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Thousands Pick Free Vegetables on Colo. Farm (UPDATED w/ Video)

Joe Miller, a Colorado farmer wondered if there were any way he could save the leftover potatoes and onions from going to waste in...

How and Why to Start a Compost Pile at Home – The Benefits of ‘Black Gold’

If you have gardens around your house, it’s time to become aware of free resources you have been throwing away and opt to start...

Woman Shares Home With 90 Rescue Animals She Named After Lord of the Rings Characters

If anything can be said about this 31-year-old dog sitter from Georgia, it's that she loves animals and she loves Lord of the Rings.

NASA Happily Reports the Earth is Greener, With More Trees Than 20 Years Ago–and It’s Thanks to China, India

This heartening reserach from the last 20 years has spurred NASA researchers to encourage optimism for humanity's future on Earth.

Abandoned Coal Mines May Soon Be Transformed into Perfectly Efficient Indoor Farms

Coal mine farming is becoming a groundbreaking new way of simultaneously fighting unemployment, hunger, climate change, and deforestation.

Muslims and Jews Come Together So They Can Serve 1,000 Bowls of Soup to the Homeless

The organizers even used halal chicken in a Jewish recipe to merge elements from both religions, too.

Squirrel Rescued From Roadside Now Hides Nuts in His Human’s Hair as He Prepares for Winter

When Horatio the squirrel refused to leave Mandy McKenna's house, he went ahead and made himself at home by doing what squirrels do best.

8 Under-Appreciated Autumn Veggies and Fruits You Should Be Eating

Autumn is my favorite time of year, not just because the weather is beautiful, but also because fall brings some of the most delicious...

This Man Used His Motorcycle to Rescue 166 Abandoned Cows

This biker loves cows so much, he has taken it upon himself to rescue cows that have been abandoned on the street – and...

When Blueberries and Grapes Are Combined, a Dramatic Decline in Memory Loss and Aging – Study

The research shows a dramatic improvement in subjects who ate blueberries and grapes together, rather than separately.

Good News in History, July 31

50 years ago today, working at Trident studios in London where they could access 8-track equipment, The Beatles recorded the master track of a new Paul McCartney song...

Kind Cop Replaces Stolen Groceries for Man Who Fainted From Diabetes in the Parking Lot

When a “groggy-looking” customer walked up to Koryciak in a Walmart, she did not hesitate to help the man, even if it required opening up her own wallet.

This Childless Couple Rescued an Orphaned Bear – and Now He’s a 7-Foot Snugglebug (WATCH)

This 300-pound bear may look intimidating, but Stepan is just a big softie who loves cuddling with his adopted human parents.

This Couple Has Been Serving Free Lunches to Everyone in Town So People Feel Less Lonely

This story was submitted by Fran Lytle as a nomination to the Reader’s Digest “Top 10 Nicest Places in America” contest: a crowd-sourced effort...

Town Has Uncanny Knack for Kindness in a Pinch, From Hurricane Weddings to Rescuing Lost Planes

When this compassionate town orchestrated a wedding for two hurricane evacuees, the groom said: “If I had a car, I wouldn’t leave. I love it here.”

This Epic Town Wrote a Manual On How to Take Care of Each Other

This story was submitted as a nomination to the Reader's Digest “Top 10 Nicest Places in America” contest: a crowd-sourced effort to uncover nooks...

42 of the Biggest Food Companies Make Historic Pledge to Cut Plastic Waste

The companies that are responsible for 80% of the plastic on these supermarket shelves have taken a dramatic pledge to cut wasteful packaging over the course of the next seven years.

Grocery Store Unveils World’s First Plastic-Free Aisle

The masterminds behind the project hope that it will inspire similar initiatives in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Can You Be Healthy at Any Size?

The Lesson: It’s true that body weight is strongly correlated with the risk of various diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes....

Elementary School ‘Share Tables’ Keep Unwanted Lunch Food Out of Trash

If sharing is caring, then these young students must care a lot. The elementary schoolers of Orange County, Florida are cutting down on food waste...