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Artists Invite Refugees to Transform Their Prison Shelter into Bright Community of Color

Is it possible to transform a prison, using only paint, into a welcoming space? A creative team in Amsterdam proved it can be done...

Why This Refugee-Owned Falafel House in Tennessee Was Voted the Nicest Place in America

Even though Yassin has received his fair share of discrimination since he came to Tennessee in 2011, he still wants to promote love and kindness for all.

Young Syrian Refugee Rescues Toddler Teetering On the Edge of a Rooftop

The 18-year-old did not hesitate to spring into action when he saw a little boy balancing on a second-story rooftop.

When Student Could Not Find His Calling, He Used Architecture to Build Some Stability for Refugees

As Scott Key was fretting over what he wanted to do with his life after college, he found the answer that he was searching for in an architecture magazine.

‘Humans of New York’ Makes History Raising $1Mil in 4 Days to Build Housing For Rohingya Refugees

The page has become one of the fastest campaigns in GoFundMe history to raise over $1 million for a cause.

Gym Gives Free Lifetime Pass to Refugee Boy Staring Longingly Through the Window

After a boy's heart-wrenching photo went viral on social media, the owner of a local gym became determined to help grant his wish.

Sesame Street Given $100 Million for Targeted Program to Heal Young Syrian Refugees

Thanks to a massive grant, the wisdom of Sesame Street is going to help heal millions of Syrian refugee children who deal with the “toxic stress” of displacement.

MIT Students Design and Donate Special Sleeping Bags to Syrian Refugees

"It's a simple solution to a big problem." Rebecca Linke | MIT News Winter in Syria can be cold. Freezing cold. With over 11 million people displaced...

Clooney’s Foundation to Open 7 Schools for 3,000 Syrian Refugee Children

George and Amal Clooney are making sure that despite the overwhelming obstacles faced by Syrian refugee children overseas, they will have the opportunity to...

Parisian Padlocks of Love Sold to Raise Thousands for Refugees

The padlocks that were once fastened onto the famous Pont Des Arts in Paris are now being sold to new homes as an effort to...

150 Refugees Finally Given Dental Work – For Free

Many of these refugees haven't been able to see a dentist since they got to Canada – but thanks to local volunteers, their smiles have never been brighter.

Teacher Inspires Kids to Draw Breathtaking Portraits of Refugee Kids Instead of Themselves

Art teacher Amy Hall didn't just want to teach her children about portraiture last semester – she wanted to teach them about empathy. That's why...

Watch a Refugee Father Finally Reunite With Family After 4 Years

It had been almost half of a decade since Dyan had seen his wife and two sons. Then a few months ago, he was finally...

Company Develops Shipping Pallet That Can Be Transformed into Sports Equipment for Refugees

With the backdrop of increasingly negative rhetoric and government policy directed at displaced people, this Brooklyn-based company is working to make sure that refugees...

IKEA to Start Selling Homemade Textiles by Refugees

The beloved Swedish furniture company plans to start selling textiles made by refugees, providing over 200 jobs for displaced individuals by 2019. The workers will...

Neighbors Cover Lawn of Refugee School with Loving Signs (LOOK)

This Georgian community is making sure that their young refugee neighbors aren't scared away by the nation's current political status.   The International Community School in Atlanta is...

These Logs of Coffee Grounds Are a Lifeline for Encamped Refugees

Instead of throwing out the grounds leftover from morning pots of coffee, these University of Toronto students are turning them into a valuable resource...

Oregon Man Rebuilds Furniture and Better Future For Refugees

Refugees fleeing the destructive war plaguing their homeland already have to undergo a strenuous admissions process in order to seek asylum in the United...

Kansas Churchgoers Hold Candlelit Vigil For Targeted Refugee Families

This Kansas community won't be intimidated by domestic terrorists or fear – in fact, they have stood in the face of division with a...

Hero Refugees Capture Bomb Suspect When Police Couldn’t

Where the German police had failed to catch a fugitive planning on orchestrating another bombing, these heroic refugees succeeded.