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How They Saved a Species in Wyoming (But Was it Worth it?)

Some people might be wondering why we put so much money and effort into saving a species – but this conservationist has a fascinating answer.

“Jesus Lizard” Walked on Wyoming Water 48 Million Years Ago

It’s hard enough to believe a lizard can walk on water, but you also need to imagine it happening when the badlands of the...

Wyoming Startup Builds 3-Story Vertical Farm to Employ People With Disabilities

Jackson, Wyoming, is an unlikely place for urban farming: At an altitude over a mile high, with snow lasting into May, the growing season...
Western Snake River - Bureau of Land Mgmt Oregon

Court Says No to Oil, Gas Leases on Scenic Wyoming Public Lands

The 10th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals last week rejected a challenge by the energy industry attempting to force the Secretary of the Interior...

Good News in History, July 21

120 years ago today, the novelist and journalist Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois. His elegant, yet lean style of writing—which he...

How to Protect a Dozen Little Kids From a Grizzly Bear? Sing a Hilarious Moose Song, of Course (MOTH Monday)

A hiking guide tells a funny, yet inspiring, scary story that will be told around campfires for many years by the kids he saved from a grizzly bear.

When it Snows in This Town, People Race to See Who Can Clear the Most Sidewalks for Their Neighbors

According to one of the residents of this compassionate Wyoming community, the “area is a diamond in a world of disconnectedness”.

Good News in History, March 4

90 years ago today, Charles Curtis became first Native-American Vice President of the United States. A Kansas attorney and the Republican leader of the U.S....

Good News in History, January 5

50 years ago today, the Prague Spring began after a reformist was elected in the Communist party of Czechoslovakia. The liberal-minded Alexander Dubcek started to grant additional rights to the citizens, by loosening restrictions on the media, speech and travel. The Soviet Union finally brought down an iron fist to halt the democratization eight months later, invading the country with a half a million heavily-armed troops. But it wasn’t enough to stop a spirited non-violent resistance mounted throughout the country… (1968)

Good News in History, December 10

70 years ago today, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, outlining basic human rights: The right to life, liberty and security of...

Good News in History, November 4

50 years ago today, “Wichita Lineman,” the 12th album by Glen Campbell was released. It peaked at No. 1 and spent 46 weeks on...

Good News in History, September 6

Happy Birthday to Roger Waters who turns 75 years old today. The singer and bassist co-founded Pink Floyd, and wrote most of the lyrics...

When Hiker Finds Injured Spaniel at the Top of a Mountain, She Carries Him Six Miles Back

When hikers found an injured dog on the side of a mountain, one determined woman slung the 50-pound animal around her neck in hopes...

When Widow Carries On Husband’s Kind Tradition of Filling a Cooler, People Pay It Forward

When Velvet Poveromo made sure to carry on her husband's compassionate tradition, it turned into a nationwide homage to her late spouse.

Strangers Undertake Search and Rescue Mission to Find a Boy’s Lost Ski, 3 Months Later

An 8 year old boy saved up all his hard earned cash and bought the skis he always wanted. During a trip down a Targhee...

Watch Dozens of Pedestrians Pull Elk Herd From Frozen Waters

25 Wyoming residents all worked together to rescue a herd of elk that had fallen through the ice of a local reservoir.

Watch Entire Football Stadium Wave to Sick Kids in Children’s Hospital Next Door

These sick children were delighted to receive a new kind of “wave” during the Hawkeyes' game against the Cowboys last week.

Prisoners Change Their Lives, Becoming Expert Braille Transcribers for Blind Students

Just because these inmates are behind bars doesn't mean that they can't make a positive difference in the world, or do something so meaningful...

Company is Offering to Retrain Coal Miners as Wind Farmers For Free

As demand for coal drops further and further in light of expanding renewable energy sources, more and more American workers are faced with unemployment and...

Bloomberg Gives $3Mil to Job Training For Coal Communities in Decline

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced today a three million dollar donation for organizations providing career training to coal workers affected by job losses throughout an industry in decline. The funds...