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Virtual Reality Therapy Could Be the New Treatment for Your Reoccurring Nightmares

If your livelihood has ever been negatively affected by reoccurring nightmares, this pilot study might offer hope for a treatment.

Ultra-Light Gloves Let Users ‘Touch’ Objects in Virtual Reality – and We May Soon Have Entire Suit

Improving the realism of virtual reality could have an unparalleled impact on the technology – and this glove comes as a major breakthrough.

Homebound Veterans Get Virtual Reality Visits to WWII Memorials in DC

If a veteran is unfit for travel due to age or disability, this nonprofit comes to their bedside and allows them to visit the WWII memorial one last time.

Paraplegics Regaining Muscle Control Thanks to Virtual Reality Therapy

Twelve patients who became paraplegics due to injuries have just been reclassified as only “partially paralyzed” thanks to a new kind of virtual reality therapy. //

Step Into Salvador Dali’s Imagination With This Virtual Reality Tour (WATCH)

[youtube]   What do you get when you mix Salvador Dali’s surreal art with Disney’s entertainment creativity? The ability to go inside one of Dali’s...

Dr. Saves Baby’s Life With $20 Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses

Doctors were able to perform life saving heart surgery on a four-month-old girl thanks to a smartphone and a cardboard box. Teegan Lexcen was born...

Virtual Reality Technology Helps Stroke Victims

"New virtual reality rehabilitation therapies, currently undergoing trials, are helping stroke sufferers to regain movement and gradually rediscover their independence." (CNN) Thanks to Shelley...

Husband Wins Mother’s Day With Incredibly Thoughtful Virtual Gift

Most Mother's Day gifts usually stay somewhere in the realm of flowers or breakfast in bed – but this husband really went beyond the call...

Take 360-Degree Virtual Tour of Yosemite with Obama as Your Guide (WATCH)

If you've never made it out to California to see one of America's favorite parks, don't worry about it – you can now just take a free virtual reality tour.

Spunky Grandma Uses Virtual Goggles to Ride Roller Coaster (Hilarious Profanity)

Just when you think you've seen it all in your old age, technology creates another modern miracle.

Needle-Free Injections: New Device For Insulin and Vaccines to Hit Market

Patients will often stop treatment out of their hatred of needles. This new device, however, delivers drugs to the person's body without any needles at all.

Watch Seniors Burst into Tears When They Look into Goggles and See Their Dreams Come True

There is more to technology than just millenials checking their Facebooks. Tech company Intel and Brazilian news company Razões para Acreditar embarked on a campaign to...

Watch Sick Boy Joyfully Get His Wish to Visit Saturn

This 7-year-old boy may never get to fulfill his lifelong dream of going to outer space – but instead, he was given the next best thing. Zayden...

Scientists Build Battery on Single Sheet of Paper Powered by Bacteria

This paper-thin battery has the potential to save thousands of lives in remote, dangerous, or resource-limited areas.

The Most Impressive Health and Wellness Developments of 2016

2016 has been a chaotic year – but that doesn't mean that we haven't made groundbreaking new strides in health and medicine.

Smartphone Microscope Will Let Kids Easily Explore Microbiology

This 3D-printed smartphone attachment will allow kids and students to learn about microbiology in a way that has never been available before.

College Students Invent Gloves that Speak Sign Language Out Loud

Two University of Washington undergraduates have won a $10,000 prize for their invention of gloves that translate sign language into audible speech, on the...

Miracle Patient Finds He’s Working With Doctor Who Saved His Life (WATCH)

Speaking on stage at a Veteran’s Day event for hospital staff, Dr. Richard Brilli started telling a marvelous story about a “miracle kid” from...

Wondering About Medical Issues? New Animated Videos by Doctors Can Explain

If online medical searches are turning you into a hypochondriac, these doctors may have the cure for what ails you. “Doctablet”, which was launched this...

Feisty 97-yr-old Wants to See the Future at Google: Priceless Video!

[youtube]   During Olive Horrell’s 97-year lifetime–especially her golden years–a lot has changed. She couldn’t keep up with all the recent technological breakthroughs and so...