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Woman Has Been Feeding Hungry Swans Every Day for the Last 10 Years After Dam Was Installed

Every day rain or shine, this 70-year-old grandma has doled out specialized bird seed to a flock of swans residing at an English pond.

Hillary Swank Steps Up to Save Tiny Pups Left at a Shelter

These babies may not have cost a million dollars, but they're sure worth a lot to Oscar award-winning actress Hillary Swank. Two golden retriever pups...

The Heartwarming Moment When This Swan Was Reunited With Its Rescuer

Even though the two had been separated for years, this swan didn't forget the loving arms of its rescuer.

Bridesmaid Marches into the Water to Save Gosling Being Drowned By a Swan

The lake water may have ruined her gown but it's a small price to pay for the life of an adorable baby bird.

Dutch Man Leads Dehydrated Swan Family to Pond (Photo)

A 63-year-old Dutch man was surprised but worried when he awoke Thursday morning to find a family of nine swans drinking from the ditch. A...
swans on highway-newsvid

Trucker Helps Injured Swan on New Jersey Turnpike (Video)

An animal-loving truck driver pulled his trailer off the road so he could help  an injured swan and her mate facing down traffic on...
African mother baby-by UNFPA Sawiche Wamunza

Botswana High Court Makes History: Allows Women to Inherit Family Home

The Botswana High Court overturned a customary law which prevented women from inheriting the family home, calling it  “an unacceptable system of male domination." 65...
The Swan Master, by

Britain’s Annual Swan Count on River Thames Squawks with Pageantry, Conservation

Clad in red-and-white outfits emblazoned with the royal livery, palace boatmen embarked on their annual five-day journey up the River Thames to count the...
white rhino photo by Enaud Fulconis -

Glimmer of Hope for Botswana’s Rhinos

Africa's white rhinos were driven to the brink of extinction in the early 20th century as poachers hunted the animal for its horn. A...

Swan Family Ushered Through City Traffic

What would pedestrians do if they saw a swan family with cygnets trying to cross a busy street? Get off the sidewalk and direct...
white rhino photo by Enaud Fulconis -

Glimmer of Hope for Botswana’s Decimated Rhino Population

Africa's white rhinos were driven to the brink of extinction in the early 20th century as poachers hunted the animal for its horn. A...
sky reflection Yellowstone stream-Horiz-MaryErickson

Swans Follow Plane to Learn Migration Route

The Trumpeter Swan, native to the Atlantic seaboard for thousands of years, was killed by settlers in such numbers that by 1932 only 69...

Good News in History, July 11

50 years ago today, David Bowie released his renown single Space Oddity. A song about the maiden launch of an astronaut named Major Tom,...

The Animal Kingdom’s Top 10 Best Dads for Father’s Day

The award for the best father in the animal kingdom goes to… the Humboldt penguin. It’s Father’s Day today, and time to give praise to...

Good News in History, May 30

140 years ago today, Madison Square Garden first opened in an arena in New York City. Seating 10,000 spectators, the iconic venue back then...

Good News in History, May 7

100 years ago today, Eva Perón, the First Lady of Argentina beloved by millions as a champion of the poor, was born. Impoverished as...

How the Healing Properties of Irish Soil Apparently Hold the Key to Fighting Superbug Health Threat

A team of researchers has discovered that there may be more truth to Irish folklore than scientists give it credit for.

Good News in History, March 4

90 years ago today, Charles Curtis became first Native-American Vice President of the United States. A Kansas attorney and the Republican leader of the U.S....

Near-Death Experience Inspires Inventor to Create Wetsuit That Allows the Disabled to Swim Once More

A California surfer was trapped beneath the ocean waves when he first got the idea for a wetsuit that would help dozens of people swim once more.

Good News in History, February 12

95 years ago today, George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, a mix of classical music with modern effects written for piano and jazz band, premiered...