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McDonalds is Turning Dozens of Roadside Billboards into ’Bee Hotels’ in Sweden

McDonalds has started transforming dozens of unused roadside billboards and signs into housing structures for honeybees in Sweden.

Sweden to Reach Its 2030 Renewable Energy Goal This Year!

An exciting new report shows that Sweden has installed so much wind power, the country is now 12 years ahead of schedule for its...

World’s First ‘Mental Health Ambulance’ is Helping Hundreds of People in Sweden

While law enforcement officers are usually the ones to respond to mental health calls, this team of specially-trained paramedics are coming to the rescue instead.

Sweden Opens World’s First Mall for Repaired and Recycled Goods

A new generation of recycling has now emerged from local drop-off centers into an entire shopping mall that sells only repaired or upcycled products. The...

Tourists Fly Beggar From Scotland to Their Home in Sweden for Christmas

This formerly homeless man who was begging in Edinburgh was given a home for Christmas thanks to two kind-hearted tourists who had gotten lost in...

Penniless Artist in India Falls in Love, Rides Bike to Sweden to Be With Her

It has all the makings of a Bollywood movie: a man from the lowly “untouchable” caste falls in love with a princess. But this...

An Amazing Thank-You Sent to Blood Donors in Sweden is Just Perfect

A simple gesture is having a huge charitable impact, causing more people to sign up to give blood in Stockholm, Sweden. And everyone is...
Swedish flag by seemann -CC via Morguefile

Five Economic Lessons from Sweden, the Rock Star of the Recovery

Almost every developed nation in the world was hit by the financial crisis. Their economies became paralyzed. And then there’s Sweden. The Scandinavian nation has...

Sweden Helps South Korea Convert Food Waste into Biogas

The South Korean city of Ulsan has allowed water generated from processing food waste to run off into the ocean, which can generate methane...

Sweden Approves Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

A broad majority in the Swedish parliament Wednesday approved adoption of same-sex marriage legislation after a six-hour debate. Six of the seven parties...

Kid-friendly Sweden Aims to Better Families With Parenting Classes

Already considered one of the best countries for raising children, Sweden aims to better its record by offering even more classes to help mums...

Sweden, Iceland Say Yes to NO OIL

Thanks to Lisa D. for submitting this story she found in a recent edition of Positive News magazine in the UK: By...

Dog Ownership Associated With Longer Life—Especially Among Heart Attack and Stroke Survivors

Owning a dog was linked to a 33% lower risk of early death for heart attack survivors and a 27% reduced risk for stroke survivors.

Google is Making the Largest Corporate Purchase of Renewable Energy, Investing $2 Billion

In what is being hailed as the largest corporate purchase of renewable energy infrastructure, Google has just announced that they will be spending $2...

Good News in History, September 11

On this day 22 years ago, the Mars Global Surveyor reached its destination—a stable orbit around the red planet. NASA’s robotic spacecraft traveled nearly...

Good News in History, July 14

50 years ago today, the seminal counter-culture film Easy Rider was released in theaters. Peter Fonda co-wrote the script and co-starred with Dennis Hopper...

Good News in History, July 7

On this day 35 years ago, Bruce Springsteen went to No.1 on the US album chart with Born In The U.S.A. Released four weeks...

Massive Study Shows That Two Hours a Week is Key Dose of Nature for Health Benefits

This massive new English study has identified the perfect amount of time that people should spend outdoors in order to properly absorb all of its benefits.

Instead of Paying for Kayak Rental, You Can Paddle These European Waterways for Free By Picking Up Trash

You can now paddle for two hours along dozens of European lakes and rivers for free – and all you have to do is collect floating garbage along the way.

Germany Debuts First Overhead Power Lines for Keeping Electric Trucks Charged on the Highway

This new stretch of highway is equipped with power lines that can charge electric trucks – and it could save tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.