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Australia is Creating Renewable Energy Faster Than Other Countries and They’re Planting 1 Billion Trees to Boot

With every passing year, Australia is reportedly adding more renewable energy per person than any other country in the world.

NASA Happily Reports the Earth is Greener, With More Trees Than 20 Years Ago–and It’s Thanks to China, India

This heartening reserach from the last 20 years has spurred NASA researchers to encourage optimism for humanity's future on Earth.

Island on the Brink of Disaster Plants Thousands of Trees and is Now a Poster Kid for Adapting to Climate Change

This little island has not only recovered from the brink of disaster – their conservation efforts are now helping them to thrive.

Want to Fight Air Pollution? New Study Says Planting Hedges is More Effective Than Planting Trees

If you want to protect your lungs from nearby road pollution, new research says you should be planting some hedges as the most effective...

Elementary Schoolers Are Sending Hundreds of Christmas Trees to US Troops Stationed Around the World

Between studying for tests and finishing some last-minute projects, these fifth-grade students are sending 600 donated Christmas trees to service members who will be...

After Dedicating 16 Years of His Life to Mangroves, Man Has Helped to Plant 2 Million Trees

The “Mangrove Master” has spent the last 16 years protecting mangrove forests – and his efforts have helped to plant roughly 2 million trees.

German 12-Year-old Boy Plants 1Million Trees, Takes Over UN Program to Plant a Trillion More

The world is a lot greener thanks to this 20-year-old and his army of “climate ambassadors” who have pledged to plant trees and use...

People Have Passively Planted Over 30 Million Trees Simply by Surfing the Web

Millions of people are helping to save the planet without leaving the comfort of their computer chairs – and you can too.

City Gives Trees Email Addresses So Folks Can Report Problems, But They Send Love Letters Instead

What would you say to your favorite tree? Well, the people of Melbourne, Australia took the time to email their thoughts to some of the...

Man Keeps Kids From Chopping Trees, Puts Them Into School, and Saves Environment at the Same Time

Jean Bosco may have grown up in a home without electricity or running water, but that did not stop him from using his high school education to do great things for his country.

Teen Plants Hundreds of Mangroves to Replace Trees Trampled by Hurricane Irma

This 18-year-old was heartbroken by the amount of mangroves that were damaged in Hurricane Irma – so he decided to do something about it.

This Pollution-Gobbling City Bench Can Absorb as Many Toxins as 275 Trees

The CityTree is so much more than just a park bench – and it has already been installed in five major cities.

China is Reassigning 60,000 Troops to Plant Trees

Instead of patrolling the icy northern border, thousands of troops are being moved inland to help reforest the nation with over 84,000 square kilometers of greenery.

Watch Elephants and Lions Frolicking on Donated Leftover Christmas Trees

All of these Christmas trees that weren't able to find proper homes for the holidays will be used to delight elephants, lions, and wildlife instead.

Volunteers Give Away 1,500 Christmas Trees, Set Up Dozens More For Homeless

PJ Simiens and his friends wanted to make sure that families and homeless individuals who were affected by Hurricane Harvey can still have some Yuletide cheer in their lives.

Guys Have Rescued Over 2,000 Cats From Trees Because They ‘Just Love Cats’

It's not just a stereotype – cats will often risk one of their nine lives getting stuck up in a tree. Luckily, there are...

Planting Positive Change With 73 Million More Trees in Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is about to get a big breath of fresh air. In the world's largest tropical reforestation project, conservations are going to reforest...

New Zealand Government Announces Plan to Plant 1 Billion Trees, Get to Zero Emissions

The government of New Zealand has just unveiled an ambitious set of environmental policies that are destined to take an aggressive stance against climate...

Man Was Colorblind For 50 Yrs, Bursts into Tears Seeing Trees in Color For First Time

This 50-year-old had gone his whole life without seeing most colors – until now, that is.

India Plants Record-breaking 66 Million Trees in 12 Hours

The nation of India has just broken their own world record by planting 66 million trees in just 12 short hours. Over 1.5 million volunteers...