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Man Bought School Bus to Rescue Shelter Pets During Hurricanes –He Just Saved 64 During Florence

This heroic trucker is piloting a makeshift Noah's Ark across North and South Carolina so he can save all of the “leftover” pets from Hurricane Florence.

Amazon’s Bezos Makes Small Amends, Gives $2 Billion to Help Homeless Families and Create Free Preschools

With recent cuts to government preschool program Head Start, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has devoted $2 billion to benefit homeless families and education.

James Patterson Donates Heaps of Cash to School Classrooms—and Now He’s Donating $2Mil More

The best-selling novelist hopes that his donations will help encourage American students to fall in love with reading the same way that he did.

Banker Picks Up College Tuition for School’s Entire Graduating Class… Again

The self-made success hopes to share his good fortune with youngsters who may not be enjoying as much financial or educational security.

After 77-Game Losing Streak, Watch High School Team’s Reaction to Finally Winning

It's been a long time since this high school community got to celebrate a victory – but after almost a decade of losses, they finally won.

How to Get Back to a Normal Sleep Schedule for Back-to-School Parents and Kids

Contrary to what you might think, technology may be extremely helpful for getting your kid's sleep schedule back on track.

Back to School Tips for Gals on the Go: How to Take Care of Yourself and Stay Productive

These tips and tricks are handy for any young lady who is headed to college this month.

Top School of Medicine is Now Paying Tuition for All of Its Med Students

The NYU School of Medicine just announced that it is offering full-tuition scholarships to all current and future students in its MD degree program...

Anonymous Woman Just Gave $100 to Every Teacher in Her District So They Could Buy School Supplies

The woman said that she wanted to thank the teachers for their hard work and show them that someone had their back for the school year ahead.

When Teacher Posts Plea for More Sick Days, School Staffers From Across the Country Donate Theirs

When a Florida educator was in need of help, his fellow teachers did not hesitate to flood his inbox with offers of support.

France Just Banned Smartphone Use in Schools

In a landslide vote, young students will now have to either keep their cell phones at home or keep them switched off during the school day.

Florist Sends Bouquets of Flowers to Every Single Staffer at Local School to Welcome Them Back

The florist had been tirelessly working for days in order to get the arrangements ready for the start of the school year.

Blue Man Group Co-Founder Uses Same Script Applied at His New School: Fun is #1

Academics can only go so far in facilitating “aha!” moments in young minds – which is why this former Blue Man started his own school.

Schwarzenegger Uses Tank He Drove in Austria to Give Kids Another Motive to Stay in School

Arnold Schwarzenegger is helping childhood dreams come true by encouraging kids to stay in school with his 50-ton tank. When the bodybuilder served in the Austrian...

India Adds a New Class to Curriculum at 1,000 Schools: How to Be Happy

With such high rates of stress and anxiety amongst young students, legislators hope the classes will help the kids live mindfully and happily.

One Month After Med School, He Was the Only Doctor Aboard Overseas Flight to Save Woman’s Life

Dean LaBarba had only finished with school one month before his skills were put to the test on a 12-hour flight over the Atlantic Ocean.

Two US States Have Become the First to Require Mental Health Education in School

One of the bills was developed, researched and presented by high school students, too.

This School Banned Cell Phones—and Everyone is Happy That They Did

It has been four years since this French school banned the use of cell phones – and while some people might have expected negative...

Denver Schools Are Ensuring That No Kids Go Hungry By Offering Free Meals Over the Summer

The program isn't just feeding Denver school children, either.

Dog Runs Up to His Best Friend Every Day After School and His Excitement is Contagious

A dog is a man's best friend, and every boy's too—especially in this case. Henrique Muraro is only 6 years old, but his immediate bond...