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When Woman’s Car Fails and She Can’t Afford a Tow, Canadian Teens Push it 4 Miles to Get Her Home

Three teenage boys in Ontario pushed a stranger's car for four miles in the middle of the night just to help a stranger who had no money for a tow.

Despite Being Homeless and Illiterate as a Teen, Man Now Makes Thousands Creating ‘Backyard Beaches’

Success rarely comes without struggle – but for people who have worked as hard as Eric White, they know that the reward is worth...

Four Teenage Boys Rushed to Burning Home to Save 90-Year-old Neighbor Trapped Inside

Four teenage boys leapt into action so they could save the life of their 90-year-old neighbor after her house caught on fire last month.

Teen Praised for Going ‘Above and Beyond’ to Help Little Girl With Autism Experiencing Sensory Overload

A young shoe store employee is being praised for his patience and compassion after he helped a distraught customer and her daughter who has autism.

When Sick Teen Needed Stable Housing to Get a Kidney, His Math Teacher Welcomed Him Home

Since this teacher has welcomed one of his students into his home, the teen will now be eligible for the kidney transplant list.

Watch the ‘Magical’ Moment Epileptic Teen is Surprised With Her Own Therapy Dog for Her Birthday

This video of a 15-year-old teenager being surprised with her own therapy dog may be the purest thing on the internet today.

Teen Girls Have Raised Over $1.5 Million for Clean Water Simply By Embracing Their Love of Origami

Thousands of people around the world now have clean water thanks to two teen girls who love the ancient art of origami.

As Disabled Man Frantically Wheels Himself Home Before Tornado, Teen Hops Out of His Car to Help

Rather than driving past a disabled man in a wheelchair, this trepidatious teen insisted on pushing him all the way to safety.

Determined Teen Siblings Who’ve Turned 15,000 Pounds of Food Waste into Compost Awarded Thousands to Continue

This dynamic young duo has saved thousands of pounds of food waste from ending up in landfills – and soon they'll be saving even more.

Shaquille O’Neal Gives Teen 10 Pairs of New Size 18 Shoes to Pay Forward Childhood Good Deed

When Shaq was in high school, a shoe store owner gave him a free pair of size 18 loafers for prom – and now, the NBA legend is paying the good deed forward.

Teen Swimmers Drifting in the Ocean Prayed for Help – And Suddenly are Rescued by Boat Named ‘Amen’

A pair of desperate young swimmers were rescued from the sea just in the nick of time thanks to an aptly-named boat. Tyler Smith and...

Hear How Man Gave Up High-Paying Job, His Car and House, to Work With Homeless Teens–And He Couldn’t Be Happier

Man quit his job, gave his car away, and let go of his snazzy apartment—all to work with homeless teen boys—and years later, he couldn't be happier.

Judge Sentences Teen Vandals to Reading Books About Racism – and It Apparently Worked

Rather than punishing a group of juveniles for a racist act of vandalism, this compassionate judge wanted them to understand the error of their...

Five Teenage Boys Are Being Praised for Stopping Their Car to Help Fallen Senior and Clean His Wounds

Five young men are being hailed as heroes after they came to the rescue of an elderly man who had fallen onto the sidewalk.

Watch the Heartwarming Results of Teen Skaters Befriending 5-Year-old Boy With Autism on His Birthday

In this heartwarming series of videos, a group of teens can be seen befriending a 5-year-old birthday boy with autism at a local skate park.

Homeless Man Gets Housing and Work Thanks to Teen Girl Who Saw His Plea for a Job at a Bus Stop

A 37-year-old homeless man has been given a new lease on life thanks to a teenage girl who was moved to action by his “Work Wanted” sign at the bus stop.

After Saving Money for Two Years, Teen Finally Gets to Surprise His Friend With New Electric Wheelchair

This teenager has been squirreling away all of his paychecks from the last two years so he could buy his friend a new motorized wheelchair.

Watch Teens Pull Off Incredible Ski Lift Rescue of Boy Dangling 20 Feet in the Air

When this 8-year-old boy was hanging onto his father from a ski lift 20 feet in the air, a group of teens launched a rescue mission from the ground.

Mother and Daughter Are Saved From Teetering Car Thanks to a Teen’s Snapchat App

A mother-daughter dup were rescued from their precariously perched car thanks to a family friend's photo-sharing cell phone app.

Teen’s Astounding Basketball Shot Just Went Viral With a Swish of the Net Right at the Buzzer (Watch)

This special needs student is winning hearts across social media after he sank an astounding half-court shot right at the third-quarter buzzer.