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After Cheerful Young Walmart Cashier Pays for Stranger’s $110 Grocery Bill, Community Repays Him Ten-Fold

When this 19-year-old Walmart cashier happily picked up the tab for a struggling customer, his community decided they wanted to thank him for his kindness.

64-Year-old Love Letter Mysteriously Found at Walmart is Presented to Emotional Family Who Didn’t Know It Existed

Even though Walmart employees don't know how the letter ended up on their floor, they were delighted to present it to the sender's surprised family.

Secret Santa Pays Off $430,000 of Layaway Items at Walmart – Turns Out it Was Tyler Perry

Though the movie star says that he had tried to do the good deed anonymously, he was later outed as the Secret Santa.

Anonymous Man Calling Himself Santa Picked Up the Tab for Dozens of Walmart Customers

Kris Kringle was working his magic for some unsuspecting Walmart customers in Vermont last week. An anonymous man who was photographed wearing a New England...

Walmart Employee Gets On the Floor to Support Woman After She Passes Out

The worker, who has been identified only as Jason, did not hesitate to help the stranger after she was recovering in a Walmart last month.

Walmart Cashier Steps In When Nail Salon Refuses Woman in Wheelchair

Ebony Harris was not about to let this customer with cerebral palsy leave the store without a gorgeous new manicure.

Watch the Tender Moment When Elvis Reaches Out His Hand to Sing Duet With Senior in a Walmart

This woman had never met the Presley impersonator before, but their touching moment had customers spellbound.

Walmart is Offering Workers and Their Family Members the Chance to Get College Degrees Debt-Free

Even though Walmart still has a long way to go before it's considered an ideal place to work, it's certainly a step in the right direction.

After Enduring Emotional Week, Walmart Employee Stuns Store With “Star-Spangled Banner”

A video of an Alabama Walmart employee is going viral. Sabrina Barnes, a worker at the Trussville, Alabama location, was asked to sing the “Star-Spangled...

Walmart Clerk Saves Grandfather’s Christmas From Almost Being Scammed Away

If it had not been for the sharp instincts of a Walmart employee, another unsuspecting senior may have been conned out of their savings because...

Walmart Cashier Helps Struggling Man: ‘We’ve forgotten how to love one another’

Sometimes it's the smallest good deeds that mean the most. Facebook user Spring Herbison Bowlin of Clarksdale, Mississippi posted a photo to social media last...

Woman Called ‘Angel’ After Her Sweet Gesture Was Recorded at Walmart

There may not be literal angels with wings hiding around us, but there are compassionate people who are ready to give and inspire whenever...

Walmart Cashier Pays for Half of Family’s Grocery Bill: “I think y’all need a blessing”

Ashley Jordan and her husband Michael do all of their shopping at Walmart every two weeks – but they have apparently never encountered as...

Walmart and Aspen Institute Announce $5.5 Mil Grant to Pave Career Pathways for Retail Workers

The Walmart Foundation and the Aspen Institute last week unveiled a $5.5 million grant to explore business models designed to enhance economic mobility for...

How Big Chains From Walmart to H&M Are Cleaning Up Chemicals

Thousands of synthetic chemicals are used to create toys, clothes, makeup, cleaning products, and all of the other items we use everyday. Some are...

Bearded Walmart Shopper Is Mistaken for Santa, Plays Along For Tot (WATCH)

[youtube]   Santa must have been short on elves to be scouting around a Hurricane, West Virginia Walmart two weeks before Christmas. Or, that might have been...

Car Dealership’s Generosity Makes Her Forget Walmart Insurance Headache

After an oil change left a florist’s delivery truck destroyed, a local salesmen tracked the woman down and gave her some good news to make...
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Anonymous ‘Santa’ Pays off $50K in Layaway Balances for Shoppers at PA Walmart

'Tis the season for copycat goodness. Last week we heard about an anonymous woman paying off $20,000 in layaway account balances in a Toys-R-Us store...

Walmart Cashier Uses Own Money for Elderly Man Who Can’t Afford Groceries

A young cashier at a Walmart near Albany, New York used her own money so an elderly man in her line could afford all...

Walmart Put Wind Turbines Atop Light Poles

Big Companies, Big Renewable Investments 24 global companies on the Fortune 100 list are realizing the many benefits of renewable energy. They are saving big...