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When Sick 3-Year-old is Quarantined, People Begin Showing Up at His Window to Entertain Him

A little boy whose doctors confined him to his bedroom for three months has learned that ‘All the world IS a stage”—just outside his...

Europe Could Produce Enough Wind Farm Energy to Power the Whole World for 30 Years, New Study Shows

This exciting new study from the University of Sussex shows that Europe alone could feasibly produce enough wind energy for the entire Earth.

Historic First: Wind Turbines Deliver More Energy Than Coal in Texas–the Largest Consumer of Coal in US

For the first time in history, wind power has surpassed coal in Texas: the largest consumer and producer of coal energy in the country.

Postwoman’s Special Delivery Through Open Second-Story Window is Being Hailed as the ‘Most Amazing Thing Ever’

A delighted couple arrived home from work only to find that their postwoman had perfectly delivered a package through the upstairs window of their home.

Watch Chick-Fil-A Worker Jump Out of Drive Thru Window to Free Choking Boy From Tangled Seatbelt

A young Chick-Fil-A employee managed to use his pocketknife to free a choking boy who had gotten tangled in his seatbelt.

Watch 17-Year-old Hero Catch a Falling Toddler Who Fell Out of a Second-Story Window

This Algerian teenager was in the right place at the right time when he managed to catch a toddler who fell out of a second-story window earlier this week.

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Powers Up — and It’s On Track to Generate Twice the Energy of Any Other

This trailblazing new wind farm has just switched on 50 of its 174 turbines to power 287,000 homes – and it's already on track to do much more than that.

After 12 Years of Waving to Students From Her Window, Watch Her Reaction to 400 Kids Saying Goodbye

This 88-year-old woman is finally retiring from her daytime hobby of waving to local youngsters – so the kids made sure to give her a proper sendoff.

Hospital Staffers Delighted By Surprise Pizza Party After Young Patient Wrote Message in His Window

Just hours after an 18-year-old patient broadcasted a special request from his hospital room window, the people of Rochester made it happen.

When AC/DC Caught Wind of Ice Skater’s Charity Tribute, Guitarist Angus Young Donated Thousands

Though this hockey ref has always paid tribute to his favorite band during his iceskating marathons, his most recent event had an unexpected visitor.

Origami-Inspired Solar Panel Could Start Generating Renewable Electricity From Your Window

These folded solar panels work similarly to window blinds – except they can generate clean energy without blocking your natural light.

New Solar Farms Could Offer Sweet Source of Salvation for Dwindling Honeybee Populations

Solar farms are not just addressing the need for renewable energy, they are also becoming a source for food and habitat for dwindling pollinator...

U.S. Just Finalized the Largest Offshore Wind Sale in the Nation’s History

The $405.1 million deal is the latest example of America's growing enthusiasm for wind energy.

Man Uses Cast On His Broken Arm to Shatter Window and Rescue Senior From Burning Home

While people are usually never happy to have a broken arm, this man's cast helped to rescue a little old lady from a house fire earlier this week.

Scientists Praise 96-Year-old for His Hobby of Saving Dwindling Bluebird Populations

Ornithologists have credited Al Larson for bolstering Idaho's bluebird population after he started building hundreds of his own wooden nests.

Tiny Wind Turbine That Generates Power From Your Apartment Balcony Wins Dyson Award

The simple little turbine could revolutionize the way that people around the world can generate clean energy in urban environments.

Put These 5 Plants In Your Bedroom Window for a Better Night’s Sleep

Studies conducted by NASA have proven that several of these plant species can lead to a better night's sleep and better air quality.

Person Leaves Refreshingly Positive Thank You Note on Windshield of Ambulance Blocking Their Driveway

People don't often find good things tucked under their windshield wipers; which is why these paramedics were delighted by what they found earlier this week.

Woman Runs to Save Drowning Boy and Winds Up Saving His Pregnant Mother, Too

This 35-year-old woman has never worked as a lifeguard before, but her quick thinking helped to save a small family earlier this week.

NASA Engineer Saves Passenger Jet From Disaster When He Spots Malfunction From Window Seat

This commercial flight could have gone much worse if it had not been for an attentive NASA engineer who loves window seats on planes.