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Man Bought School Bus to Rescue Shelter Pets During Hurricanes –He Just Saved 64 During Florence

This heroic trucker is piloting a makeshift Noah's Ark across North and South Carolina so he can save all of the “leftover” pets from Hurricane Florence.

Woman Makes Drug-free Patches That Treat Nausea, Cramps, Vertigo, Hangovers – And Even Car Sick Pets

Ever since she was 8 years old, and both her parents were hospitalized with undiagnosable illnesses, Nicole Burdock has aspired to become a “good...

Electric Shock Collars for Pets to Be Banned in England

The ban is based on evidence that shock collars can drastically worsen behavioral problems in cats and dogs.

When Microchips Fail, Facial Recognition App is Reuniting Pets With Their Owners

The app connects hundreds of pet owners, veterinarians, and shelters together with a database of animal photos.

When Old Dog Won’t Play With Anything But Discontinued Toy, PetSmart Folks Don’t Give Up

Even if it was the same shape and fabric, Jaxon would refuse to play with any toy that was not his green dragon plushie.

Military Couple Helps Care For Pets of Deployed Soldiers (And You Can Too)

Asking the neighbors to feed your dog while you're on vacation for the weekend is one thing – it is quite another thing trying...

Kid Ventriloquist Wins ‘America’s Got Talent’ With Hilarious Singing Puppets

This 12-year-old puppeteer isn't just hilarious – she also has an incredible singing voice that contributed to her recent win on “America's Got Talent”.

Houston Furniture Store Invites Flood Victims and Pets to Shelter on its Mattresses and Sofas

He’s been a Houston fixture, advertising his two furniture stores in Houston for over a third of a century. This week he advertised his...

If You Donate to Feed Homeless Pets, You Can Watch Your Meal Being Served in Real Time

Have you ever felt like you didn't have enough time to volunteer? Do you ever feel like you haven't had enough money to donate...

Nation Finally Outlaws Ownership of Exotic Pets

Keeping cheetahs or lions as pets has long been seen as a sign of status – but now, it will be punishable by extensive fines or jail time.

Woman is Paying All Shelter Adoption Fees Until 2017 So Pets Can Find Forever Homes

This Californian real estate agent doesn't care how much money it takes – she's making sure that every shelter pet has a home for the holidays.

Domestic Violence Shelters Will Soon Be Renovated to Accommodate Pets

Hundreds of domestic violence shelters in the United States aren't fitted for the pets of survivors – but this organization is working to change that.

‘Sleepbus’ Provides Homeless Australians (and Their Pets) a Safe Place to Sleep

A formerly-homeless Australian man is converting a bus into a mobile shelter to provide more than eight-thousand “safe sleeps” per year. Simon Rowe has raised...

Volunteers Go ‘Rogue’, Ignore Police Lines to Rescue Pets Stranded in Fire Zone

When a fast-moving wildfire stranded dozens of pets behind fire lines, a group of Canadian truck hobbyists kicked their compassion into high-gear, and slipped...

Hilarious Photo Series Shows How Pets Look A Lot Like Food

You don't even have to squint your eyes to confuse that labradoodle with fried chicken.

One NYC Soup Kitchen Offers Food To People And Their Pets

Many pet lovers would absolutely feed their pets before themselves if they had to. For the homeless, it’s a choice that often needs to...

New Website Helps People Giving Up Pets to Avoid Shelters, Find Families

Having to give up a beloved pet is an incredibly difficult decision. Fortunately, a new app makes that process a little easier—and keeps animal shelters nationwide from...

New Birth Control For Pets Could Make Spaying And Neutering Obsolete

Expensive and uncomfortable spay and neuter surgery could be a thing of the past thanks to researchers at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech)...

Happy ‘Gotcha’ Day! Celebrates Adopted Pets With Unknown Birthdays

Whenever anyone asks me how old my little Wiley is, I always say, “The rescue folks told us they think he’s between two and...

Retirement Home For Unwanted Senior Pets Offers Love In Final Years

If you’re over the age of ten and you’ve got a tail to wag, then you’ve got a friend at House With A Heart Senior...