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Sweet Sustainability: Sugar Cane Waste is Fuel of the Future?

This exciting new research has proven that sugarcane can be genetically engineered to produce oil in its leaves and stems for biodiesel production. Surprisingly,...

Supermarket Gives Surplus Sugar to Hungry Honeybees

UK supermarket Tesco has already impressed shoppers by giving all their unsold produce to charity, investing in solar, and accommodating disabled shoppers – and now they're adding...

Nestlé Discovered How to Slash Sugar Content in Chocolate by 40% Without Changing Taste

Starting in 2018, this candy company will have just as many tasty treats – but with only a fraction of the usual amount of sugar.

Mexico’s Sugary Beverage Tax Likely to Reduce Diabetes, Health Costs

The national 10% tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) in Mexico is projected to have a substantial impact on the burden of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases,...

Sweet Enzyme Discovered Can Actually Break Down Harmful Effects of Sugar

A delicious discovery could let you indulge your sweet tooth more often in the future without worrying so much about the negative effects on...

Burger King Pulls Sugary Soda from Kids’ Menu

After years of pressure to stop marketing sugary sodas to children, Burger King has announced that it will be removing all soda pop products...

Still Eating Yoplait? General Mills Has Cut the Sugar by 25%

The American yogurt culture, so to speak, has greatly benefited from the overwhelming trend toward healthier Greek brands in the past decade. But, if...

How Hummingbirds Evolved With Odd Taste for Sugar

Hummingbirds are the only birds that feed on sweet nectar, but like all other birds, they lack sweet-taste receptors on their palates and long tongues. So how did...
Battery powered by sugar-VATechPhoto

Sugar Battery May Offer Green-powered Gadgets Within 3 Years

A Virginia Tech research team has created a battery that runs on sugar and has an unmatched energy density for long-lasting power. The development...

Sale of Sugar Company Land Turning Point for Everglades Restoration

Florida's governor last week announced the details of the largest environmental acquisition in state history, a $1.7 billion buyout of 187,000 acres of farmland...

Bid Your Inner Bitch Bye-Bye: 7 Tips to Squash Your Sugar Habit

Are you often overcome with an urge to splurge on candy, cookies, and chips – and then afterwards do you become an argumentative Sugar...

Brazil Fueling 1 Million Cars on Sugarcane

Latin America’s largest country, Brazil, is the world’s biggest producer of bio-ethanol and 1 million Brazilian cars already run on the fuel made from...

Student Treks to Yellowstone and Finds Bacteria That Eats Pollution and ‘Breathes’ Electricity

A determined young student has made an exciting new discovery after he embarked on a strenuous 7-mile walk into the wilderness of Yellowstone National...

Internet-Famous ‘Crying Kid’ Proudly Agrees to Resuscitate His Notoriety for Charity Instead of Financial Gain

Rather than feeling shy about appearing in the limelight once more, this 14-year-old is using his iconic face to benefit two different charities.

Largest U.S. Public School System to Fight Climate Change With ‘Meatless Mondays’

The largest public school system in the US will soon begin offering free, healthy vegetarian meals in their 1,800 schools every Monday.

When Teacher Sees Boy Cycling Down the Highway, She Turns Around and Helps to Save His Dad’s Life

It's a good thing that Keller Sutherland was in the right place at the right time on the highway last week.

Diabetes Patients May Soon Be Able to Say Goodbye to Needles, Thanks to These Capsules From MIT

Insulin shots may soon be a thing of the past now that MIT researchers have developed an oral capsule to deliver insulin.

The Science of Kindness: Biology Proves How We Are All Connected

This installment of the Science of Kindness is reprinted with permission from Envision Kindness. In my exploration of how kindness connects people, it has become pretty...

‘For the First Time’, Researchers Use Healthy Stem Cells for Future Type 1 Diabetes Cure

Researchers have made a major breakthrough in developing a cure for type 1 diabetes – and human trials are set to begin soon.

Tanzania is Finally Protecting its ‘Globally Unique’ Endangered Rainforest After 40 Years of Research

After almost 40 years of research and rallying conservation efforts, this invaluable hotspot for biodiversity is finally being protected.