reuniting with their children thanks to a community of tiny homes and the services...

Five Tips On How You Can Help the Homeless This Winter

There are plenty of challenges and obstacles that homeless people must overcome to survive – and it becomes even harder during the upcoming winter months.

Businessman is So Moved By Homeless Man’s Story, He Offers Him a Job On the Spot

This 25-year-old homeless man said that meeting James Minns last week has “changed his life completely”.

Café That Hires and Feeds the Homeless Has Just Built a Village for Their Rough Sleeping Employees

Social Bite has been lifting up Scotland's homeless for the last six years – and this eco-friendly village is just their latest achievement in their quest to end homelessness altogether.

On 4/20, Colorado Boasts Record-breaking Surplus Tax Revenue Used for Education, Homelessness

Since retail marijuana stores started opening up in 2014, Colorado has experienced a boom in tax revenue – and most of it is being used to help “Colorado's most vulnerable citizens”.

Former Hospital Will Soon Treat the Homeless When it Transforms into 60 Housing Units

Today in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a host of community partners gathered to celebrate the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of St. Anthony’s Apartments— 60 units...