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Felix Finkbeiner with UN official Kofi Anon

Boy Addresses the United Nations at Age 13

It's not every day that a 13-year-old boy gets a chance to address the United Nations General Assembly. But Felix Finkbeiner is no ordinary...

Five Ways the United Nations is Saving People and the Planet

In 1997, the owner of Cable News Network, Ted Turner, shocked the world when he handed over a billion dollars to the United Nations....

Nine Reasons to Love the United Nations

The Nations of the world can gather this week with pride on the occasion of the 63rd session of the General Assembly of the...

The Top 30 Destinations Americans Want to Visit on a Road Trip, And What They Most Want to Bring

Not only are American road trips still popular, but some of the most sought-after destinations are national parks and monuments in the Southwest.

More Than 200 Nations Promise to Stop Ocean Plastic Waste

The U.N. resolution spurred 39 different governments to pass legislation that would help eliminate plastic pollution from the ocean.

170 Nations Celebrate A Pledge to Eliminate Super Harmful Greenhouse Gas

Countries big, small, wealthy, and poor have just signed an agreement that could save the planet from 70 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

One of the Poorest Nations Now Tops US as World’s Most Charitable

Giving increased across the world in 2014 and, despite economic uncertainty, the encouraging news shows people are even more willing to donate money that...

UPDATE: Nations Pledge More Than $5.4 Billion to Rebuild Gaza

An international donors' conference to help rebuild the Gaza Strip after the devastating 50-day war with Israel kicked off this morning in Cairo with...
pollution air water wading in lake erie-mcorbley

More Than 140 Nations, US and China, Adopt Treaty to Cut Mercury

Over the past 100 years, mercury concentrations have doubled in the top layer of the world's oceans. That's why more than 140 governments meeting...
soap recycling, Clean The World photo

Used Hotel Soap Recycled for the Homeless and Developing Nations

Leftover soap and shampoo from your hotel's bathroom is being recycled to help Clean the World. The Global Soap Project, along with Clean The World,...
photo: Eric Miller, Natl Kidney Foundation

Out of Grief Sprouts Life-Saving Legacy for Girl After Her Organ Donations

You don’t have to be rich, famous or even an adult to leave a memorable legacy that can change lives. Just ask the mother...
the salvation army

Red Kettle Donations Break Salvation Army Record

By nickels, dimes, and dollars, Americans donated a record $139 million to the Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign during the holidays, despite a continued...

16 Nations Step in Line for Sustainable Tuna

Colombia joined Japan, the United States, Spain, France, and 11 other nations last month endorsing a landmark treaty to protect tuna along...

G-20 Backs $1Trillion Boost For Struggling Nations

President Obama emerged from the global summit of G20 leaders with an agreement to provide funding for $1 trillion in additional loans and...

Salvation Army Reports Record-Setting Red Kettle Donations

Holiday donations to The Salvation Army's iconic red kettles set a new national record of $130 million, despite the ongoing economic downturn, surpassing the...
food program in Bolivia

Donations of $450 Million Hit UN Emergency Fund Target for First Time

The United Nations emergency relief fund, set up to speed response to those suffering from natural and man-made disasters, has reached its $450 million...

Unilever Employees Fund Pakistan Food Program With Payroll Donations

A joint venture launched yesterday with the United Nations food agency will allow the employees of industrial giant Unilever to pledge a percentage of...

Food Rations Increase in Darfur Thanks to Recent Donations to UN

Food rations that were recently reduced by half for more than 3 million people in Sudan will be increased to 84 per cent of...

The Ozone Hole is Healing and May Be Completely Repaired Within Our Lifetimes, Says UN Report

This new United Nations report illustrates just what humanity can accomplishment if it works together to save its home planet.

UN to Launch Space Mission for Countries That Can’t Afford Their Own

Some nations simply don't have the funding for their own space programs – so the United Nations is giving them a leg up into orbit.