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Girl’s Lemonade Recipe to Saves Bees Turned Into Million Dollar Whole Foods Deal

This 11-year-old girl has turned her grandmother’s flaxseed lemonade recipe into a national business—and she is donating ten percent of the proceeds to saving...

An Open Letter to the Whole Foods Shoppers Who Consoled Me As I Learned of Dad’s Suicide

Suicide comes at a high cost for everyone involved –but sometimes the effects of tragedy serve to bring people together, instead. When Deborah Greene learned of...
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Whole Foods Encourages Organic Farmers With $25,000,000 in Loans

After a $10,000,000 loan to local farmers proved successful, Whole Foods Market announced on January 2 that it will give up to $25,000,000 in...
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Whole Foods to Build First Commercial Rooftop Greenhouse Atop Brooklyn Store

Whole Foods Market has partnered with Gotham Greens to build the nation’s first commercial-­scale rooftop greenhouse for growing year-round local produce atop the store...
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Whole Foods’ Micro-Loans Help 1.3 Million People

Mission statements seldom come simpler than the one guiding the Whole Planet Foundation, which aims to alleviate poverty through microcredit — small loans extended...

Whole Foods Help Women to Live Longer

A new study suggests that whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, and legumes are helping women to live longer by preventing diseases such...
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Whole Foods Ditches Plastic Bags

“Paper or plastic?” will be a question of the past at Whole Foods, a leading natural foods retailer. The market has decided to forgo...

12-Yr-Old Opens Food Pantry, Gets Huge Surprise From Tyson Foods

This girl is not even a teenager yet, but she’s feeding hundreds of people facing hunger in her community every month. Twelve-year-old Kenzie Hinson founded...

There’s Such a Thing As Too Much Fruit: How to Measure the Good Foods

When it comes to measuring time, you know when something is too long; with money you know when it’s too expensive. But when it...

Mood Altering Foods Give a Lift

They are non-addictive, mood-altering chemicals that are legal, affordable and easily obtainable in your neighbourhood – at any grocery store. ...

Planning a Lovely Wedding? Now You Can Save a Family Farm at the Same Time

“We’re really excited about bringing this millennial revenue into rural America and that is a very sustainable action,” says the Dartmouth student.

Airline is Protecting Hawaiian Coral Reefs By Giving Free Non-Toxic Sunscreen to Tourists

This airline is helping all of its passengers take responsibility for themselves while they're enjoying the sunny beaches of Hawaii on vacation.

Teen Plants Hundreds of Mangroves to Replace Trees Trampled by Hurricane Irma

This 18-year-old was heartbroken by the amount of mangroves that were damaged in Hurricane Irma – so he decided to do something about it.

Aldi to Give Away All its Unsold Fresh Food to ‘Less Fortunate Individuals’ on Christmas Eve

In celebration of the holiday season, grocery store chain Aldi is being lauded for announcing a plan to donate all unsold fresh food to...

It’s International Ice Cream Day Today – Here’s How to Get Your Free Scoop

The third Sunday in July is one of the sweetest days of the year – International Ice Cream Day! Here’s the scoop on the...

Bee Buzzes Could Help Determine How to Save Their Decreasing Population

Amid increasingly concern about the disappearing honeybee populations, researchers are creating an easy, downloadable app that may be used by amateur and professional enthusiasts...

Man Single-handedly Repopulated Butterfly Species in a City Using His Backyard

These pipevine swallowtail butterflies had completely vanished in San Francisco – but thanks to this DIY breeder, the species is back.

Iowa City is Devoting 1,000 Acres to Saving Honeybees

As honeybee populations continue to dwindle in the United States, this small town in Iowa is starting a groundbreaking initiative to save the precious pollinators. The...

Costco Pushes Suppliers Away From Bee-killing Pesticides

Costco debuted the news that it will take steps to address bee-killing pesticides in its supply chain. Its inaugural bee policy encourages suppliers of garden...

Check Out These Kids Who Totally Kicked Butt in 2016

Some people might think 2016 has been a bad year, but these young trailblazers used their time to change the world in incredible ways.