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Man Leaves $3 Million Fortune to Create New Animal Rescue Farm

He was an animal lover who had a dog, six cats, seven chickens, and a parakeet. Now, the Ohio man who had no family...

Monkeys Give WAY Too Many Hugs to Animal Rescuers in Peru

While in Peru on a volunteer mission to improve an animal rescue reserve deep in the jungle, Trevor King found some unlikely friends in...

Holiday Surprise for Animal Rescuers Around the World (WATCH)

The Harmony Fund gets letters from animal protectors around the world, asking for donations to help keep their rescue operations afloat. Letters and pleas from...

Instead of Sad Ads for Animal Rescue, Happy Dogs Walking Humans See 100% Adoption

Most pet adoption campaigns make us feel pity for the animals but in this one, it was the sad humans working all day in...

Caretaker of Stray Cats Wins Charitable Deduction Fight in Court: Helps All Animal Rescue Volunteers

A woman who claimed a charitable deduction for taking care of 70 stray cats won her case against the IRS, a victory for animal-rescue...

In Landmark Case, More Than 200 Wild and Endangered Animals Rescued From Canadian Roadside Zoo

More than 200 exotic animals have been given a second lease on life after they were rescued from an unaccredited roadside zoo in Quebec.

Woman Quits Successful City Career So She Can Live in the Woods With Over 100 Rescued Animals

Even though she had been enjoying a successful career as a wedding photographer, Daria Pushkareva had always longed for something more.

Woman Shares Home With 90 Rescue Animals She Named After Lord of the Rings Characters

If anything can be said about this 31-year-old dog sitter from Georgia, it's that she loves animals and she loves Lord of the Rings.

California Becomes First State to Ban Pet Shop Sales of Non-Rescued Animals

The bill has become the first statewide piece of legislation to take a direct stance against puppy mills and the sale of commercially bred animals.

Student Drives into Hurricane Path to Rescue Animals at Risk

These two pups were stranded in the path of Hurricane Harvey with very few rescue prospects – until Connor showed up. This was no ordinary...

“Game of Thrones” Helps Rescue Farm With Uncommon Animals in Ireland

While “Game of Thrones” may be about rulers of dragons, this man takes care of much smaller animals – and he is only able...

San Francisco Bans Sale of Non-Rescue Animals at Pet Stores

This is one pawesome victory for California animals without a home. In a unanimous vote passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, city pet...

Officer Who Rescued Animals From Burning Pet Shop Has Good News

When a New Jersey pet shop went up in smoke, Officer Rafael Burgos didn't hesitate to risk his own life saving the pets trapped inside.

Wildfire Evacuation: Doctors, Nurses Stay Behind To Rescue Animals

When a wildfire swept across Western Australia, a pair of veterinarians and their nurses elected to stay at their clinic to give free medical...
crane-lowers furnace at humane society

Iowa Business Rescues Animal Shelter in Frigid Cold

An animal shelter in Iowa had a crisis of cold noses when their furnace broke down during the sub-zero weather in January. The Clinton Humane...
animal with jar rescue-YouTube

Watch These People Jumping to the Rescue of Animals

This collection of YouTube clips by Russian Alexandr Mish will  give you a bit more hope that there is a lot of wonderful people...
Trucker with dog - photo from Operation Roger

Good Buddies: Grizzled Truckers Transport Rescued Animals to Safety

An ever-growing network of burly alpha males are transporting abused dogs, cats, and even bunnies to loving homes located hundreds of miles down American...
Photo led to dog adoption

Photographer’s Talent Rescues Abandoned Animals

A professional photographer focused her talent on the plight of homeless dogs. Now her photos persuade hundreds of families to fall in love with...

Rescue Dog Inspires Wheel of Fortune Winner to ‘PAWS and THINK’ – And Use the Prize Money to Give Back

Miranda Mittleman won $20,000 on Wheel of Fortune and her rescue dog Weaver inspired her to PAWS and Think—and use the winnings to give back.

Last Performing Circus Elephant of Chile is Rescued and Moved to New Sanctuary to Live Out Her Golden Years

Ramba the elephant will finally be able to live out the rest of her days in peaceful retirement after she was rescued from her life with the circus.