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Not Only Does This New Clothing Charge Your Phone, It Can Protect You From Viruses and Bacteria

The researchers are currently patenting the trailblazing technology so they can begin making the product commercially available.

Researchers Used Natural Gut Bacteria to Prevent—and Reverse—Food Allergies in Pre-clinical Trials

Scientists have identified several strains of bacteria in human guts that can be used to prevent – and even reverse – allergies.

Blood Types May Soon Be Indifferent As Scientists Use Our Gut Bacteria to Make ‘Universal’ Blood Type

Scientists have discovered the key to unlocking a “universal” blood type after identifying a unique kind of bacteria in our gut biome.

Managing Your Gut Bacteria Shown to Alleviate Anxiety, Says New Research

Over a dozen different studies have found that people who take steps to regulate their gut bacteria experience fewer symptoms of anxiety.

Move Over 3D Printers: Scientists Grow Mother-of-Pearl From Bacteria, Perfect for Making Buildings or Bones

Scientists have figured out how to make a cheap, eco-friendly version of one of the world's strongest and lightest organic building blocks: mother-of-pearl.

Un Estudiante Escala en Yellowstone Y Encuentra una Bacteria Que Come Contaminación y “Respira” Electricidad

Un joven estudiante determinado ha hecho un emocionante nuevo descubrimiento después de haberse embarcado en una agotadora caminata de 11.26 Km (7 millas) en...

Student Treks to Yellowstone and Finds Bacteria That Eats Pollution and ‘Breathes’ Electricity

A determined young student has made an exciting new discovery after he embarked on a strenuous 7-mile walk into the wilderness of Yellowstone National...

Cheap 2D Material Can Cleanse 99.9999% of Bacteria From Water in 30 Minutes Simply by Using the Sun

The cheap, eco-friendly system is capable of purifying enough drinking water for four people in just thirty minutes.

Special Bacteria is Found to be a ‘Battery’ That Turns Sewage Waste into Clean Hydrogen Energy

Scientists have found that purple bacteria could be a groundbreaking new resource for producing clean hydrogen energy out of human waste.

Breakthrough Tech Can Test for All 307 Bacterial Infections Known to Man – Amazing Advance From Only 19

Current methods of diagnosis can only screen for about 19 different kinds of bacteria – this one can quickly and effectively test for 307.

Scientists Have Developed a ‘Breakthrough’ That May Defeat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

The breakthrough could bring dozen of old medications back into the game.

Scientists Build Battery on Single Sheet of Paper Powered by Bacteria

This paper-thin battery has the potential to save thousands of lives in remote, dangerous, or resource-limited areas.

FDA Finally Bans Antibacterial Soaps Containing Triclosan and 18 Other Chemicals

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Friday issued a final rule that will ban many commonly used consumer antiseptic soaps. Companies will no longer be...

Engineered Bacteria Uses Sunlight to Turn CO2 Emissions into Methane

Scientists have engineered a bacterium that can take carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into fuel in a single enzymatic step. The process...
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Minnesota Bans Anti-bacterial Agent in Soaps as Pressure on Industry Grows

Minnesota this month became the first state in the country to ban the germ-killer triclosan from antibacterial soaps, toothpastes, body washes and other cosmetics. Taking...
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Simple Pine Branches Can Filter Out 99% of Bacteria Producing Clean Water

If you’ve run out of drinking water during a lakeside camping trip, there’s a simple solution: Break off a branch from the nearest pine...

First Vaccine to Help Control Autism-Associated Bacteria

The first-ever vaccine for gastrointestinal disorders common in 90 percent of autistic children has the potential to one day alleviate additional autism symptoms. Cases of...
Miranda Wang and Jenny Yao - young scientists

Vancouver Students Take Their Plastic Eating Bacteria Idea to TED Stage

High School seniors Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao want to continue pursuing a solution for how to make plastic decompose using natural bacteria already...

Breakthrough: Using Bacteria to Detect Landmines

Bacteria which glow green in the presence of explosives could provide a cheap and safe way to find hidden landmines, Edinburgh scientists claim....

Teen Inventors Win $50,000 Turning Bacteria into Power Supply, Herbal Extract to Kill Infections

Great kids abound. They can tackle any problem in the world today. Last Friday the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for high school...