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Chobani Donates $85,000 to Pay Off Student Lunch Debt of Yet Another Thankful School District

When Chobani discovered that there was a mountain of school lunch debt that had accumulated in their own backyard, they donated thousands to pay it off.

Teacher Brings Clippers to School So He Can Offer Free Haircuts to Fifth Graders Before ‘Graduation’

This fifth grade teacher had an inkling that some of his students would want to clean up their hair before attending the school's “Moving On Ceremony”.

Non-Verbal High School Student Makes History By Giving Stunning Graduation Speech With Voice Tech

A non-verbal high school student delivered an awe-inspiring commencement speech earlier this week using speech software he programmed in class.

School Gives Students Credit for Physical Education Class When They Do Yard Work for Seniors and the Disabled

Not only has the yard work been beneficial to the homeowners who can't mow their own lawns – it has also had a tremendous impact on the students as well.

An Entire School Started Learning Sign Language to Welcome Their First Ever Deaf Student

The students at this elementary school in Maine have begun learning sign language in order to welcome 6-year-old Morie Belanger to their ranks.

Inspired By High School Book, Scientists Create Rose-Shaped Water Purifier That Only Costs 2 Cents to Make

Scientists have created a cheap, portable water purifier that is modeled after the shape of a rose thanks to some poetic inspiration from Alexandre Dumas.

Barbershop Rallied to Pay It Forward By Helping to Pay Off Debts of High Schoolers So They Could Graduate

After a billionaire commencement speaker announced that he would be paying off the student debt of an entire class of college graduates, this barbershop...

When Classmate Was Preparing for Heart Surgery, His Entire School Showed Up to Cheer Him On

Before this 9-year-old boy was set to undergo a heart transplant, his entire school took to the streets in order to encourage him before the operation.

This Clever Little School Has Been Requiring Students to Pay for Tuition With Plastic Waste Instead of Money

Rather than forcing children to pay for an education, this school asked their students to collect plastic waste from around their homes and communities.

Despite Being Homeless, High School Valedictorian Graduates With Over $3 Million in College Scholarships

This 17-year-old high school student managed to graduate with over $3 million in college scholarships – and he did it all while dealing with homelessness.

After Resolving to Make a Change, High School Student Lost 115 Pounds By Walking to School Every Day

The high school senior now hopes that his story of transformation will inspire others to take similar action in their own lives.

With School District Struggling Against $77,000 in Student Lunch Debt, Chobani CEO Offers to Lend a Hand

Chobani is not just responsible for making delicious yogurt – they're also stepping forward to ensure that Rhode Island students are properly fed.

64 Years After Riots Drove Her Out of School, University Honors First Black Student to Ever Enroll

This civil rights trailblazer is now being honored by the very same university that expelled her for the riots that ensued over her enrollment in 1956.

Woman Picks Up Restaurant Tab for 11 High School Prom-Goers: ‘You are beautiful inside and out’

A group of high school students had a prom night that they will never forget thanks to a random act of kindness from a stranger.

High School Performance of ‘Alien’ is So Impressive, Hollywood Stars Surprises Students at Next Show

Despite a tiny high school budget, students did such a realistic job bringing the film ALIEN to life that Hollywood showed up to see it, and Ridley Scott sent money.

High School Performance of ‘Alien’ So Impressive, Sigourney Weaver Surprises Students at Second Show

Despite having starred in the original movie, Sigourney Weaver was visibly floored by the New Jersey high school performance.

Rather Than Close Their Doors, South Korean School Fills Classrooms With Illiterate Older Women

With national birth rates continuing to fall, one South Korean elementary school has come up with a clever way to keep their doors open...

Hundreds of High School Graduates May Soon Be Wearing Caps and Gowns Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles

A new conservational campaign in the city of Atlanta could result in hundreds of high school graduates walking across the stage in recycled caps and gowns.

High School Kids Praise Anonymous Man Who Paid for Their Dinner With One Specific Condition

A group of teenagers had a particularly memorable prom night after an anonymous man offered to pay for their dinner with a simple stipulation.

After His Old High School Teacher Got a Flat Tire on Her Way to Mass, NFL Player Came to Her Rescue

This compassionate NFL linebacker isn't just a professional athlete on the field – he is apparently also a Good Samaritan to people in need.