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Two Patients Make History After Essentially Being Cured of HIV Using Stem Cell Transplant

It has been a little over 12 years since a Berlin man became the first patient to ever be cured of HIV – and now, two more patients may have joined him.

‘Game-Changing’ Approval of Liver Transplant Procedure Expected to Halve the Waiting List

After its successful assessment and approval, this “ground-breaking” procedure is expected to halve the amount of people waiting for liver transplants.

After Stem Cell Transplant, Man With MS Able to Walk and Dance for First Time in 10 Years

The treatment has completely changed Roy Palmer's life – and he is sure to appreciate every single one of his new abilities.

Lab-Grown Lungs Successfully Transplanted into Living Animals Without Any Complications

With proper funding, the team believes they could be growing lungs for transplant patients much sooner than expected.

First Ever Successful Transplant of Male Genitals Restores Function, Confidence for Wounded Vet

Many veterans will inevitably return home from war with the emotional and physical scars of their service – and some of these injuries are...

Scientists May Soon Be Able to Give Transplant Patients 3D Artificial Hearts

Scientists have harnessed the use of 3D printing in order to create a silicone heart that works just like a human’s. Different from the current...

Baby Receives Rare Lifeline After Being Put on Transplant List

Daniel was given months to live – and with thousands of children not being able to survive long enough to find a donor, he was given a rare second chance.

Boy Throws Opening Pitch at Baseball Game 1 Year After Double Hand Transplant (WATCH)

If this kid wasn't inspiring enough as the first child to receive a bilateral hand-transplant, check out his opening pitch at this Baltimore Oriole's Game.

69-Year-old Gives Up Liver Transplant To Save Stranger’s Life

Even though she'd been on the transplant list for over a year, Brenda Jones didn't mind waiting a big longer if it meant saving a life.

Brazil Rights a Wrong, Devotes Military Plane to Organ Transplants

After public outcry following a media investigation, Brazil's interim President instructed the Air Force to provide a plane exclusively for transporting organs.

After Matching on Tinder, She Learns She’s a Perfect Match for Transplant

These two women didn’t know just how perfect a match they were when they first met on Tinder. But Alana Duran’s girlfriend, Lori Interlicchio, found...

New Procedure Allows Kidney Transplants From Any Donor

Tens of thousands of patients languish on the organ donor waiting lists–and may wait forever because their immune systems will reject any transplanted organ...

Dying Baby Gets Last Minute “Miracle” Heart Transplant (WATCH)

A seven-month-old baby received a miracle heart transplant at literally the last second — saving his life, and promising a steady recovery. Lincoln Seay was...

Record Number of 2015 Organ Transplants is ‘Testament to Generosity of Americans’

Organ transplants performed in the United States for the first time exceeded 30,000 in a single year, according to a report from the branch...

Paralyzed Man Walks Again After Breakthrough Cell Transplant

A Polish man who was paralyzed from the chest down following a knife attack can now use a walker after receiving a pioneering transplant treatment...

The First Ever Baby Born to a Woman After Uterus Transplant

In a historic first, a baby was born to a woman after she received a womb transplant from a post-menopausal donor, the successful outcome...

Toronto Hospital Celebrates 30th Anniversary of the First Successful Lung Transplant

In 1983, Tom Hall was the 45th patient in the world to receive a lung transplant, but the first ever to survive more than...
Surgeon and little boy-Robert Maddox-Mayo Clinic photo

9-Year-Old With Swine Flu Gets Once- Impossible Kidney Transplant

A 9-year-old boy whose tiny body was ravaged by swine flu during the 2009 outbreak is recovering from a much-needed but once-impossible kidney transplant. Robert...
Newlywed burn victims - family photo

After Losing His Face, Transplant Recipient Weds Fellow Burn Victim

Dallas Wiens lost nearly all of his facial features following a terrible accident with a power line in 2008. After becoming the first American...
wheelchair amputee with doctors - Johns Hopkins photo by Keith Weller

War Amputee Flashes New Limbs After Historic Double Arm Transplant

A quadruple-amputee GI from Staten Island proudly showed off his two newly transplanted arms yesterday by using them to push his wheelchair into a...