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China is Spending $1.5 Billion On Creating New Giant Panda Reserve Three Times the Size of Yellowstone Park

With giant panda populations steadily recovering from record lows, this new park is expected to give the bears a much-needed boost.

Un Estudiante Escala en Yellowstone Y Encuentra una Bacteria Que Come Contaminación y “Respira” Electricidad

Un joven estudiante determinado ha hecho un emocionante nuevo descubrimiento después de haberse embarcado en una agotadora caminata de 11.26 Km (7 millas) en...

Student Treks to Yellowstone and Finds Bacteria That Eats Pollution and ‘Breathes’ Electricity

A determined young student has made an exciting new discovery after he embarked on a strenuous 7-mile walk into the wilderness of Yellowstone National...

US Bans New Mining Claims on Public Land Near Yellowstone Park With Bipartisan Support

Dozens of wildlife species in the surrounding area of Yellowstone National Park will be protected thanks to a new ruling. Earlier this week, U.S. Interior...

Thriving Yellowstone Grizzlies to Leave the Endangered Species List

With the abundance of grizzlies making a comeback in Yellowstone National Park, the hefty mammals might be off the list for good.
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How Wolves Have Changed Yellowstone’s Rivers

When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States in the mid-1990s, after being absent nearly 70 years, the most remarkable...
Aspen trees

Yellowstone Wolves Help Trees Rebound

Scientists say in a new study that the return of gray wolves has dramatically altered the landscape in portions of Yellowstone National Park by...
Aspen trees

Struggling Yellowstone Trees Get Help from Wolves

"Great news for Yellowstone and the recovery of willows, cottonwood, and especially aspen trees, a species in decline all over the West." Wolves, reintroduced...

How to Protect a Dozen Little Kids From a Grizzly Bear? Sing a Hilarious Moose Song, of Course (MOTH Monday)

A hiking guide tells a funny, yet inspiring, scary story that will be told around campfires for many years by the kids he saved from a grizzly bear.

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Powers Up — and It’s On Track to Generate Twice the Energy of Any Other

This trailblazing new wind farm has just switched on 50 of its 174 turbines to power 287,000 homes – and it's already on track to do much more than that.

These Glowing Plants Aren’t Genetically Modified – And They May Light Up Our Future Homes

How many glowing plants does it take to replace a lightbulb? Well, assuming this research continues to be successful, it may not be very many.

Inexpensive ‘First-of-its-Kind’ Device Can Generate Electricity From Snowfall

Over 30% of the Earth's surface is covered in snow every winter – and now, this inexpensive new device could use it to generate electricity.

Renewable Energy Now Accounts for One-Third of Global Power Capacity, Says New Report

This exciting new international report says that the world is shifting faster and faster towards sustainability.

Good News in History, March 1

Happy 65th Birthday to Ron Howard, director, producer, narrator, and actor who played teenager Richie Cunningham on Happy Days. His 2001 film A Beautiful Mind...

Here’s How Families and Groups Are Pitching in to Maintain National Parks During Government Shutdown

These volunteer-led initiatives show that Americans are more than willing to take care of their parks and communities when trouble arises.

Empresario Sueco Está Contribuyendo con $1 Billon de Dólares Para Proteger 30% del Planeta

Un empresario Sueco está asegurando por sí mismo la supervivencia del planeta al contribuir con $1 billón de dólares a un sorprendente esfuerzo de...

Swiss Businessman is Contributing $1 Billion Towards Protecting 30% of the Planet

This billionaire philanthropist is using $1 billion to protect one-third of the planet's surface for generations to come.

Real-Life Action Hero Harrison Ford Races to Help Car Collision Victim

When a 63-year-old woman lost control of her car on Sunday morning, the Indiana Jones star was there to prove that he is just as cool as his movie roles.

British Columbia to Ban Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunting

Starting on November 30th, grizzly bear trophy hunting will be banned in the Canadian province of British Columbia. “This action is supported by the vast majority...

Genetically Pure Bison Found In Utah Gives Hope for Restoration of Iconic Species

A genetically pure herd of American bison has been living in Utah’s Henry Mountains, a discovery offering new hope that wild herds can be expanded...