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Actor Jared Leto Becomes Global Wildlife Ambassador for WWF

Academy Award-winning actor, musician and director Jared Leto was this month named WWF Global Ambassador to bring attention to wildlife poaching across Africa and...

Scotland Added 22 Million New Trees Last Year, Carrying the UK Goal on its Green Shoulders

Despite how England may have fallen short of its tree planting targets for 2018, Scotland has surged past its own goal by planting 22 million new trees.

Good News in History, June 6

50 years ago today, the first Internet connection was created, as Network control protocol packets were sent from the data port of one IMP mini-computer to...

Another US State Has Just Made Shelter Pets Their Official State Animal

The designation is expected to encourage state residents to adopt animals from local shelters, rather than buying them from breeders.

World Wildlife Fund Gets Ex-Poachers To Protect and Save the Big Cats They Once Hunted

Rather than trying to deter poaching with punishment, conservationists recruited the hunters in order to help monitor and protect Russian snow leopards.

Nepal Set to Become First Country That Doubles Its Wild Tiger Population

After almost a decade of conservation work, Nepal is poised to become the first of fourteen countries that doubles its wild tiger population.

Inmates Write Heartfelt Letter to Police Department Offering Condolences for Slain Officer

The police station has received an overwhelming amount of support since the officer's death, but they were especially touched by this emotional letter.

Trio of Nations Sign Landmark Agreement to Protect World’s Largest Tropical Wetland

In a groundbreaking show of international conservation, three South American countries have all signed a landmark agreement to preserve the Pantanal. The Pantanal is a...

Mexico Saves Millions of Monarch Butterflies by Stopping Logging in its Tracks

In 2013, conservationists voiced their concern over disappearing monarch butterfly populations in Mexico. Several years later, however, the government has ensured that the insects...

Scotland Blows World Away With Wind Power Equal to 118% of Nation’s Electricity Needs

Scotland has just broken a renewable energy record by generating the equivalent of 118% of the nation's electricity for six days – solely through...

Nepal Goes All Out to Protect the Snow Leopard’s Future

Nepali officials have just announced the groundwork of the Snow Leopard Conservation Action Plan 2017-2021: a strategy that will hopefully secure the future of the...

10 Undeniably Good Things That Happened in 2016

People can gripe about 2016 all they want but these events and developments from throughout the last year are undeniably great.

Giant Panda No Longer Endangered!

After years of conservation work on behalf of the iconic species, the giant panda has just been downgraded from ‘Endangered’ to ‘Vulnerable’ on the...

Device Can Repel Sharks By Creating an Electric Field Around Wearer

Surfers and swimmers can now breath easily thanks to a new wearable gadget that has finally been proven to deter great white sharks from attacking.

Halting a Century of Decline, Tiger Numbers are Now Growing

After a century of constant decline, the number of wild tigers is on the rise. According to a 2016 report, the tiger population, estimated to...

Wildlife Group Buys Exclusive License for Shark Fishing on Great Barrier Reef to Halt the Practice

A wildlife group has purchased an exclusive commercial license to fish for sharks along Australia's Great Barrier Reef — just so they can shut down...

Nepal Celebrates Second Year of Zero Rhino Poaching

It’s no coincidence that Nepal is celebrating its own record-breaking rhinoceros population, while they’ve just achieved their second successful year of eliminating poaching within...

Rare Rhino Population Increases by 1% With One Sweet Birth (VIDEO)

It's a girl! A 14-year-old member of one of the rarest mammal species on the planet gave birth to a female calf at the Sumatran...

Wild Tigers Up 20 Percent in 6 Years; DiCaprio is One Reason Why

The Global Tiger Forum kicked off a major tiger conservation meeting in New Delhi this week with exciting new numbers to report. New census data...

Newly Found in Himalayas: Walking Fish and Sneezing Monkeys

A “walking” snakehead fish that can travel on land and breathe air for up to four days is one of the more unusual new...