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Soccer Star Helps to Launch ‘World’s Largest Inclusive School’ for Disabled Children to Be Students and Teachers

The Brazilian athlete hopes that the ‘school’ will raise awareness about the lack of educational opportunities made available to special needs kids.

Chelsea Soccer Club to Fight Antisemitism by Offering Education at Auschwitz for Racist Fans, Rather Than Bans

As a means of personally combatting antisemitism amongst their fans, the powerful Chelsea football club in England will be offering their fans an alternative...

Soccer Club Writes Lovely Letter to Depressed Fan After Seeing Social Media Comments Take a Turn

A small soccer club is being hailed for reaching out to one of their loyal fans after they noticed that his social media presence...

Weekend Funnies: Cat Delights in Being His Human’s Soccer Ball

This ball of fur must have gone from watching soccer games to wanting to be part of the action—though no athleticism is involved. A man...

World’s First Soccer Pitch at a Subway Stop Brings Joyful Exercise to Underserved People

Since the free soccer field is on top of the station, it makes the sport more accessible to low-income residents who can't afford to drive a car or pay field fees.

Men on Norway’s Soccer Team Take Wage Cut So Women Players Earn Equal Pay (They Already Win More)

The Norwegian men's national soccer team just took a major pay cut so their female counterparts could be paid the same amount. Up until this...

Teen Spots Scared Owl Tangled in Soccer Net But Is Able to Cut the Bird Free

Blake Milliken went to the school's soccer field to kick a ball around with his friends. Instead, he became a hero to an owl in distress.

Boy Forwards Money He Found to Soccer Player Because ‘We Can’t Keep What’s Not Ours’

A noble young soccer fan refused to keep a £5 note he found because “we can't keep what is not ours” – so, he gave it to his soccer hero instead.

When Boy Donates Prized Jersey For Puerto Rico Relief, Soccer Hero Responds in Kind

This 7-year-old donated his most prized possession to raise money for Puerto Rico – and he managed to impress his soccer hero in the process.

Persistent Pup Scores Job and Adoration After Charging into Soccer Game For Fetch

When this persistent pup charged onto a soccer field mid-game, she not only inspired her team to win the match – her interruption also...

Watch Hero Soccer Player Save Opposing Goalie From Choking

The Czech First League league game on Sunday may have ended in disaster if it weren't for one of the team's quick-thinking strikers saving an...

These Zoo Animals Get a Surprising Kick Out of Playing Soccer (WATCH)

Though these zoo animals would have had to worry about survival in the wild, they get just as active when attacking a vicious soccer...

Soccer Superstar Helps Save Dozens of Dogs With the Stroke of a Pen

Cristiano Ronaldo, the golden boy forward player of the Portugal national team, just saved a financially struggling animal shelter with a simple signature.

Soccer Fans Spread Compassion Following Disastrous Plane Crash

A wave of solidarity and sportsmanship has swept through the world of professional football days after a plane accident killed nearly the entire Brazilian...

Watch A-League Soccer Player Stop Game to Rescue Felled Seagull

After the unlucky bird was struck by a low-flying ball pass, Danny Vukovic dashed to the injured gull's side and stopped gameplay.

Watch the Barcelona Youth Soccer Team Console the Losing Japanese

They may all be spectacular soccer players, but they're still only kids – very, very kind-hearted kids, at that.

Jewish and Arab Children Stir Up Peace With Friendly Soccer Game

These kids from opposing communities became friendly competitors during a peace-driven soccer game organized in Brazil.

Watch Volunteer Firefighters Rescue a Wild Fox Stuck In Soccer Net

Somehow a small wild fox got stuck in a soccer net in a Pennsylvania park. Luckily these firefighters understood ‘what the fox says.’

Cops Join Kids for Soccer Matches Instead of Chasing Them Off the Field

When someone called the police to make kids stop playing on a patch of green space and go inside, the cops responded — and...

Mighty Oak in Midst of Soccer Field Named Best European Tree

A towering oak tree in the middle of a grassy soccer field in Estonia was named European Tree of the Year after 200,000 people...